Rebirth: Chapter 39 (Part 2)

Chapter 39: Hiring killers, how to answer

(Part 2)

When Xue Dingan hung up the phone, Lu Anran and Lin Da had also reached a consensus, they shook hands and ended their conversation. As compared to before, the atmosphere between the two of them was more like they have reached an agreement of some kind and felt solemn and serene. When Lu Anran and Lin Da return to the cookout grounds, everyone was still playing around and no one knows that both of them just had a near-death experience, and nobody knows that Lin Da has just made a right decision that would change her whole life.

“Anran, Lin Da!” Ji Ling saw Lu Anran and Lin Da coming from afar and trotted over to them. “Where did both of you go!”

“We didn’t go anywhere.” Lu Anran smiled at Ji Ling, and then went around her to walk towards Chu Yao who was standing close by. “Chu Yao, I have something to tell you! Come with me.”

“En?” When she first saw Lu Anran and Lin Da return unharmed, she was already shocked, but she could not believe that Lu Anran has even came over to her to talk, her heart started beating rapidly.

Following behind Lu Anran, the both of them came to the stream where Chu Yao has previously washed off the mud from her skirt. The afternoon sunlight shone warmly upon the both of them, and the water surface of the stream glittered with a strange light, it was a rare and tranquil scene. This kind of tranquility led Chu Yao to shiver with fright, she secretly glanced at the side profile of Lu Anran’s face, and saw her looking very calm. This in turn made Chu Yao even more unconfident.

“I was just attacked by someone.” Lu Anran looked towards Chu Yao, her gaze composed and collected.

“Wh…what?” Chu Yao suppressed her unease in her heart, and feigned a shocked look. “OMG! That’s so dangerous! Are you alright! Did you get hurt anywhere?” Chu Yao’s heart was jumping so hard until it was about to leap to her throat.

“I’m fine, but it’s best for you to be careful.” Lu Anran saw Chu Yao’s panic and fear.

“Me? I…What should be careful of?” Chu Yao’s head drew a blank, feeling as if Lu Anran was scaring her, it’s not possible! It’s not possible for Lu Anran to know that she was part of that conspiracy!

“Everyone all knows that we are best friends, Lin Da was only dragged in because she is my tablemate, you should be more careful, I’m worried that they would attacked you as well.” Lu Anran put her hand on Chu Yao’s shoulder. “I only have you now, you must be more careful!”

“Only.. only have me?” Hearing Lu Anran say that she was worried about her, made Chu Yao let out a breath of relief, but what does she mean by that sentence ‘only have her’. “Didn’t Lin Da also come back?”

“Lin Da has already broken off all relations with me.” Said Lu Anran, “she’s probably afraid that I would implicate her! Ai….”

“Is… Is that so?” Hearing Lu Anran say this, Chu Yao almost laughed out loud, but she still hid all her pleased feelings and said. “Anran, don’t need to feel depressed, I will never leave you! During this period, we have a few misunderstandings, but in the end we have known each other practically since we were born. I won’t leave you just because of this.” The charming smile that Chu Yao was best at making, was pasted on her face. This was definitely a face of a best friend and it was perfectly acted out by Chu Yao.

“Chu Yao! You are the best!” She really could not be bothered to watch Chu Yao’s act any further, so Lu Anran changed the subject. “Who do you think was out to kill me?”

“This… I also don’t know!” Chu Yao’s expression was shifting here and there, evading Lu Anran’s gaze.

“You also don’t know? But why do I feel as if the culprit was someone close to me?” Lu Anran proded, looking into Chu Yao’s eyes and asked. “Do you think it was my third uncle?”

“Your third uncle? It can’t be…” Chu Yao’s was panicking a little, there was once she did hear Chu Wanhai say before that Lu Junan and them were on the same side, and now her father Chu Wanhai and their lives were inseparable from each other. Their aim was to swallow the whole of Lu Family, and when they reach their goal, Lu Junan and Chu Wanhai would divide up Lu Corporation, but why would Lu Anran’s first guess be Lu Junan? If Lu Junan was exposed, Chu Yao was worried that he would betray Chu Wanhai and drag him down with him (Chu Wanhai). So, she tighten her fist and said with certainty. “Anran, I feel that it cannot be Third Uncle Lu, he’s so good to you! It is definitely not him!”

“Then, who do you think it is?” The corners of Lu Anran’s lifted up slightly in a smile, as expected Lu Junan was also part of this conspiracy.

“I… I also don’t know ah!” Chu Yao shook her head.

“Then, do you think it is because our Lu Family has offended someone we should not have offend?” Lu Anran stared especially closely and seriously at Chu Yao’s eyes, hoping to dig out some news useful to her. “For instance, people from the Imperial Capital?”

“…..” Chu Yao’s heart stopped for a second. She then twitched the sides of her mouth upwards into an awkward smile. “Anran, this… how would I know this? It is also possible that there are some bad people who want to kidnap you to blackmail the Lu Family. Right now in the whole of S City, who doesn’t know Anran, your position in entire Lu Family ah!”

“So it’s like that ah!” Having received some useful information, Lu Anran stopped talking. As expected it was people from the Imperial Capital who felt that the Lu Family was an obstacle! But not only does the Lu Corporation never participated in military affairs, they also never took part in politics. Lu Corporation was only a Food and Beverage company, who was the one in the Imperial Capital who would silently and stealthily make arrangements for 10 over years to ruthlessly get rid of Lu Corporation?

“Anran, don’t think too much about it!” Chu Yao was worried that Lu Anran would start asking questions again, so she changed the subject. “Oh right, since there was someone who kidnapped you all, how did the both of you escape ah!” This was the question Chu Yao was most concerned with.

How did they escape? Lu Anran’s mouth turned up in a smirk, and a cunning and crafty expression flashed deep in her eyes. How should she answer this question?



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  1. Thank you so much for the chapter~ knowing Linda I bet these two are in a plan or something to make chubiatch confess to let her guard down 🤔 aaaah so many intriguing points on who is the real mastermind and his relation to Anran!!! >.>

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