Rebirth: Chapter 38 (Part 1)

Chapter 38: After 10 minutes, getting kidnapped

(Part 1)

Lu Anran and Lin Da looked each other and then simultaneously looked towards Sun Shasha in front of them, who had both hands on her hips with a face full of ill intentions. Lu Anran asked, “where do you want us to go?”

“10 minutes later I will be waiting for both of you at the little grove opposite the stream!” Sun Shasha repeated the words she said once again.

“What’s your motive in finding both of us?” Lin Da asked.

“If both of you come, won’t you find out then?” At the moment Sun Shasha firmly believed that Lin Da was a vile and shameless person who would use unscrupulous means to sow discord, so she was also unwilling to say anything more to Lin Da. Instead, she glanced towards Lu Anran and said, “I’m doing you a favour by giving you a warning because I saw you believing the words of some despicable person! I have something I want to state clearly to both of you!”

“Despicable person?” Lu Anran said mockingly. “Why do I feel as if you are the one who is listening to the words of a despicable person?”

“How stupid!” Sun Shasha snorted coldly. “I will be waiting for both of you there! Quickly come over!” After finishing her sentence, she turned around and walked off.

Lu Anran and Lin Da looked at each other again, and can see their speechlessness from one another’s eyes. Lin Da asked, “are we going?”

“Let’s go!” Lu Anran laughed. “If not, won’t you be treated as a despicable person?”

“Also true, it is not impossible to state everything clearly with her, anyways it’s in the little grove opposite the stream, not far.” Lin Da looked at the little grove across the stream and nodded her head.

Lu Anran also nodded her head, it is indeed not far as one can see the trees on the opposite side from here. Also, it seems like it is not very dangerous from what she can see, there should be no harm in going! If not this Sun Shasha’s will always be so sarcastic whenever she says something, so annoying. As such, Lu Anran and Lin Da separated from the group and walked towards the grove that was opposite the stream. Although this stream does not flow very rapidly, but it is not shallow. So, if one wishes to cross the stream to reach the grove on the opposite side, they will have to go around the rear of picnic area.

Seeing Lu Anran’s silhouette moving further and further away, the man who was sitting on the ground picking his teeth, tossed away his toothpick and began following her from a distance.

Cutting across the picnic area, Lu Anran saw that there was a little stone bridge not far away. On the stone bridge a few people were taking pictures, appreciating the flowers and having fun. All she would need to do is to cross this stone bridge and she would be able to go around the stream and reach the other side. Lu Anran and Lin Da stepped up to the stone bridge hand in hand. When they reached the middle of the stone bridge, those people who were taking pictures just now suddenly surrounded Lu Anran and Lin Da in a circle (so they are in the middle), and the leader gave Lu Anran a malicious smile. “Eldest Young Miss of Lu Family! Come take a walk with us!”

“Oh no!” Lu Anran feeling startled in her heart, and violently pushed Lin Da away. “Lin Da quickly run!”

Lin Da who has yet to react to the unexpected change in situation suddenly felt a sharp pain at the back of her neck. Losing conscious, she fainted away. Seeing Lin Da getting hit and fainting, Lu Anran put in all her efforts in escaping, but in the end similarly fainted after being hit.

When both of them regained consciousness, they found themselves in a little wooden hut, with both of their hands bounded behind them.

“Lin Da? Lin Da how do you feel?” Lu Anran asked Lin Da who was slouching beside her.

“I’m ok…” Lin Da’s voice sounded feeble. “A bit dizzy.”

“Huu…” After hearing Lin Da reply her, Lu Anran felt relieved and raised her head to look at their surroundings, only to find out that they were still in S City’s Wild Nature Reserve. From the window, the lush and green trees and grove could still be seen.

“What’s going on?” Lin Da was still a little muddled. “Were we kidnapped? Are we going to die?” But her survival instinct led her to be clear that her current circumstances was very dangerous.

“Everything will be fine.” Lu Anran comforted Lin Da and said. “We will definitely be able to return alive!” Although she said this, but in Lu Anran’s heart she is not as confident. Damn it! She fell into Chu Yao’s trap this time! Looks like it was Chu Yao who let Sun Shasha invite her and Lin Da to come, this scheme of hers is so ruthless ah! If it was Chu Yao who came to find them, they will never be tricked.
Also the place she invited them to go to was the grove across the stream, such an open and spacious area that one can see through in a glance, naturally it is not possible that their (Chu Yao) people would take the chance to strike at them! But she (Lu Anran) never expected that they would attack them on the way to the grove!

