Rebirth: Chapter 48 (Part 2)

Chapter 48: Dining together, Bodyguard job

(Part 2)

“Teacher Qin ah……” Lu Anran’s eyes flashed a hint of calculation, “Although we have already sat down for a quite a while, you haven’t officially introduced your friend to us, that’s not good!”

“Uh…..” The man who was together with Qin Shuhan smiled faintly, “Let me introduce myself! I am Bai Xinhong, a teacher in S University, colleague of Qin Shuhan’s father.”

Lu Anran looked over Bai Xinhong from head to toe. He was about 27 years old, 1.77m tall with a fair and refined appearance. He wore a pair of gold- rimmed glasses making him look very urbane which echoed his teacher image. He seemed very well- matched with Qin Shuhan, at least a lot more than Lu Anwei……

“Teacher Qin, your father is also a teacher ah!” Lu Anran asked.

“Yes ah!” Qin Shuhan nodded in response. She then pointed at Lu Anran and Lu Anhu, introducing them to Bai Xinhong, “These two are my students. They are cousins.” After saying that, she pointed at Ji Rou, “This is Anran’s mother.”

“Hello!” Bai Xinhong politely greeted and then looked at Lu Anwei who was on the other side of Qin Shuhan, “And this is?” He obviously cared more about Lu Anwei.

Lu Anhu replied, “He is my older brother.”

Bai Xinhong smiled politely, “Hello.”

Lu Anwei glanced at Bai Xinhong and nodded lightly as an acknowledgement. Seeing Lu Anwei being like that, Bai Xinhong felt a little embarrassed.

When Lu Anran saw this, to help him out of his predicament, she smiled and said, “My Bro Anwei is not very good at communicating with others. He is more introverted.”

Bai Xinhong nodded, “So, it’s like that ah!” When the embarrassment on his face has more or less dissipated, he asked Lu Anwei again, “I wonder what’s Mr Lu’s profession ah?”

Lu Anwei thought for a while about all the duties that he was doing now and replied, “Bodyguard.”

“Pfft!” Lu Anran could not help chuckling. Indeed Lu Anwei was the bodyguard for mother and daughter, but this was also in front of his love rival ah! You should damn well reveal a high and lofty status ah! But other than Lu family members, it was true that no one knew the actual identity of Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu, even Qin Shuhan only knew that Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu were distant cousins of Lu Anran.

Bai Xinhong noticed the burly figure of Lu Anwei, and the scar left by a knife cut that ruined his good looks, he truly had an appearance of a bodyguard. Thinking of his own profession, the corner of Bai Xinhong’s lips lifted. Clearly, he was more superior ah! The moment Qin Shuhan walked in, his pair of eyes has never left Qin Shuhan’s figure. He had many blind dates before, and has met many beauties, but he has never met such a spirited and confident beauty like Qin Shuhan. Her vigour seemed to be able to affect everyone around her, and that unique self- confidence was also not groundless. When he knew that Qin Shuhan’s academic background was much higher than his own, he was worried that the other party would either be an arrogant woman or a dull bookworm, and it was only in consideration of his colleague that he came. Who knew that he would love Qin Shuhan at first sight!

It was also the first time Qin Shuhan was hearing about Lu Anwei’s profession and asked curiously, “You are a bodyguard?”

Lu Anwei lightly nodded his head, “En.”

Qin Shuhan frowned. Seeing Qin Shuhan’s expression, Bai Xinhong’s eyes revealed a touch of satisfaction. Compared to a bodyguard, he, who was a University teacher, was clearly much better.

Lu Anran also noticed Qin Shuhan’s expression and gathered her thoughts. Qin Shuhan was not that kind of authoritative woman, yet now she could see the obvious resistance on Qin Shuhan’s face. As expected, the profession of a bodyguard was not easily accepted by others?

Qin Shuhan lifted her head and looked directly at Lu Anwei, “Is it dangerous?” Bodyguard or whatnots was far from the literacy family of Qin Shuhan. To Qin Shuhan, she always felt that a bodyguard is someone who surrounds important individuals as shown on television. When someone assassinates, the first to get killed would be the bodyguard. She was very worried.

Lu Anwei thought back to the fact that there has not been a single incident from the first time he entered the Lu family until now, only that Lu family’s food was too delicious and he and Lu Anhu had grew a little fatter. “Not dangerous.”

Following that, Lu Anhu said, “Teacher Qin, my brother is very good at fighting, the number of awards he received when he was a child until now, is enough to fill up a whole room.” Lu Anhu felt a little envious sometimes, when he thought about how Lu Anwei’s trophy room was even bigger than his own bedroom. “Sometimes I really feel that my brother might be an alien, no matter whether it is fighting hand-to-hand in close combat, or long distance shooting, my brother has never lost to anyone before. He has already obtained his flying license when he was 18 years old!” Lu Anhu very acutely felt that Lu Anwei treated Qin Shuhan differently compared to other girls. Unfortunately, his own brother was dense like a block of wood when it comes to romance, and does not know how to express himself. So, as the little brother, he naturally has to fully support and help out this old brother of his la!

Qin Shuhan’s tightly knitted brows gradually relaxed when she heard Lu Anhu’s words, but on the other hand the expression on Bai Xinhong’s face turned more and more unsightly. He awkwardly coughed and said, “Then why didn’t Mr. Lu serve as a soldier?”

Lu Anwei replied, “Served before.” Only that he was prioritising the safety of Lu Anran now.

“Oh…..” Bai Xinhong nodded his head and said, “Then why aren’t you serving anymore? Since, Mr Lu is so amazing…” He still maintained a doubtful attitude towards Lu Anwei’s words.

“Want to work at this current job.” Lu Anwei really cherished his words like gold, and every sentence that came out of his mouth was brief and to the point.

Bai Xinhong smiled, looks like this Lu Anwei was just some insignificant soldier in the military, after all he gave up serving as a soldier just for a bodyguard position. He was not that great, and whatever his little brother said just now was probably just boasting exaggeratedly filled with half-truths!

Qin Shuhan was still a little worried, and opened her mouth, yet she did not say anything. Immediately after, everyone’s order of desserts were delivered to their table.

“Gee!” Lu Anhu looked at the dessert Lu Anran ordered in distaste. “Aren’t you afraid that your teeth will decay if you eat such sweet things so late at night ah!”

“Hmpf, nothing to do with you!” Lu Anran rolled her eyes at Lu Anhu and took a bite of her ice-cream. It melted in her mouth releasing a rich and aromatic rose flavour, the taste of the cheese pellets was light and vibrant, both contrasting and complementing each other, creating a delicious delicacy.

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  1. are you sure Lu Anwei and Teacher Qin don’t suit each other? Both are very straightforward, and unlike this kind of pretentious Bai Xinhong.

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