Rebirth: Chapter 47 (Part 1)

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Chapter 47: engrossed in reading, accidental meeting on the streets

(Part 1)

Filled with doubt and belief, Lu Anran picked up her chopsticks to take a mouthful of the 7-julienne vegetable stir-fry and put into her mouth to chew.

Crunch. Crunch.

The vegetables were fresh and crunchy and does not feel stir-fried at all, but instead feels crunchier and taste fresher before it was cooked! Lu Anran tasted this in not only the vegetables but also in the soup. She could taste the exquisite fragrance of the soy sauce within the soup, and also clearly taste the original flavour of each ingredients. As such, at the same time achieving harmony and unity that has never been achieved before. Each ingredient has its own texture, flavour and unique characteristics, and exhibits its most beautiful and beneficial side impartially. Lu Anran’s tastebuds which has never experienced such enjoyment before, led her to eat mouthful after mouthful until the entire plate of stir-fry vanished.

Even after swallowing down the last mouthful, Lu Anran could still taste the flavour of the dish lingering in her mouth. She is very confident in her tastebuds, although Lu Jianhao just cooked this dish in front of her, Lu Anran was unable to tell how this dish was made to have this taste and texture. This perfect flavour that she enjoyed on her tastebuds led Lu Anran to remain intoxicated within it.

Seeing Lu Anran finish the entire dish, Lu Jianhao smiled and looked at his beloved granddaughter. He has not cooked for years and did not know how much his skills have regressed, but his granddaughter likes it, so he is very happy. Also, this dish was enough to express what he meant. “All ingredients restrict each other, and at the same time enhances each other. Taking shape in the most perfect and natural coexistence. What we want to do it to lead the ingredients back to their origins and maximize the quality of the ingredients via cooking! This is the quintessence of Lu Family cuisine! And also, the morality of Lu Family cuisine!”

Lu Anran listened to Lu Jianhao’s words and solemnly nodded her head. Now, she understands what Lu Jianhao meant before, this is the morality of Lu Family cuisine. Instead of utilising seasonings to change the original flavour and characteristics of the ingredients, she uses seasonings and fire to display the most beautiful side of the ingredients. At the same time, allow the ingredients to restrict and enhance each other, the morality of Lu Family cuisine, she got it!

Looking at Lu Anran’s face, Lu Jianhao smiled happily. He knew this granddaughter of his would not let him down, this ability to comprehend is completed inherited from his most beloved son Lu Junhao. Thinking of his son, Lu Jianhao expression turned distressed, he does not know where in the world Junhao is now, and whether he is alive or dead…..

This lesson is very meaningful for Lu Anran. Both of them talked for a while and then Lu Jianhao let Lu Anran bring back the book Tao Te Ching to her room to read.

Lu Anran obediently read the book carefully, and when she met words she did not understand, she would go on the internet to find translations of it. Tao Te Ching can really be counted as a treasure of the world, the more Lu Anran read the more engrossed she became in it. When it was lunchtime, the maid knocked on the door to alert her, but Lu Anran was not hungry and declined eating lunch. It was until dinnertime that the maid came to knock on her door once more, Lu Anran was still reading the book and sent away the maid with 2 words ‘not hungry’.

After a while, someone knocked on the door again and this time the person was Ji Rou. “Anran? Can I come in?”

Lu Anran moved her eyes away from the book, “yes, the door is not locked.”

Ji Rou pushed open the door and came in. “Anran, why don’t you want to eat dinner? Are you ok?”

Lu Anran slanted her head to look towards Ji Rou, “Mummy, I’m fine, just not hungry.”

Ji Rou came to stand beside Lu Anran, touched her forehead and said, “the maid said that you didn’t eat lunch.”

Lu Anran caught the sight of Ji Rou’s worry in her eyes and explained, “today morning, grandpa cooked for me and I ate the entire plate. So, when it was time for lunch, I was too full and naturally can’t eat lunch. It’s not that I don’t feel well, mummy you don’t need to worry.”

Hearing Lu Anran’s explanation, Ji Rou felt relieved. “But that is in the morning, it’s so late already, you should be hungry already. Let’s go, wash your hands and follow mum down for dinner!” Ji Rou said as she tugged on Lu Anran’s small and soft hands. “You are growing your body now, can’t go without eating.”

Lu Anran looked down at the book she has yet to finish reading, hesitated for a bit and then nodded, “En…ok!”

She carefully placed the book on her table, washed her hands and followed Ji Rou downstairs.


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