21 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 38 (Part 1)

  1. I think some of you are just too used to overpowered webnovel female characters, because why else would you guys harp on Lu Anran so much, just for making a mistake here? A truly interesting character will have flaws, make mistakes and go through hurdles. Especially one like Lu Anran who was, for the most part of her life, a sheltered, gentle, shy, and pampered young miss. Also, while she has quite the talent for learning when she puts some effort into it, Anran also isn’t this super duper smart who has a photographic memory (yawn). No, this writer is going for the realistic route and if you guys cannot accept that, then perhaps you shouldn’t read this story.


  2. Let’s point out something here she’s not smart she’s cunning she’s able to use previous knowledge against people but she still wasn’t even 20 when she died. She’s immature and I like that she doesn’t know and predict everything. Her focus was getting along with her classmates which she didn’t get to do previously. She was heading to a clearing. There were know blind spots in her destination so she let her guard down. She’s a teenager get over it she makes mistakes she’s reborn not god! Why should she be able to predict every enemy move? Readers have spoiled expectations by reading op MCS who skip through life once they’re reborn I prefer conflict and while I don’t agree with every choice the author has made I agree with this one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is so stupid. She knows that they’re after her, but she refuses to bring a bodyguard. The author’s literally making no sense writing this. It would be fine if she wrote it as if the MC agreed to bringing a bodyguard but somehow got ambushed instead of stupidly falling for Chu Yao’s trap. Gah, this is making me infuriated.


    1. I agree. The MC does not have a clear well developed personality. Last life she was a muddle-headed fool and this life she appeared to be quick witted and sharp. But yet fell into an obvious trap like a damsel in distress giving opportunity to ML on purpose.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is…a little stupid. I didn’t expect this based on her previous performances. I mean, she knows they’re after her and she knows Chu Yao has already used Sun Sasha before, how did she not even suspect a thing? Not even a brief suspicious thought? Isn’t she getting either a little too relaxed or arrogant, feeling like things will go ok just because she’s got her memories and changed a few things? I hope this will serve as the wake up call she evidently needs. COSTANT VIGILANCE! ;P

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  5. You know I think this scene right here did not happen in her previous life. I remember it was said that Anran and snake took a separate car, thus the reason why the whole class avoided her the whole time because they thought she was being difficult. Taking this into consideration, this kidnapping might be something new. Though I would have agreed with one comment that she lacked vigilance. I hope nothing happens to her and Lin Da tho. : /

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  6. This author made a big mistake with this chapter. How can the mc be so blind if she already knows that someone is after her. Saying no to a bodyguard as well. It just blows my mind. He should have made her more calculating in these chapters.

    Good job translating this novel. There are a lot of mistakes with the tenses and some missing words but it‘s bearable and i m very gratfeul that you put your own time into this to give us a really great novel to read, so thank you very much.


  7. I thought she was reincarnated?😕
    If it’s not for the MC halo that she has on.. the same thing probably would’ve been repeated, her hands for damaged and stuff -.-
    Now we just wait for her to be saved.. I’m betting on the bodyguard that stole her mushroom -,-

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  8. I thought she was reincarnated?😕
    If it’s not for the MC halo that she has on.. the same thing probably would’ve been repeated, her hands for damaged and stuff -.-
    Now we just wait for her to be saved.. I’m betting on the bodyguard that stole her mushroom -,-


  9. She’s dumb af yet she’s supposed to be smart. She knows Shasha is friends with Chu Yao. Why would she call her over to the river for no reason? Gosh I can’t handle stupid mcs. Thank you for the new chapter.

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    1. Exactly my thoughts.. I’m surprised she is still not dead even though she reincarnated.. What’s the point of reincarnating if you are wasting the chance right?

      Thanks for the chapter~~

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    2. …no kidding. This is literally the first hurdle she’s faced since she reincarnated and she’s stumbled so magnificently. She’s so dumb I almost don’t want to keep reading.


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