Rebirth: Chapter 50 (Part 1)

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Chapter 50: old cows & young grass, let’s talk

(Part 1)

Hearing Qin Shuhan’s words, Lu Anwei’s movements froze and after 10 seconds, he continued to massage Qin Shuhan’s foot. “Don’t joke.”

“I’m not joking!” Qin Shuhan was filled with fury when she heard this kind of answer from Lu Anwei, only God knows how much courage it took her to say this….this kind of ‘invitation’ ah! Qin Shuhan’s face turned embarrassingly red and her eyes were indignant. “To, tonight there’s no one at home….you, you stay behind….”

“Don’t be impulsive.” Using a handkerchief to wipe Qin Shuhan’s foot, Lu Anwei said, “I don’t want you to regret it in the future.”

“I won’t regret it!” Qin Shuhan said firmly, in the past she has never believed in love at first sight, but after that Saturday afternoon, from the time she first laid her eyes on Lu Anwei, there was a voice in her heart telling her, “it is him! This is the person!”

From then on, she knew that she has gone crazy, she liked going to Lu Anran’s house, liked to stand at the window of Lu Anran’s room and search for his figure in the courtyard. She liked the feeling when she was discovered by him, and when both of their eyes meet….Lu Anwei was not handsome and there was an awful scar on his face, but she does not care about it, she has set her mind on Lu Anwei this person and this person only!

“You have a good rest tonight.” Lu Anwei did not dare to look at Qin Shuhan’s eyes. He was afraid that he would be unable to resist and make a mistake and end up wrecking her life. People like him who cannot give her a stable life, was full of selfishness, he does not wish for the woman he liked to live a life like Ji Rou, forever waiting for her husband to return home….he hopes that Qin Shuhan can find a honest and reliable man and live on happily in this lifetime.

“Don’t go!” Seeing Lu Anwei turning to leave, Qin Shuhan anxiously stood up, but suddenly felt a sharp pain in her foot and unsteadily wobbled. Lu Anwei hastily pulled Qin Shuhan into his embrace and just managed to catch her before her beautiful face smack onto the floor.

“Don’t go…” Qin Shuhan hugged Lu Anwei tightly and raised her head to look into his eyes. “I like you, from the very first time we met, I have already fallen for you! Don’t go……I’ll never regret it, forever….”

“Let go.” Lu Anwei was reluctant to push Qin Shuhan aside, afraid that she would get hurt again if he did that. In response, Qin Shuhan hugged him even tighter, so he could only reject her coldly, “you’re only temporarily caught in the heat of the moment, you’ll regret it when you calm down! There is nothing I can give you!” This was also the point Lu Anwei felt the most inferior about himself, he was unable to give Qin Shuhan a stable family, so he would not touch her.

“I’m not letting go! I don’t want anything! I only want you to stay behind!” Qin Shuhan tearfully looked at Lu Anwei, she knew very clearly in her heart that if Lu Anwei leave today, then it was possible that she would never have be able to meet him ever again! She does not want that! Never!

“Shuhan….” Gazing into Qin Shuhan eyes, Lu Anwei’s heart clenched painfully, “you’ll regret it! let go….”

“I’m not letting go!” Qin Shuhan hugged him even tighter, like a starving hamster who got her hands on a melon seed after much difficulty.

It was very hard for Lu Anwei to remain unswayed, as he felt the softness in his arms. Qin Shuhan who was aware of the change in Lu Anwei’s body, wrapped her arms fiercely around his neck, tiptoed with some effort and kissed Lu Anwei’s mouth.

His mouth suddenly felt a rush of sweetness followed by a tongue as tender as a lilac pushed in and teased his tongue in jerky movements.

Slowly losing his senses, Lu Anwei’s arms wrapped itself tightly around Qin Shuhan’s waist, replying Qin Shuhan’s enthusiastic invitation.

As Qin Shuhan kissed Lu Anwei, she slowly moved her arms away from Lu Anwei’s neck and glide it downwards to his waist, where she slipped her hands into his shirt and touched Lu Anwei’s burning body. The countless scars on his body led Qin Shuhan to feel distressed and her tears flowed down uncontrollably.

Tasting a slightly salty flavour in his mouth, Lu Anwei stopped and stared at crying like a pear blossom bathed in rain and hoarsely said, “I’m leaving….” He was too impulsive, he was a mess after only being kissed and almost did something that would hurt her.

“Don’t go….” Qin Shuhan buried her face into Lu Anwei’s chest, “I don’t want you to go.”

“Go to sleep, I’ll sit here and leave after you fall asleep.” Lu Anwei gently hugged Qin Shuhan and patted her head, the desire in his eyes was still burning strongly, but he was restraining himself.

“I’m not sleeping….” Qin Shuhan unbuttoned the button on her shirt one by one, “I said it before, I won’t regret it.”


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