Rebirth: Chapter 38 (Part 2)

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Chapter 38: After 10 minutes, getting kidnapped

(Part 2)

Suddenly, the door of the wooden hut was pushed open, 3 men entered and looked to be around 30 years old. The leader looked towards Lu Anran, “Eldest Young Miss of the Lu Family, I’m so sorry ah! You might not be able to return today!” Pausing for a moment, he added another sentence. “Also, you won’t be returning alive!”

“How much did they pay you! I will give you 10 times the amount!” Lu Anran forced herself to remain calm and bravely look at the leader in the eyes when she said this. Usually, this kind of killer are easily bought over by money, she will be able to protect her wellbeing if she gives up all of her money, so the first idea Lu Anran thought of was to pay them even more money.

Seeing how Lu Anran was so calm, the leader was also quite stunned, he cannot believe that a pampered young miss who is only 15 years old would also know to do this in this kind of situation. How interesting! He really admire this little girl and as such is confident that she would accomplish big things in the future! But unfortunately, their killer clique has their own rules. “So sorry! We have our own rules.” Although 10 times of the price is very attractive, but breaking the rules means completely cutting off their avenues to making money, in the future who would dare find them and give them assignments!

“The person you all want to kill is me. It has nothing to do with this girl, I am not familiar with her, so let her go!” Lu Anran continued the conversation. In her previous lifetime, she was full of hatred, hatred for Chu Yao, hatred for Lin Haosheng, hatred for the mysterious manipulator behind the scenes. But she died cleanly. Yet, in this lifetime it is different. If she dies, she would owe Lin Da a life. It can be said that Lin Da was dragged into this mess by her. Originally in the previous lifetime, the paths between Lin Da and her never crossed, and she (Lin Da) lived a very good life!

Lin Da was a little surprised and looked at Lu Anran when she heard what was said, she definitely do not want to die but it depended on fate whether one lives or dies, no matter how much one avoids, calamity would always happen unexpectedly. Until the end, the fact that the person who Lu Anran protected was her made Lin Da feel very touched, and could not help but to start to worry for Lu Anran in her heart.

“This girl is called Lin Da right?” The leader said as he pointed at Lin Da.

“….” Both Lu Anran and Lin Da were shocked, these people knowing Lu Anran’s name was nothing strange, but even knowing Lin Da’s name meant that there was a problem.

“The assignment we received was to kill the both of you!” the leader regretfully said as he spread his hands out in a ‘what can I do’ gesture. “Also, the request was to burn the both of you alive.”

What the heck! Why the hell is it fire again! Lu Anran almost started swearing, in both of her lifetimes it must be fated for her to burn to death! What the heck is this! Damn Chu Yao! Lu Anran already guessed that this whole scheme must be related to Chu Yao.

“I’m really sorry!” the leader raised his hand and the other 2 people standing behind him began dousing the little wooden hut in kerosene, when one of person wanted to pour the kerosene onto Lu Anran’s body, the leader extended his hands to stop him. Perhaps it was because he felt that it was such a pity for Lu Anran to die in such a way, or maybe he felt that Lu Anran this little girl was not simple, he could not help having compassion for her in his heart.

“Lin Da! I’m really sorry.” Lu Anran felt Lin Da’s body was shivering slightly, and felt guilty in her heart. She did not want to drag Lin Da into this mess, if it was not for her appearance, Lin Da should have an even more perfect life ah!

“They are not burning me alive because I am with you, but rather because I offended Chu Yao right?” Lin Da was indeed very intelligent, she managed to understand the situation in an instant.

“The person Chu Yao wants to target is me. As for you, it’s probably because you got too close to me…” Lu Anran was very impressed with Lin Da’s calmness and perceptive thinking, in this kind of situation she was still able to analysis who was the one who wanted to kill her, she was indeed not simple.

“Chu Yao is only the daughter of your grandfather’s secretary, how can she have this kind of power?” One sentence from Lin Da hit bullseye. “There is a vicious person manipulating from behind the scenes!”

“…..” Lu Anran looked towards Lin Da full of admiration. “Lin Da….you are so smart!”

“Either you don’t know who’s the person manipulating behind the scenes, or this person is very strong and powerful!” Lin Da continued saying and analysing. “At least it is a power that far surpassed your Lu Family!” If not, it would not be necessary for Lu Anran to continue pretending to be polite and humour Chu Yao, if it was not to lure out the person behind the scenes, either that it was to bide one’s time until Lu Family has grown strong enough.

(T/N: I’m really impressed…they are about to go up in flames and she can still so calmly analyse….. and right in front of their killers too ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ)

“To be more accurate, I don’t know who the manipulator is, not only that, apart from me, nobody in Lu Family knows the existence of this manipulator.” Lu Anran also does not plan to hide anything from Lin Da anymore. “Lin Da, do you believe people can reincarnate after they die?”

Lin Da looked into Lu Anran’s eyes, and after along moment she heavily nodded her head. “There is no reason for you to lie to me.”

The kerosene filled the entire wooden hut and the 3 killers exited the hut. The leader took out a Zippo lighter and gave an apologetic smile to Lu Anran once more. He flicked on the lighter and then let go. When the lighter was about to drop into the kerosene right in front of them, a hand suddenly appeared, grabbed the lighter and flicked it shut. “Whew, how dangerous!”

Lu Anran looked towards the person who grabbed the lighter, and was astonished. It’s him?

The man holding the lighter used his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead in an exaggerated manner, “ Just a little more and I’ll be too late!”

“Who are you?” the leader obviously did not expect that someone to suddenly appear when he actually had people keeping watch ah! How did this person come here?

“Are you looking for those people?” the man played with the lighter in his hands and then pointed towards a pile of people who has fainted on the ground a short distance away. “They were too tired, so they fell asleep!”

“You!” The leader’s lackeys wanted to hurriedly get rid of him, but it was too late. That man kicked the leader’s lackey in the waist causing him to faint, then when they leaped at him from his right side and behind him, a gun spun in his hands and he shot one of them in the midriff. In that instant, he handsomely turned around and another gun appear in his other hand, and he simultaneously put a bullet through the temples of the remaining 2 killers.

Seeing the smooth and swift movements of this man, Lu Anran had a flash of insight, the skills of this person are not ordinary!

“Speak! Do you guys want to faint by yourself or get knocked out by me?” the man said playfully.

“I’m warning you, you better not interfere in matters of our Dawn Alliance, I….” the leader had yet to finish his threats when the remaining 2 killers were knocked out. “I already gave you guys the right to choose! If you didn’t cherish it, then you can’t blame me!”

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