Rebirth: Chapter 40 (Part 2)

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Chapter 40: Secret forces, GPS

(Part 2)

Standing diagonally behind Chu Yao, Lu Anran saw all of Chu Yao’s panicked and shocked expression. She purposely requested that Xue Dingan and the people he called must appear at this side of the grove and take away these killers according to the time they agreed on. Although Xue Dingan was curious but he did not refuse her request, fully assisting Lu Anran in acting out this play for Chu Yao to see.

Chu Yao was too conceited, even though Lu Anran repeated herself over a thousand times, it does not compare to Chu Yao seeing it with her own eyes. Her previous words were also said to purposely play as a guiding role, first tell Chu Yao this kind of lies and then let Chu Yao see this scene, so that she has no choice but to believe.

Having achieve her motive, Lu Anran used the excuse of “not feeling well” with Qin Shuhan and left first by herself to return to the entrance of Wild Forest Reserve. When she reached there, Old Zhang has already parked the car at the side of the road and was standing next to the car waiting for Lu Anran to arrive. Seeing Lu Anran walking over, Old Zhang opened the door for her. As she got on, she realised that there was already another person in the car.

“Yo! Little mushroom!” Xue Dingan greeted Lu Anran with a smile.

“What are you doing here?” Lu Anran was a little startled. She thought Xue Dingan had already left with those people.

“You are so heartless ah!” A ‘hurt’ look appeared on Xue Dingan’s face. “At risk of being photographed for doing good deeds by the crowd and going on the headlines tomorrow, I let my brothers under me cooperate with your play ah! And also, I saved your life! If not, you this little mushroom would have become a roasted mushroom!”

“Little mushroom?” Lu Anran was left speechless at the nickname Xue Dingan made for her. In what way does she look like a mushroom ah! Lu Anran turned her head and proceeded to ignore Xue Dingan, she does not have any good impression towards someone who snatched food from her bowl.

“Oi Oi Oi!” Xue Dingan was a little unhappy when he saw Lu Anran ignoring him. “Is this how you treat your saviour ah!”

Lu Anran turned around to look directly at Xue Dingan. “Then how do you want me to treat you?”

“At the very least, I’m older than you by 5 years ah!” Why don’t you first…. call me Big Brother Xue!” Seeing her acting this way, Xue Dingan could not help but to tease Lu Anran.

“Xue?” Lu Anran recalled this surname. “R City’s Xue Family?” Lu Anran remembered that this family also runs a business, with about 100 years of history. Lu Corporation is a food and beverage company, Xue Corporation in the alcohol industry. These 2 family also had times where they did business together, so the relationship with each other was quite good. Especially since Lu Anming and this Xue Dingan were brothers who grew up together, looks like this time Xue Dingan managed to save her in time was due to Lu Anming…. But how did this Xue Dingan find her?

The little wooden hut they were trapped in was located at a remote place ah! Lu Anran thought for a very long time, but was still unable to think of an answer, and asked Xue Dingan in a frank manner. “Big Brother Xue, how did you find me?” Xue Dingan was Lu Anran’s senior by 5 years, so Lu Anran would not be at a disadvantage when calling him Big Brother Xue.

“Lu Anming installed a tracking software in your phone ah! You didn’t know?” Xue Dingan said. “He asked me for the software last night, and this morning he installed it into your phone and linked it to my phone, so I’ll know where you are just by searching this!”

“This morning?” Lu Anran thought back to how Lu Anming borrowed her phone to follow each other on Weibo1 this morning and understood instantly. So, doing that was to install a tracking software in her phone! Looks like following each other was just an excuse huh… thinking of how her family did all these for her, Lu Anran was a little touched.

“You are not angry at Lu Anming?” Xue Dingan said as he looked at Lu Anran.

“Why should I be angry?” Lu Anran asked back a question in response, feeling rather puzzled.

”He installed the tracking software without your permission ai!” Xue Dingan asked with interest. If this was other people, they would probably be leaping with fury!

“If it was not for this software, would you be able to find me?” Lu Anran asked.

“It’s not impossible, but I estimated that when I finally find you, you’ll probably have already turned into roasted mushroom!” Xue Dingan said honestly. That little wooden hut was indeed built in a very remote area. Initially, when Lu Anran left with Lin Da, he assumed that Lu Anran went to the toilet or something. Isn’t it normal for girls to go to the toilet together?

Also, the direction they went into was indeed towards the toilets. Xue Dingan followed for a short while before confirming that his assumption was right, and did not think much of it, so he stood in position to wait for them. But after waiting for 10 minutes they still did not return, so Xue Dingan opened the tracking software and discovered that Lu Anran position was not at the toilets and hastily followed the software to chase after them. That is why he was able to save Lu Anran at that critical moment.

“So why do I have to be angry?” Lu Anran shrugged her shoulders.

“…..” The corner of Xue Dingan’s mouth tilted up in a smirk. As expected, she was such an interesting girl.

“Eldest Miss, we have reached home.” Driving through the gates, Old Zhang reminded Lu Anran who was chatting in the backseat. He then steadily pulled the car to a stop at the front porch.

Lu Anran got down the car and entered the main hall, and saw the entire Lu Family sitting down and waiting.

“Eh?” Lu Anran caught sight of the group of people she ate breakfast with, and were now sitting on the living room’s sofa and felt a little curious. “Why is everyone here? Don’t all of you need to work overtime?”

“We went, but came back when we informed by Lu Anming.” Lu Junfeng replied.

“Anran, are you alright?” Ji Rou pulled Lu Anran in front of her and look over from top to bottom. Her eyes were slightly red, looking as if she has cried previously. When she received Lu Anming’s phone call, she almost fainted. Who in the world was so cruel? To actually hire professional killers to murder a 15 years old girl?

“Me? There’s nothing wrong with me ah?” Lu Anran replied. “Really, I’m totally fine!”

1 Weibo: It is a social platform used in China, equivalent to Facebook, Twitter etc. It was referred to as microblog in the previous chapter


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