Rebirth: Chapter 44 (Part 2)

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Chapter 44: training one’s body, unrequited love ah

(Part 2)

“Shuhan ah! This Lu…Lu….” Mum Qin was unable to accurately say Lu Anran’s name for a moment.

“Lu Anran!” Qin Shuhan drank a mouthful of soup and said, “She is the class monitor of the class that I’m teaching now.”

“Oh!” Mum Qin nodded her head. “How’s her personality?”

“Very good!” Qin Shuhan really liked Lu Anran. “She is a pampered young miss, but doesn’t act high and mighty. She is very diligent and also very pretty! Gimme a moment ah!” Qin Shuhan stood up, left the dinner table and ran up to the 2nd floor study room to grab the magazine in the drawer and ran back down. “The girl on the cover of the magazine is her!”

“Oi! Sis!” Qin Shumo realised that the magazine Qin Shuhan was holding was the very same one he had carefully placed into the drawer. When he wanted to stop her, it was already too late.

“She’s really pretty!” Mum Qin could not help complimenting Lu Anran when she looked at her smiling cleanly and confidently.

“Lu Corporation’s Eldest Young Miss?” Dad Qin had also seen news reporting about Lu Anran, and involuntarily shook his head. ‘I still feel that Shumo should find a girl from a normal family, the best is if her parents are also teachers!” Dad Qin was a University professor and Mum Qin was a Chinese literature teacher at S City’s First Middle, both of them were teachers and so Dad Qin also hoped that his own children could also become teachers and the best was that they marry a teacher as well…..

“Dad, aren’t you thinking a little too far ahead!” Qin Shumo could not help but rub his throbbing temples.

“I’ve already become a teacher according to yours and Mum’s wishes, it’s not necessary for Shumo to be one as well!” Qin Shuhan said as she munched on a chicken drumstick. “What decade are we living in? Why does our family still need to inherit the teaching profession ah!”

“Our ancestors were teachers. In earlier years, your great- grandmother and great- grandfather also……” Seeing his daughter’s attitude, Dad Qin became unhappy.

“Also entered the capital and met the emperor before!” Qin Shuhan could not help rolling her eyes. She has heard of this matter umpteenth times till her ears could grow out calluses, “Dad, aren’t I a teacher now!”

“It’s not enough to be just a teacher! If you are a teacher, you must have an awareness of becoming a teacher! As a teacher, one must be strict with oneself. As an example to students, it is even more important for one to always push oneself forward till the point of examining oneself on the three aspects (1)……” Dad Qin could not help reciting a few sentences as he looked at his still very childish daughter.

“Enough, enough la!” Mum Qin could not help exclaiming, “This child has been working hard all day. Don’t keep nagging at her. If you three bigwigs don’t start eating, the food is going to get cold!”

“Only you would indulge them every day!” Dad Qin sighed and shook his head. Using his chopsticks, he picked up the vegetables on the plate.

“Oh right.” Qin Shuhan said, “From tomorrow onwards, I don’t have to tutor Lu Anran anymore. As I am also officially on vacation after the High School Entrance Examination, I plan to go to Greece for a few days.”

“Greece? So far?” Mum Qin said worriedly, “Wouldn’t it be unsafe!”

“It won’t la! My best friend from university is getting married in Greece, and I was invited to the wedding.” Qin Shuhan drank a mouthful of soup and continued, “Food, accommodation and plane tickets are all paid for by my best friend’s husband. Shumo, want to go with me to take in some fresh air? Anyway, you have also completed all your examinations.”

“Sure.” Shu Mo nodded his head. He has not been to Greece yet! It would be good to go out and play for a bit, after all, the examinations were done and dusted.

“Humph! Why marry so far when everything is perfectly all right? Her family won’t even be able to help her if she gets bullied!” Dad Qin frowned unhappily, “Let me tell you, you are not allowed to marry that far. It would be good to just find a teacher in S city and get married!”

