Rebirth: Chapter 40 (Part 1)

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Chapter 40: Secret forces, GPS

(Part 1)

Lu Anran looked directly into Chu Yao’s eyes in a calm and steady manner and narrated the story she had fabricated before in preparation for this. “It was the secret forces trained by Lu Family to protect each generation from danger. They have been protecting me within the shadows, so that’s how we were able to escape!”

“Lu Family has a secret force trained to protect each generation?” Hearing Lu Anran’s words, Chu Yao’s eyes widened. It was the first time she was hearing about this! She, and probably even her father, the personal secretary of Lu Jianhao, Chu Yao’s father Chu Wanhai have no knowledge of this.

“Yeah!” Lu Anran nodded her head to express her shock and surprise. “It was also my first time hearing of this. And also…” Lu Anran shot a glance at the spacious grove and said “it looks like Lu Family’s secret force has links with Z Country’s military forces.

“Military!” For a moment, Chu Yao was left astonished. Lu family was only the top in S City’s food and beverage industry. Chu Yao was already shocked when she came to know that Lu Family has a secret force, but now even saying that this secret force was linked to Z Country’s military forces, how is it possible that Chu Yao would believe this?

But if this was not true, then how did Lu Anran escape? She has previously heard her father mentioned that if the killers were to be ranked in Z Country, they were near the top. Lu Anran and Lin Da were merely 2 girls, how is it possible for them to win aginst these bloodthirsty killers?

“Yeah! Seeing Chu Yao’s disbelieving and doubtful expression, Lu Anran concealed her amusement in her eyes. As expected, Chu Yao did not believe her immediately, but it does not matter because naturally she still has a second trick up her sleeves! Lu Anran gazed at the grove in front of her once again, the trees in this grove were all white birch trees, so the tree trunks were very slim, the distance between the trees and roots was also not very close to each other. A simple glance and one would be able to see the whole grove clearly, even including the highway opposite the grove…. At that time, it was because Sun Shasha said to meet at this grove to talk, that’s why Lu Anran went without any worries. This place chosen by Chu Yao was sure great ah! Such a permeable grove would naturally make Lu Anran to let down her guard! But Chu Yao was not the only one who can think up of good ideas to make use of this grove ah!

“Anran. Don’t joke with me anymore! Quickly tell me the truth!” Evidently, Chu Yao did not believe her. Food and beverage and military forces? These two do not link up at all ah!

“I didn’t lie to you!” Lu Anran continued to say, “I even let the person who saved me to go and protect Lin Da.”

“Didn’t Lin Da break off all relations with you? Why are you still protecting her?” asked Chu Yao.

“Even if she broke off all relations with me, it was because of me that she was dragged into this kidnapping ah! This time the Lu Family’s people got rid of the killers, so they probably won’t try to go after me again, but Lin Da is just a normal citizen who is smart that’s all. What if they try trouble Lin Da again? So, I let them protect Lin Da until the mid-terms examinations end.” Lu Anran has been closely examining the subtle changes in Chu Yao’s expression.

As expected, after she finished saying that Chu Yao’s original expression of disbelief and doubt became hesitant and cautious. She was still not sure if Lu Anran’s words are true or not. If it was really true, then that is a huge discovery ah! But in her heart, she was still unwilling to believe, because she truly hoped that Lu Anran would die quicker, she was very reluctant to be hindered by people who popped out of nowhere.

“I’ve got to go, I got such a fright this time that I have already called the chauffeur to pick me up, so I’ll be heading home first.” Lu Anran glanced at the 10 over shadows in the grove and a small unsuppressible smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

This smile in Chu Yao’s eyes turned into an ‘escape from death in a great catastrophe by luck’ smile. Although she felt that it was such an eyesore, Chu Yao still put on a warm and gentle smile and said. “Then you go back first! Be careful on the way back!”

“Ok!” Lu Anran waved at Chu Yao and then turned around and left. Chu Yao gazed at the grove opposite the stream once more. What Lu Anran said before seemed to be true, but logically, it should not be true! She was very contradictory! When she said that the Lu Family has bodyguards or whatever, she would believe, but secret forces which are even linked to military forces… That was just too exaggerated!

A disdainful smirk floated up at the corners of Chu Yao’s mouth, but at this moment this smirk was frozen on Chu Yao’s face. She stared unbelievingly at the grove opposite the stream. A few seemingly unconscious men were being carried by men in low-key black clothing and were being placed into a military- use- only armoured vehicle parked on the highway at the end of the grove.

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  1. Saying that the Lu family have connection with the military? Ain’t that make people more cautious and more meticulous in their plans later? Looks like our ‘clever’ MC just increase the degree of danger in the future..

    Thanks for the chapter

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