Rebirth: Chapter 48 (Part 1)

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Chapter 48: Dining together, Bodyguard job

(Part 1)

“Won’t, won’t!” Qin Shuhan hastily waved her hand and said, “We have also just sat down. Let’s just change to a larger table! There’s still a vacant table of six over there!” Qin Shuhan hurriedly gestured to the waiter to come over and told him that her friends came, and she wanted to change tables.

The waiter then brought the desserts of Qin Shuhan and the man who was with her, to table 10, the six- people table.

When everyone was seated at around the table, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Lu Anran did not seat next to Qin Shuhan, but to the left of Lu Anhu and right of Ji Rou. Qin Shuhan was seated directly opposite her, and on her left was Lu Anwei, and on her right was Qin Shuhan’s father’s colleague.

“Uhm……” Noticing that the atmosphere was somewhat awkward, Qin Shuhan’s heart beat even louder, but she could only brace herself and asked Lu Anran and the rest, “What would all of you like to eat? Feel free to order, to celebrate Anran finishing all her examinations yesterday, I will treat today.”

“Sure!” Lu Anran also did not stand on ceremony. The price of a single dessert in this store was between $80 to $210 and was not considered expensive. She did not feel bad letting Qin Shuhan pick up the tab for desserts at this price.

“Anran!” Ji Rou gently patted on Lu Anran’s little hand and said to Qin Shuhan, “For Anran to get such good results in the High School Entrance Examinations this time was all thanks to Teacher Qin’s help. No matter what, it should be me who treat ah!” Why was Anran not being sensible today? If it was only Anran and Anhu these two kids, it is okay for Qin Shuhan to treat, but now, isn’t there still herself and Anwei! How can she be so thick- skinned? She was even a lot older than Qin Shuhan. How can she let a junior treat her ah!

“Sis Ji, you are regarding me as an outsider.” Qin Shuhan liked Ji Rou very much. There is a charming charisma in Ji Rou. A career- oriented woman who takes good care of her work and family, while meticulously caring for Lu Anran. This made Qin Shuhan, whose both parents are teachers who have absolutely no time to take care of their children, very envious.

“Mum, Teacher Qin, stop refusing each other!” Lu Anran said as her little fair hand supported her chin, “When I am in high school, I still need Teacher Qin to be my tutor! After I finish my college examinations, our Lu family just need to specially organise a banquet to thank Teacher Qin.”

“This……” Qin Shuhan and Ji Rou were stunned. Both of them thought that the tutoring would be done as soon as they finish the High School Entrance Examinations! Who would have thought that Lu Anran would appoint Qin Shuhan to continue during high school?!

“You this child, you don’t even ask Teacher Qin if she is willing!” Seeing that Qin Shuhan was also stunned, Ji Rou knew that this must be Lu Anran’s idea, and has never mentioned it to Qin Shuhan.

“Hurhur, of course I am willing ah!” Qin Shuhan smiled and agreed. Not only was Lu family’s offered salary undeniably unprecedented, even if it was just Lu Anran alone, she would gladly agree ah! What she liked most was teaching good students who were naturally intelligent and diligent!

“I knew Teacher Qin would definitely agree.” Lu Anran gave a self- satisfied smile.

“Sure, sure, sure! You are the smartest, you are the best!” Lu Anhu twisted both his hands together, “Hurry up and order!”

“Right right.” Qin Shuhan hurriedly gestured to the waiter to order.

“I want a rose- flavoured ice cream, add a cheese pellet on top. En… No, change it to two cheese pellets! Also, add a piece of cheesecake.” Lu Anran really adored cheese.

“I want a cup of lemon tea.” Ji Rou could not think of what to eat.

“Americano.” Lu Anwei changed his order as a different thought flited by, “Switch it to an expresso!” His voice was light and pleasant.

“Your stomach is not good, why would you order coffee at night?” Qin Shuhan frowned and said, “Change his to a cup of hot milk!”

As Qin Shuhan’s voice faded away, Lu Anran and Ji Rou were taken aback and then they looked at each other. Both mother and daughter smelled something fishy…… A learned and capable modern woman Qin Shuhan with the reticent and tough Lu Anwei? However way one look, they were not quite suited ah! Not only the mother and daughter pair, even the man who was with Qin Shuhan, was also taken aback, his expression was clearly not very good.

“I also want a cup of hot milk.” Lu Anhu ordered. It was better to drink milk at night, plus it made him sleep better, “And also a piece of black tea cake.”

“Just these.” Qin Shuhan said to the waiter when she saw that everyone had ordered. After the waiter left, the place became quiet once more.

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