“Dad……” Qin Shuhan frowned feeling displeased. “Do you want to arrange a marriage?”

“What do you mean by arrange marriage ah!” Dad Qin paused for a moment and said. “Oh wait, there’s a new teacher at our university who’s not bad! Why don’t I arrange for both of you to meet over a meal when you are feeling better? What do you think!”

“Don’t feel like it, no time, not gonna think about it!” Qin Shuhan rolled her eyes.

“This child!” Dad Qin frowned once more.

“Shuhan, there’s nothing wrong with eating meal ah! That how your dad and I got to know each other!” Mum Qin smiled and said. “You are already almost 26 years old, when I was 25 years old I already had you! Anyway, you don’t have anyone you like right? So just go and meet, what if sparks fly between both of you!”

“Who says I don’t have anyone I like?” Qin Shuhan’s words was like a stone dropping into a pond, causing thousands of ripples, shocking everyone at the table.

“Pff….” Qin Shumo could not help but spurt out the mouthful of soup he just drank. “Who? From which planet?” This older sister of his was really eccentric, with IQ as high as 200 and eyes growing on top of her head, whatever she does every day was not according to normal logic, it definitely cannot be someone from Earth!

“Is he from S City?” Mum Qin really did not want her daughter to marry so far away.

“Is he a teacher?” Dad Qin was still persisting on wanting his daughter to marry a teacher.

“No comment!” Qin Shuhan put down her chopsticks and said, “I’m full! All of you eat slowly!” after saying that, Qin Shuhan turned around to leave.

“Wait!” Mum Qin persistently asked. “When are you going to bring him home for us to meet him ah!”

“Aiya! We’re not even together!” Qin Shuhan spread out her hands and said.

“Ah?” Qin Shumo was stunned and said. “Unrequited love ah!”

“I don’t want to be called that by you!” Qin Shuhan rolled her eyes. “At least I’m better than you, only daring to look at the cover of the magazine!”

“I…..” Qin Shumo felt displeased to be mocked by his sister, but what she said was also true. He opened his mouth to refute, but still discontentedly closed it again. In short, he would not admit that he has unrequited love whatsoever, he only has some good feelings towards Lu Anran ah!

“I’m going to meet someone at the bookshop, so I’m going off first!” Qin Shuhan said as she looked at the time.

“Who? Is it that man?” Mum Qin interrogated.

“Shop at the bookstore? Is he a teacher?” As expected, Dad Qin was more concerned about it.

“No comment!” As soon as she said that, Qin Shuhan turned around in an elegant and unrestrained manner, giving her parents an image of a free and easy figure as she left.

“What’s this!” Qin Shumo gave a hmpfh sound as he put down his bowl and chopsticks. “I’m also full. Both of you eat slowly!” After saying that, he stood up to return to his room and conveniently locked his door in passing.

In the dining room, only Dad Qin and Mum Qin were left behind, facing each other. Both of them had good genes and gave birth to a pair of children with high IQ and quite good appearance, according to logic, these two should win over everyone ah! Why is it that both their children have unrequited love ah!

Letting out a helpless sigh, Dad Qin and Mum Qin looked at one another and from each other’s eyes, they saw frustration written in large letters…….

(1) 吾日三省吾身: Part of Confucius Analects: Doing a self- reflection on three aspects everyday – 1) Have I done my best while helping others? 2) Have I been both honourable and sincere when interacting with friends? 3) Did I spread any ideas without practicing it?

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  1. Maybe.. just maybe.. this guy will be linda’s husband?? Cause like.. linda is smart, a normal person from a normal family.. cough, i mean a smart person, moreover, there’s a high chance she’ll be a teacher! In addition, both of them are good people! So.. just maybe??? They’ll get together 😀

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  2. Is it just me or does anyone know who the main male lead is?
    Like I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not sure if it is the guy from the Long family or Qin family.
    Someone please tell me..

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