Rebirth: Chapter 49 (Part 2)

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Chapter 49: send her home, stay behind

(Part 2)

The two people walked side by side, speaking from time to time. Most of the time, it was Qin Shuhan talking and Lu Anwei occasionally responding with one or two sentences. Qin Shuhan seemed to be already used to Lu Anwei’s attitude and personality and did not say anything, rather Lu Anwei’s eyes would sometimes look at Qin Shuhan talking nonstop by herself, and a gentle expression could be seen in his eyes.

Qin Shuhan’s house was really not very far away, and both of them only walked for half an hour before reaching. “Why don’t you come in!” Qin Shuhan invited when they reached the ground floor of her apartment. “For some tea or something.”

“I’m good.” Lu Anwei stood there with both of his hands stuck in his pockets, like he was preparing to watch her go upstairs.

Seeing Lu Anwei acting in this manner, Qin Shuhan really felt like giving a few firm knocks to Lu Anwei’s head! This wooden head! But, there was nothing she could do, who asked her to fall in love with this wooden head? Letting out a sigh in resignation, Qin Shuhan waved goodbye to Lu Anwei, said goodnight and turned around to go upstairs.

Gazing at Qin Shuhan’s retreating back, the corner of Lu Anwei’s mouth tilted up slightly in a smile and his gaze was warm and gentle as water. He has really fallen in very deeply with no way out, but he also knew that he was a soldier, and once there was any danger, he was required to take the lead and be in the forefront! He was unable to give the woman he loves a warm and stable family, so it was best if he did not start anything. It was good enough for him to only silently look and protect her from afar….

“AH!!!!!” Qin Shuhan’s scream resounded though the building she just entered.

Lu Anwei frowned and immediately rushed into the building, only to catch the sight of a mischievous child and many glass beads scattered in front of the elevator, looks like Qin Shuhan must have stepped on these glass beads and fell! Without thinking too much, Lu Anwei hurriedly trotted forward and pulled up Qin Shuhan who had fell. “Are you ok?”

“I’m…I’m fine…” Qin Shuhan really felt like busting in to tears. Which devil child is this ah! Causing her to present this kind of silly sight! The way she fell must have been super ugly! Right now, she also felt too embarrassed to look at Lu Anwei, she wanted to maintain a lovely image in front of the person she liked, but in the end she ended up in this manner!

Qin Shuhan gazed downwards at her own feet, only one of her foot has a shoe as the other had flown off when she slipped and fell. Seeing her feet like this, Qin Shuhan face turned red, now she really wish that she can hid into the ground.

“Hold onto my shoulders.” Lu Anwei knelt one knee on the ground in front of Qin Shuhan, and carefully lifted up her foot to help her put back on the shoe that flew away. Her foot was cool to touch, and the shape of her foot was very beautiful. Her soft and white toes were painted with red nail polish and every toe was like a tiny cherry, which tickled here and there in Lu Anwei’s heart.

Qin Shuhan’s face turned even redder, both of her hand were holding onto Lu Anwei’s shoulders. Lu Anwei’s hand was very hot and catching the sight of her own foot being held in his hands led Qin Shuhan to feel shy and embarrassed.

After making sure Qin Shuhan’s shoes were worn properly, Lu Anwei picked up all the glass beads on the ground and pressed the up button on the elevator. “What floor is your house at, I’ll send you.”

“Top floor, level 23….” Qin Shuhan said, her voice sounded low and light.

Lu Anwei lightly coughed awkwardly and waited for the elevator door to open before supporting Qin Shuhan to enter the elevator. After entering, he pressed the level 23 button. The elevator door closed slowly and in the enclosed elevator, there was only two people Qin Shuhan and Lu Anwei, with the atmosphere appearing somewhat ambiguous.

Together with the “Ding” sound, the elevator reached the 23rd floor and the door opened. Lu Anwei supported Qin Shuhan out of the elevator and to the front door of her house. After she knocked a few times and Qin Shumo did not come and open the door, she took out her house keys from her pockets to unlock the door. When she opened the door and realised that that the house was in darkness, she switched on the lights and discovered a note on the dining table.

On it, it wrote that Mum Qin was planning to stay at school tonight to mark the entrance examination papers and was not coming home. Dad Qin was transferred to S University at the last minute and would not come home tonight, and Qin Shumo’s best friend in middle school was going on an overseas exchange and was asked to join the farewell party held tonight, so he would be staying at his classmate’s house and not coming back tonight as well.

After reading finish the note, a faint smile appeared at the corner of Qin Shuhan’s mouth and a daring idea floated up in her mind.

“There is no one at home?” Lu Anwei asked.

“En.” Qin Shuhan passed the note to Lu Anwei. “All of them have something on today, so won’t be coming back.”

“Go back to your room first, I’ll fill up a basin of cold water for you to soak your feet.” He noticed that Qin Shuhan’s ankles were slight swollen, it might not be very serious right now, but if it was not well taken care of tonight, it will be difficult for her to get out of bed tomorrow. Not to say she still has to take the plane to participate in her friend’s wedding 3 days later.

“Oh….” Qin Shuhan’s top floor house was double storey, the first floor has the dining room, living room, study room, as well as, Mum Qin and Dad Qin’s bedroom. Qin Shuhan and Qin Shumo both live on the second floor. The second floor also has one toilet and a storage room changed into a small study room for the 2 siblings to share.

Qin Shuhan obediently walked step by step to the handrail of the stairs, and just when she was about to go upstairs, she was suddenly picked up by Lu Anwei in a princess cradle.

Lu Anwei felt that it best that Qin Shuhan’s does not strain her foot by climbing the stairs and carried her upstairs. “Which one is your room?”

“The room furthest from the stairs.” Leaning her head in Lu Anwei’s embrace, Qin Shuhan instantly fell into a daze, and a comfortable feeling that she has never felt before welled up in her heart.

Lu Anwei entered Qin Shuhan’s room and gentled placed her on her bed. “You sit here, I’ll go and get some cold water for your foot.”

“Ok….” Qin Shuhan’s voice was as soft as a mosquito, a blush already arisen on her small and fair face, and under the bedroom lamp, a different kind of charm and softness was shown.

Lu Anwei turned to walk out of the room and went to get a basin of icy cold water for Qin Shuhan’s foot. “It will be a little cold, just bear with it a little.”

“En.” Qin Shuhan gazed at Lu Anwei holding and gently massaging her foot in the icy cold water, and her face turned shy and red. After a long while, Qin Shuhan seem to have worked up her courage to open her mouth and said in a tiny voice. “Tonight…..stay behind….”

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