Rebirth: Chapter 37 (Part 1)

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Chapter 37: Snatching a mushroom, talking to her

(Part 1)

The table of male students all looked towards Lu Anran because they cannot cook and can only wait for the food to be made, the female students all looked towards Lu Anran because it was obvious that the food they cook are not as tasty as hers. After eating Lu Anran’s cooking, they will definitely not invite humiliation. The reason why Qin Shuhan looked towards Lu Anran was even simpler: Haven’t eaten enough, please feed me!

Lu Anran speechlessly facepalmed, and could only cook an entire table of food again. This time she used up all of the ingredients on the table and many classmates from other tables also came to join the mad rush for her food. In the end, Lu Anran herself only managed to snatch 2 skewers of mushrooms, after finish eating the first skewer and wanted to eat the second skewer, she realised that the fried mushrooms in her bowl has disappeared. She turned around and discovered with a shock that the man which was sitting at the table opposite hers was now standing behind her and was happily chewing on the fried mushroom that Lu Anran had seized with much difficulty.

“This….” Lu Anran was stunned for a moment, what the heck is this person up to ah!

“En…very delicious!” This man was obviously very satisfied with Lu Anran’s cooking.

“Hey that was mine!” Lu Anran said, feeling rather displeased.

“It’s only a skewer of mushroom!” The man gave an unimpressed face, one should know even if other people go down on their knees and beg him to eat, he would not even entertain them!

At this moment, his phone let off a sound notifying him that he has received a message. He bowed his head, took a glance at his phone and opened the message. A photo of a young girl appeared in front of his eyes. The young girl in the photo was wearing a sailor moon styled apparel with her waist length hair tied up in a twin ponytail was filled with liveliness and vitality. She was carrying a bouquet of brightly coloured flowers in her arms, and faced the camera lenses with a sunny smile, the sunlight shining down on her led her smile to become even more beautiful. The man mouth lifted up in a smirk as he compared the person in the photo and the furious girl in front of him, so it is her ah!

“Oi!” Lu Anran supressed the fury in her heart and said. “I cooked this!”

“Even if you are the one who cooked this you are not the only one who can eat this, other people also can eat ah!” The man had a matter of course look on his face, as he waved around the bamboo skewer in his hands.

“You!” Lu Anran took a deep breath and said, “they are my classmates.” The meaning was very obvious, I do not even know who you are ok!

“So?” This man had a look on his face that he did not understand the main point of Lu Anran’s words. He had an innocent look on his face as he threw bamboo skewer back into Lu Anran empty bowl. “I’ll return it to you then!”

“How can this kind of vulgar man exist in the world!” Lu Anran was so angry to the point that she felt like exploding, which clique is this killer from ah! So unprofessional! He’s so crude and vulgar, she really do not understand what kind of taste those female classmates have for them to be so mesmerised by him! Do they only see his outer appearance and not what’s on the inside! Before, Lu Anran still found him a little handsome, now she realised she must have been blind! This is called handsome huh!

“You will be grateful to me!” The man meaningfully left behind this sentence before returning to his own table without looking back.

“Grateful your head!” Lu Anran said with a face full of displeasure, who would be grateful to this kind of person ah!

“Anran, do you know him?” Ji Ling had managed with much difficulty to protect her bowl of food that she snatched, and walked towards Lu Anran carefully carrying her bowl.

“Why do I need to know this kind of person!” Lu Anran coldly snorted and spied that there was still a skewer of mushrooms in Ji Ling bowl. As sudden as a flash of lightning, she filched that skewer of mushroom and started to munch on it with huge bites. The meat of the mushroom has become even firmer than before after it was barbequed, the seasoning of soy sauce that was brushed over the mushroom had beautifully seeped into the mushroom, no matter it was the texture or the taste, it was all the very best. It was only a pity that the mushroom was not very fresh, but Lu Anran was still very satisfied with her own cooking.

“My mushroom!” Ji Ling mournfully stared at her own mushrooms entering Lu Anran’s stomach, and without giving herself time to feel miserable about the mushrooms, she quickly and hastily ate all the food in her bowl, in fear that other people would come and steal food from her bowl later.

This time the food made by Lu Anran was also divided up and eaten cleanly by everyone. Facing the zealous expression in all of her classmate’s eyes, Lu Anran could only raise her hands up in surrender. Everyone moved all of their ingredients from their table to Lu Anran’s side, and Lu Anran began to cook once more. Her natural and spontaneous movements were like one’s dancing, her expression serious and earnest, and from the moment she began adding the seasoning into the wok, a delicious fragrance filled the air, and the flames under her wok danced about. She was just like a fire-controlling spirit, confident and elegant. The flames leaped about in the wok, and the fragrance filling the air started stirring up. Everyone was staring towards Lu Anran, who was currently busily cooking at the barbecue grill and the wok, all had their eyes open wide with their mouths hanging open.

Hm! Who this random man who just suddenly popped out of nowhere! Anyone wants to give a guess?

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  1. Definitely not the guy from the party cause he already know her. I think its the brother friend who is a bodyguard seeing that he received a confirmation picture on the phone. Or maybe a kidnappers but unlikely due to the dialog with Anran

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