Rebirth: Chapter 49 (Part 1)

Chapter 49: send her home, stay behind

(Part 1)

Seeing Lu Anran eating so happily, Qin Shuhan and Ji Rou looked at each other and smiled.

Lu Anhu could not help but frown when he got a whiff of the sweet and cloying smell, he does not have anything against desserts, but also cannot understand why girls love to eat desserts. Thinking of his little sister at home, Lu Anhu shook his head, that little girl can probably eat even more desserts than Lu Anran….

Qin Shuhan bit the straw in her cup and from time to time shot a glance at Lu Anwei, who was drinking a cup of hot milk next to her, and when she caught a sight of the Lu Anwei’s milk moustache, a flicker of amusement could be seen in her eyes.

As Lu Anran quickly munched on her dessert, she also observed what was happening. After some consideration, she said “Teacher Qin, why don’t you come to my house to play for a few days! Since exams are over, you should take a break too!”

At that moment, Qin Shuhan wanted to agree, but remembered that she already had plans and so smiled regretfully and said, “I can’t! I’m going to Greece to attend a classmate’s wedding. I’m leaving in 3 days and probably won’t be back until school starts.”

Lu Anran discontentedly pouted, “Is that so!” After thinking for a bit, her beautiful pupils glimmered and swivel to look towards Lu Anwei. “ Brother Anwei, why don’t you also go to Greece and take a stroll! I’ll be fine here with just Lu Anhu, and anyways it’s the holidays, you can go there and do some sightseeing!”

Hearing Lu Anran’s words, Qin Shuhan’s eyes sparkled and looked at Lu Anwei with eyes full of expectations.

“No, I can’t.” Lu Anwei rejected, since he accepted the mission to protect Lu Anran, then he must stay behind in S City.

Hearing Lu Anwei’s refusal, Qin Shuhan looked down in disappointment and used the straw to stir around the ice in her cup. Seeing Qin Shuhan’s behaviour, even if Bai Xinhong was slow and thick, he was able to clearly see that Qin Shuhan liked Lu Anwei ah! Clenching his fist in discontentment, Bai Xinhong’s face still maintained his usual light gentlemen smile. “S University is going to have their summer holidays soon as well, why don’t I take leave now and go with you!”

“No need, thank you.” Qin Shuhan graciously declined, other than Lu Anwei, she does not want anyone else to accompany her.

“It’s dangerous if a young woman like you travel alone.” Bai Xinhong did not give up and persistently said, “you don’t have to be polite, I’ll accompany you!”

“No need for all this trouble, my little brother will go with me.” Qin Shuhan felt a little disgusted by Bai Xinhong’s enthusiasm. Why is the person that she likes so cold towards her, and the people she dislike always wants to persistently stick to her? The more Qin Shuhan thought about it the more infuriated she got. “I’m going home first.”

“I’ll drive you home.” The moment Bai Xinhong opened his mouth, his phone started ringing. It seemed like there was something urgent he had to deal with at S University, and they needed him to return immediately.

“Thank you very much, but S University is not on the way to my house, I can get home just fine by myself.” Qin Shuhan stood up and smiled at Lu Anran, Ji Rou and the other people seated. “I’m feeling a little tired today, so I’ll be leaving first.”

“Brother Anwei, Why don’t you send Teacher Qin home!” Lu Anran said hurriedly. “ Old Zhang will send us home lately, Teacher Qin is by herself, you send her home.”

“Ok.” Lu Anwei nodded her head. It is no problem if it is just sending Qin Shuhan home. He stood up and said to Qin Shuhan, “let’s go!”

“En.” Qin Shuhan expression looked more relaxed and nodded her head.

Qin Shuhan, Lu Anwei and Bai Xinhong all walked down together downstairs, and went separate ways when they reached the underground carpark. Although Bai Xinhong felt very unwilling in his heart, but there was nothing he could do, and could only frowned with a face full of discontent, drive his car and leave.

“Where is your car?” Lu Anwei asked.

“Me?” Qin Shuhan pupils glimmered and turned to look at him, “I didn’t drive my car today.”

“Alright! I’ll send you to catch a taxi.” The instant Lu Anwei said that he looked towards the road, at this time it should be relatively easy to catch a taxi.

“No!” Qin Shuhan stopped Lu Anwei hurriedly. “I…I feel a little dizzy, and want to get some fresh air…”

“Dizzy? Then I’ll send you to the hospital!” Lu Anwei frowned. If she does not feel well then he must promptly send her to hospital.

“I….” Qin Shuhan was about to faint from anger by Lu Anwei. After taking a few deep breaths, Qin Shuhan said, “walk me home, my house is not far away!”

“Ok.” Lu Anwei did not refuse. After all, her house is not far away, so there is nothing wrong sending her home.

Qin Shuhan glanced at her little red car parked at the corner of the carpark, she silently waved goodbye and promised in her heart, “my darling little car, I’ll definitely come pick you up tomorrow morning….”

14 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 49 (Part 1)

  1. What’s the deal with these two? Where’s the history and development? From my understanding Lu Anwei has been in the military since he was young so how would he get the chance to meet Qin Shuhan for her to be calling him “big brother”?

    Someone please explain!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think they met at a bookshop. Tho I think theyd be cute together I find most secondary relationships in books to ever really be handled well enough and distracts from the main plot. Like I’d rather see the main plot advance. But then again I dont like too much romance and prefer a focus on platonic relationships as they’re more interesting and enjoyable to observe.


    2. Wow you missed some points. It was implied ages ago that they knew eachother. Remember that scene when Qin shuhan was arguining with her parents to date. She then revealed that she already like someone. She then said she was going to the library, when asked if she was going to meet guy she likes in the library. She replied “no comment”.

      Furthermore in the very next chapter, when Anran asked where anhwei was. Anhu revealed that he was at the library because he likes romance novels.

      This implied that both Anhwei and Shuhan both met eachother at the library. However right now it seems that it’s more of a one sided love for Shuhan. We don’t know much about their relationship – I’m guessing Shuhan admires Anhwei in the library.


      1. No I did not miss that detail. I know they met in the library but that wasn’t that long ago! The author never elaborated any further as to how their romantic interest in each other actually began. Shuhan knows him from the library – so what? Did she fall in love at first sight? Did he fall in love at first sight? Did they talk at the library? How long had they been visiting the library before they noticed each other? Nothing. That’s why I just feel that it’s a rushed side-story the author is using to fill in a word-count and it wasn’t properly executed at that. You’ll see what I mean in future chapters when you read about their development. I have since dropped this novel by the way so will not be responding any further.


        1. It’s been 100 days since the brothers came – plenty of time to get acquainted!

          The time skip was glossed over, but recall the class trip was 100 days before the exam, and that exam has been taken now.


  2. Bwahahaha. Lmao. Teacher Qin sure is a smart and beautiful lady but…I see the battle to conquer a dense woods of block is gonna be hard.😂😂😂😂

    Thank you soooo much for the chapter!!

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