Rebirth: Chapter 41 (Part 1)

Chapter 41: Standing in the light, enemies hiding in shadows; Many days ahead

(Part 1)

Seeing that his beloved granddaughter had indeed returned unharmed, the perpetual frown on Lu Jianhao’s face slowly relaxed. “Anran, come here!”

“Orh.” Lu Anran replied and walked towards her grandfather, Lu Jianhao.

“Do you know who wants to kill you?” asked Lu Jianhao. “Why do they want to kill you?”

“Dad. Anran is only 15 years old! She’s too young to know anything!” Xu Lianxin beautiful willow eyebrows knitted tightly together. A 15 year old girl, who did she offend to the point that they want to get rid of her! Anran was so filial and sensible, how was it possible that bad people would bear grudges against her? These people were so ruthless! So much so that they cannot even let off a 15 year old girl? Other people also felt that it was useless for Lu Jianhao to ask this question. What could Anran know ah! She was only 15 years old.

“I know!” Lu Anran replied, much to the surprise of everyone. “I heard the killers said that our Lu Family has offended someone we shouldn’t have offended!” The moment Lu Anran said these words, the faces of everyone in the room blanched white in fear. Lu Anran had already anticipated that everyone would have this kind of reaction. These were the words that Chu Yao has said to Lu Anran before she died.

After much consideration, Lu Anran told everyone in the room this sentence word for word as she had heard before. She felt that it was better for the Lu Family to be more careful, and at least take precautions, so that the Lu Family would not have the same ending as in her previous lifetime, and get led around by the nose like a fool for their whole life; only getting to know the truth in the last moments before dying.

“Our Lu Family has been both careful and conscientious in this food and beverage industry, and has never offended anyone before, especially when doing business, we do our best to be respectful and courteous to the other party! Who in the world could be so merciless! Lu Junfeng was very shocked when he heard Lu Anran’s words. The reputation of Lu Corporation has always been very good and has never created any enemies! Not to say offending someone that should not be offended? How can that be possible?

“I agree! Even if the Lu Corporation has offended someone, they should target me and big brother! Anran is only a 15-year-old girl!” Lu Anming was very stunned, who in the world was it?

“What should we do ah!” Xu Lianxin looked very pale and swept Lu Anran into her arms. She really loved dearly and was fond of Lu Anran this niece, she does not have a daughter and has always treated Lu Anran as her daughter. When Anran was 3 years old, Lu Junhao disappeared without a single trace. She was already such a pitiful child, why were there still people who were out to kill her? How can these people be so ruthless? What kind of mistake did the Lu Corporation make, and offended such an important character that the other party cannot even spare this pitiful child? Xu Lianxin was both angry and anxious, “who on earth is it ah!”

Clearly feeling Xu Lianxin still shivering slightly even though she was hugging her, Lu Anran felt a surge of warmth in her heart. She, Lu Anran would forever remember the kindness Second Aunt and her whole family has shown towards her! Looking back, she glanced towards Ji Rou and Lu Jianhao and caught sight of them avoiding her eyes. Although, they also looked shocked, but the frightened expression on their faces was much more apparent.

Lu Anran who saw their expression understood instantly, Lu Jianhao and Ji Rou knew who had sent the killers! Also, she was sure that the identity of this manipulator must be very prominent and highly secretive, if not Lu Jianhao and Ji Rou definitely would not have this kind of expression now!

“What are we going to do in the future ah!” Lu Anming thought it was imperative to think up of countermeasures first.

“The other party’s target is me, and they have failed this time, so for a period of time they won’t send anyone else.” Lu Anran said in a definite tone. She put on a huge play in front of Chu Yao today. According to Chu Yao’s and Chu Wanhai’s personalities, they would not rashly attack before completely digging out and understanding the cards that Lu Corporation is holding.

“How can you so sure?” Lu Anshuo saw the unruffled expression on Lu Anran’s face and asked.

“The killers they dispatched this time were all gotten rid of, and will definitely misunderstand and assume that Lu Corporation still have a secret card, I estimate that they will wait and see for a while! Lu Anran replied.

“But that is only for a short period ah!” Xu Lianxin was afraid of what will happen after this period ends.

“A short period…is enough!” Lu Junfeng frowned and looked towards Lu Jianhao. “Dad, I’ll go and talk to Second Grandpa, he will definitely help us!” The Second Grandpa Lu Junfeng mentioned was Lu Jianhao’s blood related little brother, his name is Lu Jianfeng. That year Lu Jianhao inherited his father’s business and went into the food and beverage industry, and Lu Jianfeng chose to join the military. Currently, he is a well-respected individual at Z Country.

“I’ll go and talk to him personally!” Lu Jianhao had an imposing expression, and seemed to have something more to say, but he did not continue his words. Instead, he turned around and looked towards Xue Dingan who sent Lu Anran home. “Dingan, thank you very much for today.”

“Grandpa Lu, you’re embarrassing me. Anran is Anming’s little sister, so she is also my little sister.” What Xue Dingan said was indeed true. “This is what I should do.”

“Anran. You should go back to your room and rest!” Lu Jianhao stood up and said. “Xiao Rou, help me to the study upstairs!”

“Ok dad!” Ji Rou also had the same imposing expression and stepped up to help Lu Jianhao up to the study on the second floor. She cannot lose her only daughter!

On the first floor, everyone was sitting on pins and needles. This kind of ‘standing in the light with enemies hiding in the shadows’ status, was uncomfortable for everyone. Especially as this spearhead was aimed at Lu Anran who was the most well looked upon within Lu Family, this has really let everyone’s heart to feel very anxious, and now besides waiting there was nothing else they could do!

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  1. Who do I have a feeling that the person who they have offended is because of Lu Anran’s dad shenanigans? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised that the family of the mother of the half-brother is involved in this. Why else would that guy be so deadset on torturing and killing Lu Anran in the previous timeline?

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