Rebirth: Chapter 47 (Part 2)

Chapter 47: engrossed in reading, accidental meeting on the streets

(Part 2)

When she reached the dining room, Lu Anhu opened his mouth to ask first, “Anran, you have shut yourself in the room for a whole day. What were you doing ah?” He was going to ask Lu Anran to learn some defence moves with him this afternoon, but this dude did not even turn up during lunch. Since it seems like there was an important matter, he did not want to disturb as well.

Lu Anran sat in her own seat and answered, “Nothing ah~ I was reading!”

“Reading?” Lu Anhu was surprised, “We have finally finished taking all our examinations. Why are you reading ah!”

“There’s a book that is pretty interesting, but it is of no importance.” Lu Anran felt that she should keep a low profile about matters concerning Lu Family’s cuisine, so she dealt with it in this manner. When she turned and met Lu Anwei’s inquiring gaze, Lu Anran chuckled and added, “It’s not a romance novel.”

Hearing what Lu Anran has said, Lu Anwei bowed his head and continued to eat. Somehow, after knowing that Lu Anwei liked to read romance novels, Lu Anran has always felt that Lu Anwei has a very cute tsundere1 side.

“Let’s go out shopping after dinner!” Ji Rou lifted her head and said, “I haven’t bought clothes and stuff for Anwei and Anhu even though both of them have been here for a while already. Usually, I’m working weekdays and have no time. It is just nice that I can bring the three of you out to shop.”

“It’s alright Eldest Aunt.” The 2 brothers Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu waved their hands in refusal and said, “The clothes we brought back with us are sufficient to wear, don’t need to spend any more money.”

Lu Anran thought that Ji Rou’s words were also reasonable, but to handle these two brothers, it was useless to invite them openly, so Lu Anran grinned and said, “Mum, you don’t have to force them la. As for me, I want to buy two sets of fitted sportswear and ask Brother Anwei and Anhu to teach me a little of defence or something from tomorrow onwards.”

“This……” Ji Rou looked into her daughter’s crafty eyes, and immediately understood her daughter’s intentions, so she echoed, “All right then! Anwei, Anhu, Anran and I will be going shopping in a while. I’ll leave the issue of security in the hands of you brothers.”

“No problem!” Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu agreed immediately. This is the responsibility of the two brothers and they naturally, will not shirk it.

Ji Rou and Lu Anran looked at each other with a smile, as they read the plan from each other’s eyes.

After eating, Old Zhang sent the four of them to the shopping plaza at the city centre. Once they reached the shopping plaza, Ji Rou first bought Lu Anran two sets of sportswear, and then started visiting men’s apparel stores.

“This……” With just a glance, the two brothers Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu knew that Ji Rou was going to pick out clothes for them.

“Come and try these two pieces.” Ji Rou handed over a t-shirt and an outer wear to Lu Anwei, then she found a set of sportswear and passed it over to Lu Anhu, “You can try this set.”

“Eldest Aunt, I… We don’t want.” Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu refused, “The both of us really brought enough clothes over.”

“What’s wrong with just trying!” Ji Rou looked at Lu Anran, “Anran ah, your two cousins are not willing to try out the sizes orh……”

“No biggie ah! Just buy all of them. As long as we buy all the four sizes, there will be one that should fit!” Lu Anran placed her hands on her hips and said dramatically, “Mum, which other clothes do you think is suitable for them ah?”

“I have taken a fancy to ten over suits, all not bad!” Ji Rou said.

“Then let’s buy them all! Same attire in four sizes, there will be one that they can wear!” Lu Anran concealed laughter in her eyes.

“Don’t ah!” The two brothers panicked. Both of them were brought up in the military. Although they never lacked for money, but they were used to being frugal. Now they were actually going to extravagantly purchase so many clothes, with even a few that cannot be worn. That’s not right ah!

Lu Anran persisted, “Then are you trying or not trying ah?”

“Try! We’ll try!” Lu Anhu completely surrendered and entered the fitting room after taking the sportswear that Ji Rou has picked out for him. When Lu Anwei saw that his younger brother has gone in, Lu Anwei also took the clothes and went into the fitting room.

Seeing the both of them obey and enter the fitting room, the pair of mother and daughter gave each other a victory sign. They bought about four to five sets of clothes for Lu Anwei and Lu Anhu before leaving apparel store. After shopping around for a while, Lu Anran suggested to everyone to eat supper before going home, no one had any opinion about it.

They found a dessert store on the third floor. As soon as they entered, Lu Anran saw a familiar figure. Ji Rou and the rest also saw her.

“Teacher Qin!” Lu Anran smiled and hollered.

“En?” Hearing someone calling out to her, Qin Shuhan turned around and saw the group of four that stood not far behind her. Instantly, a glimmer of alarm and bewilderment arose. She was deceived by her father to come over today. Her parents said that they did not have any money when shopping and would wait for her at this dessert shop. In the end, when she hurried over with her purse, she realised it was actually all a big hoax. Her father had cheerfully laughed as he watched her come in. When she saw that there was a 27 or 28 year old male stranger next to him, her heart went cold. As expected, it was a match- making deception by her Dad. Dad Qin had casually said a few sentences of conventional greetings before leaving her and this male stranger to stare at each other.

She was already angry enough, yet she still met Lu Anran and all at this time, making her feel even more embarrassed. Unconsciously, her gaze lingered onto the face of the person she cared about, but when she saw him deliberately avoiding her look, Qin Shuhan’s heart could not help tightening.

“Teacher Qin, what a coincidence ah!” Ji Rou smiled and said, “Are you on a date with your boyfriend?”

“No!” Qin Shuhan hurriedly denied and explained, “This is my father’s colleague. My Dad had a last- minute appointment and asked me to entertain on his behalf.”

“Entertain your father’s colleague in a dessert shop?” It did not make sense no matter how much Lu Anran thought about it, especially since this “colleague” was of the same age as Qin Shuhan. No matter how she looked at it, it seemed more like a blind date!

Of course, it was not only Lu Anran who thought this way.

Seeing the expression on everyone’s face, Qin Shuhan also knew that her reasons were weak and pitiful, so she said awkwardly, “Why don’t we all sit down together?”

“Together?” Ji Rou was temporarily at a loss and exchanged a look with Lu Anran.

“Won’t we be intruding ah……” Lu Anran asked.

1 Tsundere is a Japanese term referring to people who acts cold/ curt but is actually very soft/ affectionate on the inside.

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    1. It was kind of implied a couple of chapters ago. Both of them like to go to a certain bookshop. No doubt they met a couple of times and perhaps they even have a liking to each other.

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  1. thanks for chapter…shopping time
    pardon me translator “…. wear to Lu Anwei, then she found a set of sportswear and passed it over to Lu Anwei,” i guess the last 1 is Lu Anhu


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