Rebirth: Chapter 46 (Part 2)

Chapter 46: the path to all things of creation, 7 julienne vegetables stir-fry

(Part 2)

Lu Jianhao stood up and said, “Let’s go to the kitchen now and make me two of your best dishes.”

“Okay.” Lu Anran stood up and followed Lu Jianhao to the kitchen.

The sixteen square metre kitchen was cleaned till sparkling by the maid, and the lingering light smoky smell was not at all unpleasant. After washing her hands, Lu Anran opened the three- door vertical refrigerator and took out the fresh ingredients from within. Rinsing them with running water, she placed them on the chopping board, and used the knife to cut them into cubes or slices. Although her knife skills were not superb and were even slow, but the cut vegetables were exactly the same size and thickness.

In her previous lifetime, Lu Anran’s tendons were snapped, and both hands were maimed. Although she was later sent to the hospital for a very expensive treatment, but she was still unable to do much work, grimacing in pain after using the knife to cut vegetables with her forehead and palm covered with layers of sweat. Such that when she stopped, she could not stop trembling from the palm of her hand to the fingertips but even so, Lu Anran has never given up on cooking, and had always painstakingly practiced determinedly. Although she could not have exquisite knife skills like other cooks, but the food that she cut were absolutely up to standard. However, she could not handle a heavy frying pan, let alone tossing the food……

In this lifetime, both her hands were intact, and she was determined to practice her knife skills diligently once again, as well as flipping the pan, cherishing the opportunity of rebirth and practice basic skills that a chef should have.

“En…..” Lu Jianhao who was observing from the side nodded his head in satisfaction. Although Lu Anran cut her vegetables very slowly, but the end result was still acceptable. She was only 15 years old and had never been taught personally by him, so this level of skills was already not bad.

After she finished cutting the vegetables, Lu Anran first took out a small casserole and then after whipping up a simple soup base, she oiled the casserole, placed in the prepared ingredients such as cut mushrooms, tofu and bamboo shoots and turned on the fire. She carefully observed the hotness of oil in the casserole. When she felt it was about the right temperature, Lu Anran put her hand about 5cm away from the oil to test.

Feeling that it was at a warm hottish temperature, she turned down the fire to let the dish simmer and put in the onions and garlic. After the fragrance of the onions and garlic started to waft out, she put in the cut ingredients and started to stir-fry them, and at appropriate timings she sprinkled in seasonings such as salt, MSG and continued frying. After she smelt the aroma of the vegetables, she poured in a teaspoon of oyster sauce and 2 tablespoon of soy sauce.

When it all combine together, she left it on the small fire to simmer and waited until there was only a thin layer of soup left that she turned off the fire. Then, instead of immediately dishing out the vegetables, she drizzled a little soy sauce, mixed it around and dished it out.

She decorated the dish and used a kitchen towel to clean away the soup that dripped on the side of the plate before carrying and presenting it to Lu Jianhao. After that, Lu Anran turned around to take out a bottle of fresh milk from the refrigerator, she opened the cover of the casserole poured the whole glass bottle of milk into it. Instantly, the aroma of the milk wafted in all directions, complementarily blending together with the rich flavour of the soup.

When she saw the colour of the soup turned rich and white, and has totally merged together, Lu Anran turned off the fire, placed a heat resistant mat on the table and brought over this casserole of hearty seasonal vegetable soup.

Lu Jianhao looked at the 2 dishes in front of him. The colours complement each other beautifully and the aroma was very tempting. The colours, fragrance and taste of these 2 dishes were completely up to standard. Lu Jianhao took up his bamboo chopsticks and picked up some of the 7 julienne vegetables stir-fry.

Simply based on the name itself, it means to julienne 7 different vegetables and fry it. It sounds very easy, but it is actually a difficult stir-fry dish. Each vegetable’s rate of oil absorption, heat resistance and timing to be perfectly cooked are all different. If one wants to cook this dish perfectly, other than having good control over the fire, one must also completely understand all the characteristics of the ingredients.

Lu Anran’s mastery over the flames was excellent when she cooked this dish. The first mouthful was very remarkable, it was crispy when it should be crispy, soft when it should be soft, it was definitely a masterpiece. But Lu Jianhao lightly shook his head after eating a mouthful and put down his bamboo chopsticks.

When Lu Anran saw Lu Jianhao put down his chopsticks, she served him a bowlful of the hearty seasonal vegetable soup. Lu Jianhao drank a spoonful of the soup. Instantly, a rich and aromatic milky taste circulated around his mouth, it was tasty and fragrant.

Lu Jianhao then ate a mouthful of the tofu, the first mouthful of the tofu was firm and after continuous chewing became soft and slippery, it was very amazing. After taste a few mouthful of the vegetables in the soup, Lu Jianhao put down the spoon and shook his head once more.

“Grandpa? It’s not delicious?” Lu Anran frowned and asked, she was very confident in the taste ah, why did Lu Jianhao kept on shaking his head?

Lu Jianhao did not reply Lu Anran’s question, “Anran, why don’t you taste too!”

Lu Anran picked up the chopsticks and tasted a mouthful of the seasonal vegetable dish, no matter if it was the control of the fire or taste, Lu Anran had seasoned and changed it at the right timings. This dish was very successful ah!

Feeling confused, Lu Anran then tasted a mouthful of the seasonal vegetable soup, the soup was rich and aromatic, the vegetables crispy and refreshing, it was very delicious ah! Lu Anran look towards Lu Jianhao full of doubts.

Lu Jianhao stood up, walked past Lu Anran and took out the previous ingredients Lu Anran used before the refrigerator. He washed all of vegetables, picked up the knife and proceeded to cut them into slices. The knife danced on the chopping board coldly, only leaving behind a sliver moon shadow.

These knife skills could not help but left Lu Anran tongue-tied. Lu Jianhao heated up the oil in a frying pan, waited for a moment and placed the ingredients in to stir-fry. All his movements and frying method were exactly the same as Lu Anran. After dishing out the vegetables, Lu Jianhao served the dish to Lu Anran and said, “Anran, come and taste and you’ll understand what I mean.”


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