Rebirth: Chapter 41 (Part 2)

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Chapter 41: Standing in the light, enemies hiding in shadows; Many days ahead

(Part 2)

“Dingan, thank you!” Lu Anming said as he smiled gratefully towards his best buddy.

Xue Dingan fist- bumped against Lu Anming’s shoulder lightly, “No need for thanks! Just treat me to drinks later!”

“En, of course!” Lu Junfeng also felt that it was necessary to thank Xue Dingan. “Anming, keep Dingan accompany today.”

“Got it dad!”Lu Anming nodded.

“Anshuo, let’s go back to the company first!” Lu Junfeng looked at his eldest son. They hastily came back when they received the phone call from Lu Anming, so there were still piles of work left undone at the company. “Lianxin, stay back to accompany Anran today.”

“En, be careful on your way hubby!” Her worries were shown apparent on her face when Xu Lianxin gazed at her husband.

“Don’t worry, I’ll look after Dad.” Lu Anshuo stood up and neaten his suit.

“You be careful too.” Xu Lianxin feels rather reassured when it comes to Lu Anshuo, but still could not help but to voice out a few words of concern. “Ok?”

“Don’t worry Mum!” Lu Anshuo nodded, something like this happening out of the blue, it is normal for Xu Lianxin to feel anxious.

“We are going off now.” Lu Junfeng stood up and patted Lu Anran’s shoulder. He wanted to say something, but did not know where to start from. As compared to them adults, Lu Anran was acting very calm.

“Bye bye~ Come home soon!” Lu Anran waved her hands and gazed after their receding figures.

“Anran, are you tired? Do you want to rest for a bit? Or eat anything?” Xu Lianxin placed her hands on Lu Anran’s shoulders, “if you are feeling scared or upset, don’t hesitate to tell Second Aunt! You don’t have to bear it all by yourself.” As Xu Lianxin continued to talk, the rims of her eyes turned red again. Her heart really ached for Lu Anran, who is still so young but have to experience all these!

“I’m fine!” Lu Anran patted Xu Lianxin’s hand that was on her shoulder. “Second Aunt, you don’t need to be so worried! Didn’t Grandpa already say he will find Second Grandfather? Everything will be fine when Second Grandfather send some people over in a few days time.”

“Ay….” Talking about this made Xu Lianxin sigh lightly. “It has already been 10 years since, who knows if they are willing to help out or not!”

Other than people within the Lu Family, outsiders do not know that Lu Jianhao has a little brother, showing how estranged the two brothers were from each other.

“….” Lu Anran was also unable to say for sure, but she knows that Second Grandfather and Grandpa’s relationship must be very very good. In her previous lifetime, she remembered meeting Second Grandfather Lu Jianfeng just once before, and it was at Lu Jianhao’s funeral. At that time, she was standing next to the bier1 and caught the sight of Second Grandfather kneeling in front of it. He did not say anything, and after kneeling down with a thump and kowtowed 3 times in succession, he silently gazed at Lu Jianhao’s deceased portrait and remained kneeling in that same position for 4 hours.

Lu Anran would never forget that scene. On the military uniform worn by Lu Jianfeng hung 100s of military medals. He had white hair and gazed forward with bleak eyes that were slightly wet…. the old man’s back was straight and stiff, and both of his hands were loose at the side of his body. Kneeling on the praying mat in front of the bier, he lifted his head with his chin tucked in tightly, as if there were thousands of words he wanted to tell Lu Jianhao, but was unable to say a single word. Even if he said, the person in the picture also cannot hear anything and cannot reply back…

“I really hope that they will give up here! Don’t do anything further to cause trouble for us!” Xu Lianxin hand patted Lu Anran’s head and felt more and more that this child was very pitiful.

Lu Anran laughed awkwardly. Give up? How is that possible? But for a period of time, Chu Yao would not make any movements.

Exactly as Lu Anran had said, Chu Yao was indeed bluffed by the play acted out by Lu Anran. She believed it wholehearted, and narrated it all to her father Chu Wanhai the moment she returned home.

Chu Wanhai also had an expression of shock when he heard about it. “What did you say? Lu Family has a secret force? And is linked with the military?”

“That’s right!” Chu Yao replied. “I didn’t believe it when Lu Anran told me, but later on I saw with my own eyes, people from the military taking away those killers!”

“You saw it personally?” Chu Wanhai frowned.

“Yes, I only saw a few shadows, and they looked rather tensed. From the looks of it, they didn’t want to be discovered by anyone, but there was a grove of white birch trees and I happened to see them when they cross it.” Chu Yao replied.

Chu Wanhai was a little doubtful, he has worked at Lu Corporation for almost 20 years, why has hr never heard of this? Pausing for a moment, Chu Wanhai let Chu Yao return to her room first and then used a spare phone to call the person in Kyoto. When the other person picked up, Chu Wanhai cut directly into the main question. ” The killers failed and was taken away by people from the military. Lu Corporation seems to have some kind of secret force.”

“Military…” The other person paused for a moment and coldly laughed. “Lu Jianhao must have asked his little brother for help!”

“Lu Jianhao has a little brother?” Chu Wanhai was very surprised, this was also something he did not know of.

“I will wire the money to you as agreed! For the moment, don’t send any killers over, tell the killer alliance that the money will be paid to them but the assignment is cancelled!” The other person said, “The plan will be officially executed on September 1st.”

“En…understood!” Chu Wanhai responded and hanged up the phone.

Chu Yao who was standing at the door and did not walk very far off, resentful clenched her fists and muttered, “Lu Anran, you were lucky this time! But there are still many days ahead, we’ll wait and see! Hmpf!

1 bier: a platform on which a coffin or a cinerary casket is placed.

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  1. Huge plot hole here, didn’t the grandfather die to CY’s poison soup thing, and the main character only found it out when she died? How could she attend the funeral then?

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    1. she knew the grandfather died but not the CAUSE of his death. she prob thought it was like a disease or something. she dint know about the soup but she did know of his death.

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