Rebirth: Chapter 43 (Part 2)

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Chapter 43: meeting guests, end of entrance examination

(Part 2)

It was the final sprint in the last 100 days, although everyone was curious about Lu Anhu who suddenly transferred into their class, and was also confused about the sudden cold war between Lin Da and Lu Anran. But no one had time to care so much about all those, and each one only bothered about sweeping away the snow in front of their door.

After all, the entrance examination was happening later, in other words, the people in this class were all working very hard just to enter S City’s First Middle. The number of people who enter S City’s First Middle were countable on one’s hands, and everyone in this class were all good students and at the same time, enemies with each other. If anyone even relaxes a little, they might be taken over by someone even more hardworking than them!

Even though Lu Anran did not have Lin Da’s help, but at least she still had Qin Shuhan to tutor her. Qin Shuhan was also very shock at Lu Anran’s progress, she was just like a very thick sponge and every bit of knowledge mentioned by Qin Shuhan was like water, all completely and cleanly absorbed by her. Conversely, although Chu Yao still felt envious and hatred for Lu Anran, but after all the entrance examination was not a small matter, she also could not be careless!

The only thing that Chu Yao felt happy about was Lin Da breaking off the relationship with Lu Anran. Both of them no longer talked to each other, and Lu Anran does not even say a single word to anybody else in class. Chu Yao was very pleased with this result. This was exactly how Lu Anran should be, she should be an obedient dog and be by her lonesome self until she dies! All Lu Anran needed to do was to listen to her words and not have any relations or communications with other people!

In the 100 days, Lu Anran placed all of her attention on her studies. At school, she has Lu Anhu’s protection and after returning home, she does not even go out. Within these 100 days, Lu Anran’s efforts could be clearly seen by everyone.

Finally, it was the day of the entrance examination. All her hard work and efforts for so long all boiled down to these 2 short days!

The instant Lu Anran put down her pen, a feeling of powerlessness overwhelmed her whole body. She did not even have the energy to recheck her answers in the paper. After taking a deep breath, she leaned on the table and felt into a light sleep. She was too tired after passing these 100 days! It could be said she was physically and mentally exhausted!

When the bell to hand in the papers rang, Lu Anran woke up feeling disoriented. After giving a final check that she wrote the right school, class, and name, all these that one could easily write wrongly, Lu Anran passed the paper to the teacher collecting the examination papers. When all of the papers were collected, the invigilator stood up to announce that all students can now leave.

All the examinees let out a breath of relief, they had finally finished all their exams and could start playing! The next time they start school, everyone here would be high school students!

Lu Anran gathered her stationaries and tided her school bag, but at the moment she stood up, her whole world turned as white as snow and her body involuntarily collapsed to the side. She did not feel any pain from falling but rather smelt a faint scent of black tea. From being totally unconscious to regaining consciousness, about 5 minutes had passed before Lu Anran’s eyes gradually become more focused and the voice sounding hazily beside her ears also became clearer.

The examinees who have not left yet were all surrounded around Lu Anran worriedly looking at this student who suddenly fainted.

“Lu Anran? Can you hear me? Lu Anran?”

Lu Anran turned her head and saw a familiar face. She powerlessly nodded her head. Although, she was mentally clear-headed and alert, but she still did not have any energy. The string that has being stretched taut within her was suddenly loosen with the end of the examination and Lu Anran was unable to adapt for a moment, which leading her to faint and collapse. Now that she has gradually adapted to it, she regained consciousness.

Looking at the worried face, Lu Anran recalled who the person was in front of her, “Qin…Shu….Mo?” She remembered with some difficulty the name of the person in front of her. She remember that last time they were at the same examination hall when she took the national mock examination, it was rather unexpected that they had such fate to meet again, and was actually at the same examination hall once more! But before this, she did not notice Qin Shumo was also at this examination hall ah! It was probably because she was too anxious.

“That’s great……” Seeing Lu Anran nod her head, Qin Shumo’s fretful and concerned heart gradually relaxed. When he just entered the examination hall on the first day, he has already saw Lu Anran, but seeing how Lu Anran does not seem to remember him, he resisted going up to her. They were even more fated today, he sat behind Lu Anran once again and originally planned to greet Lu Anran when the examination ended, before leaving. But unexpectedly when he just stood up and prepared to say hello, Lu Anran fainted! Scaring him so much that his heart also skipped a few beats.

“This student here, are you alright?” The invigilator and teacher carrying the examination papers came beside Lu Anran and asked.

“I’m fine.” Lu Anran shook her head lightly, her body still felt a little weak but it was of no matter.

“Good that you’re fine.” The invigilator and teacher gave a passing glance and left the classroom. in their heart, they could not help but let out a sigh, the children these days ah! Their mental resilience was too fragile. It’s only a high school entrance examination and she fainted already, if she was to take the university entrance examination and in the case that she fails, was she going to commit suicide from the top of a building ah!


“Can you walk?” Qin Shumo asked.

“I’m fine, thank you!” Lu Anran’s face looked much better and when the surrounding students saw how she was fine, they also all gradually left.

At this time, Lu Anhu carrying his bag appeared at the door of Lu Anran’s examination hall. Catching sight of the current scene, he hurried forward and pulled on Lu Anran’s arm. “Anran? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” Damn it! Was it because he came late? He only went to the toilet ah!


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