Rebirth: Chapter 44 (Part 1)

Chapter 44: training one’s body, unrequited love ah

(Part 1)

“I’m fine, just a little dizzy after the test.” The taut strings in Lu Anran’s heart finally completely relaxed after seeing Lu Anhu. A hundred days of interactions allowed Lu Anran to be used to Lu Anhu’s presence. Lu Anran trusted this ‘Little Big Brother’ who was of the same age as her and only older than her by three days.

“Let’s go home!” Lu Anhu supported Lu Anran’s arm, and left the classroom carrying Lu Anran’s satchel. Lu Anran was after all, a girl and had poor physique, during this period, Lu Anran was under quite a lot of mental stress, so having such reaction was normal, and would be recover after a few days of rest. “Anyway, there’s nothing on from tomorrow onwards, going for a jog with me sounds pretty good! Your constitution is too weak!”

“Uh……” Lu Anran smiled embarrassedly. Lu Anhu grew up in the army and begun to do morning exercises with soldiers in the army at the age of 5. During these days that he lived with the Lu family, he got up at 4am every day and ran for two hours. If one was to jog with him every day, Lu Anran was really worried that she would not even have a life to attend high school ah!”

Qin Shumo was a little upset not knowing who was assisting Lu Anran. When he returned home carrying his bag, his parents had made a table of dishes and were waiting for him. Just as he put down his bag and washed his hands, his older sister has also come home.

“So fragrant ah!” Qin Shuhan rubbed her empty stomach and said, “I’m hungry!”

“Quickly wash your hands!” Mum Qin urged her daughter, “We have waited for the two of you for a while already.”

Qin Shumo who was seated at the dining table, grasped his chopsticks, but had completely no appetite. The melancholy between his eyebrows made other people at the table peep at each other.

“You didn’t do well?” the first person to speak was Dad Qin, he pushed his golden glasses further up the bridge of his nose. “if you didn’t manage to get into S City’s First Middle this time, it’s also ok, according to your normal results, it is good enough for you to study overseas.”

“Exactly ah!” Mum Qin consoled him, “you don’t need to worry about the expenses.”

“That’s impossible!” Qin Shuhan said as she munched on the vegetables. “I saw the examination paper today, it wasn’t hard ah! I even called Lu Anran just now and she even said she went alright, but only that her voice sounded a little weak that’s all.”

“Is she ok?” Qin Shumo’s heart tighten. “She fainted at the examination hall today.”

“Ai? Is that so?” Qin Shuhan paused for a moment. “She was probably under too much stress! But I think it shouldn’t be a problem for her to enter First Middle, she did all the questions with similar structures with the entrance examination, and also she managed to answer correctly all the questions I set for her. Her little cousin also seemed to have done not too bad as well.” Qin Shumo had met Lu Anhu a few times before when she went to tutor Lu Anran.

“Little cousin?” Qin Shumo’s eyebrows that had been knitted tightly together gradually loosen, as if he just put down a huge stone that had been pressing on his heart.

This change was clearly seen by everyone at the table, and Dad Qin could not help but to let out a light cough. “Shumo ah! This… even though dad feels that the current era is a lot more open…, but you’re only 15 years old…. Having a relationship whatsoever is a little early right….”

“Yeah! Mum also advise you against you having a relationship now, it’s not too late to start one after you enter university ah!” It was the first time Mum Qin has ever discussed this with her son, and so a faint blush could be seen staining her cheeks.

“What are all of you talking about!” Qin Shumo’s face immediately turned red, until the tips of his ears. “I only said a few words to her ah! All of you…..”

“Yeah! What relationship!” Qin Shuhan cut off Qin Shumo’s words and then gave a stab1 towards him. “It’s only my little brother himself who has unrequited love for her!”

“Sis!” At this point, even Qin Shumo’s neck had turned red, this old sis of his, it’s really enough!”

“Ah?” Dad Qin and Mum Qin looked at each other, “unrequited love ah….”

“Dad! Mum!” Qin Shumo really think he is unable to continue this meal of his, what is going on ah! Who has unrequited love ah! He is only a little concerned about her that’s all, how can this be called unrequited love ah! How can he, Qin Shumo have unrequited love ah!
Looks like someone is in denial~ ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭ Ohohoho…..

1 补刀 (bǔ dāo): Usually used in a dialogue. It literally means sending a knife, and figuratively means using a very unconventional way of thinking to answer someone’s question, but in a manner that would end in dealing a blow to the other party’s ego.


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