Rebirth: Chapter 37 (Part 2)

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Chapter 37: Snatching a mushroom, talking to her

(Part 2)

The food finished cooking, and it took a long time before everyone recovered from their daze. Without knowing who it was and who started it, everyone all begun the mad grab for Lu Anran’s food.

As for the current Lu Anran, it was too tiring to cook food for 30 people, For her, physical stamina, mental resilience and attention span were all big challenges, but it is something that she finds pleasure in! She likes to cook, likes to be close to the warm of the flames, likes to research all types of ingredients, but most of all she likes the current atmosphere where she sees everyone’s happy expressions when they eat her food. The corner of Lu Anran’s mouth unconsciously lifted up in a smile, and at the same time the hatred in her heart multiplied even more.

To a chef, what is more cruel than crippling her hands? Lu Anran took a far-off glance at the river banks, Chu Yao seemed to have already cleaned off the mud dots off her skirt hem, and while waiting for it to dry she was on the phone talking to someone, her expression in her eyes were on alert as she glanced at Lu Anran’s direction from time to time. When she (Chu Yao) saw Lu Anran looking at her, she immediately changed her expression into one that looked cheerful and gentle, waving her hands and smiling at Lu Anran.

Lu Anran suppressed the loathing in her heart, put on a smile and nodded at Chu Yao. Looks like Chu Yao is in cahoot with someone, probably looking for chances to strike at her! The corner of Lu Anran’s mouth turned up disdainfully, in her previous lifetime she was very stupid, in this lifetime she was already very clear on Chu Yao’s true colours, how could she be so silly and be lured into her trap?

It was exactly like what Lu Anran thought, Chu Yao was arranging with Chu Wanhai about Lu Anran’s killer, the other party was already waiting in position at a very good spot, now all he needed to do was to wait for Chu Yao to bring Lu Anran over.

Hanging up the phone, Chu Yao looked towards Lu Anran who was laughing very happily amongst her classmates. Her feelings of envy and hatred encircle her whole heart, she cannot wait to immediately let Lu Anran cease to exist from this world! The person who should be the one standing at that place happily smiling and laughing with everyone should be her ah! All because of Lu Anran, all she can do now was to stand here and wait for her skirt to dry. How upsetting!

At this time, Sun Shasha passed a bowl full of vegetables and rice to Chu Yao. “Chu Yao, you have been standing here drying your skirt since just now, and haven’t eaten a single thing! I brought a bowl over for you.”

“Thanks.” Chu Yao looked towards the bowl that Sun Shasha brought over, and saw that a part of Sun Shasha’s thumb was touching a little of the rice in the bowl. Feeling disgust in her heart, Chu Yao lost all of her appetite. “Shasha, I’m not hungry.”

“But you haven’t eaten anything yet! How can you go without eating.” Sun Shasha was a bit worried when she saw Chu Yao’s expression. “I can’t believe Lu Anran is so good at cooking, this bowl of food is one that I snatched.”

Hearing from Sun Shasha that the food was made by Lu Anran, Chu Yao’s heart wavered. She have known all these while that Lu Anran’s cooking skills is not bad, but seeing how Sun Shasha’s hand has touched part of the rice, she still have indescribable feelings of disgust and aversion. Originally, she already look down on Sun Shasha this poor ghost, if it was not because she felt that this person still has some value for her to make use of, she definitely would not even pay any attention to her.

Thinking of this, Chu Yao frowned and a thought rose up in her mind, she immediately let out a breathe and put on a gloomy expression. “Shasha, you are so good to me, I am so touched, but I really don’t have any appetite now, I feel so upset right now! We only got to know each other on this trip when we sat at the same table after the class split up. You are so good to me, and was even worried whether I have eaten anything yet! But Lu Anran is my best friend from young ah! Even you know to be worried about me, but Anran actually treated me like this!” As Chu Yao said, she even squeezed out a few drops of tears out. “Shasha, I feel so hurt….”

“Chu Yao….” Sun Shasha put down the rice bowl and sympathisingly looked at Chu Yao, and said, “Do you have any misunderstanding with Lu Anran at the moment?”

“I also feel the same.” Chu Yao used her hands to wipe away her tears that were hanging at the corner of her eyes. “Ever since Lu Anran became closer and closer to Lin Da, she started to distance herself from me, I also don’t know why!”

“Lin Da must have done something!” Sun Shasha said furiously. “I can’t believe she’s actually this kind of person!”

“That can’t be true…” Chu Yao stifled her pleased expression in her eyes, pretended to put on a ‘I don’t believe’ face, and said. “Lin Da should not be this kind of person ah!”

“You are too kind and naïve!” Sun Shasha said furiously. “In this world, you cannot judge people by their appearance! This Lin Da from her outer appearance look as if she is honest and a bookworm, I can’t believe she’s such a cunning person ah!”

Seeing Sun Shasha’s furious look, Chu Yao was unable to restrain the pleased feeling in her heart, but she still acted to the end. “Is it really like that?” Chu Yao pulled on both of Sun Shasha’s hands. “Shasha, I want to ask you for a favour.”

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Chu Yao’s pitiful appearance, Sun Shasha agreed, “Just say it!”

“I… I want to have a good talk with Lu Anran and Lin Da! Can you arrange to bring them to back of the grove opposite the river bank?” Chu Yao lowered her head. That action extremely resembled a little miserable one who was very humbled to dust, but only Chu Yao herself knew how happily she was smiled when she lowered her head to look towards the ground.

“You ah!” Sun Shasha shook her head helplessly, “You are really too kind- hearted! What’s there to chat about with those kind of people?”

“Please!” Lifting her head, Chu Yao’s solemn expression was already flooded with tears.

“Alright!” Sun Shasha nodded.

“But……” Chu Yao added, “You mustn’t say that I’m the one who was looking for her ah!”

“Why?” Sun Shasha was a little puzzled.

“Because……” Chu Yao’s eyes shifted and said, “I’m afraid that if they know it is me who wanted to meet them, Lin Da may not let Lu Anran go……”

“En, also true!” Sun Shasha nodded her head, “Then you go over first, I’ll go and tell Lu Anran and Lin Da right now!”

“En! Thank you so much!” Chu Yao smiled like a blooming flower, “Shasha, you are the best!”

“Hehe!” Sun Shasha smiled and turned to go and find Lu Anran and Lin Da.

Gazing at Sun Shasha’s receding figure, the smile on Chu Yao’s face gradually disappeared, and instead turned into a sinister expression with a sneer. At long last, she has finally waited for this day!


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