Rebirth: Chapter 36 (Part 2)

Bawahahaha, not a good idea to be translating this chapter so late at night! Even I feel hungry now!! I think Lu Anran’s meat kebabs looks something like the picture~~ Doesn’t it look delicious!?!? ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

Chapter 36: Arrived at site, first display of talent

(Part 2)

Although his body looked strong and robust, he was very elegant when he eats, causing the group of 15- year- old girls to stare in rapture. Just when everyone was in a daze, the staff members carried over the portable stove, cooking utensils and raw ingredients. “Ladies! Ladies!” Seeing everyone looking so foolish, Qin Shuhan could only shake her head and let out a helpless sigh, “We can start to barbeque and eat now!”

“Uh……” The girls were completely unable to shift their eyes away, and the boys shrugged indicating that they did not know what to do. Qin Shuhan could not help shaking her head again. Why does this group of girls act as if they have never seen a man before ah! Does each and every one of them not know how to spell the word ‘reserved’?

“Ay……” Sighing, Lu Anran rolled up her sleeves, stood up and started cooking skilfully. The staff brought two portable stoves, on top of one was a grill and the other had a frying pan on top of it. There was also a pot of warm cooked rice. Lu Anran first brushed the oil on the grill, arranged the meat skewers and vegetable rolls on it, and also folded the aluminium foil into box shape and placed it on top of the grill. Brushing on oil, she then put in food like the sliced eggplants, potatoes, and enoki mushrooms which can be cooked in aluminium foil. After these were done, she took up the frying pan, put in oil and skilfully making several stir- fried dishes with flavours that were suitable for a barbequed meat cookout.

“Wow!” Seeing Lu Anran’s natural movements, the four boys who were seated and Qin Shuhan were astonished. She was indeed the Eldest Young Miss of Lu Food and Beverage Corporation, even when cooking, she had style.

The other girls who smelled the delicious aromas finally came back to reality and were momentarily stunned when they saw Lu Anran actually managing everything by herself. The other students in the neighbouring tables also caught sight of Lu Anran’s actions and looked up in succession…… It must be so great to be on the same table as the Eldest Young Miss of Lu Food and Beverage Corporation!

In her previous lifetime, Lu Anran snapped her hand muscles, so there were a lot of dishes that she could not learn, but this kind of simple stir- fry cannot stump her. Recalling her previous lifetime where her wrist slightly ached every time she cooked, Lu Anran could not help hating Chu Yao. With her left hand controlling the frying pan, her right hand directly poured the wine in, and a cluster of flames leapt and scurried ending abruptly at about 10cm away from Chu Yao’s face.

“Ah!” Chu Yao screamed and fell backwards on to the ground, appearing to be frightened out of her wits. Just a moment ago, she distinctly felt a touch of heat at the tip of her nose, as if that flame was really going to burn her face.

“Oi! Lu Anran! Be a little more careful!” Sun Shasha could not help yelling. It was really scary a second ago. She was just next to Chu Yao and had felt that touch of heat. Truly frightening!

“I can’t help it!” Lu Anran placed all of the cooked vegetables onto a paper plate. “I haven’t used this grill before, so the fact that I can cook until this standard is already very good! If you feel that there’s some problems with the way I am cooking, why didn’t you say anything earlier? Now that I have already finish frying all the vegetables, what are you complaining about? Are you trying to find fault with me?”

The moment Lu Anran finished her sentence, everyone all resentfully looked at Sun Shasha, Lu Anran was right, she spent so much effort roasting all the meat and frying all the vegetables all by herself, they did not even lift a single finger to help, and she still wants to raise a big fuss over Lu Anran’s small mistake. Also, it was obviously only Chu Yao who got frightened all by herself! They did not even feel any danger just now ah! Not a single spark of the flame touched Chu Yao! Is there a need to act so exaggeratedly and pretend to fall down?

Actually, it was not Chu Yao’s fault. Lu Anran’s perfect control over the flames led everyone to only see the flames flare up for a second before dying down, and even then, the flames did not flare up very far. It was only Chu Yao and Sun Shasha who was sitting next to her who knew how dangerous it was just now. Even Liu Jiao who was sitting next to Sun Shasha did not notice anything and at the moment was looking disdainfully at both Sun Shasha and Chu Yao.

“That’s enough! You guys can even quarrel when eating?!” Qin Shuhan injected to mediate between the dispute that just happened. “Everyone should each take a step back! We can all start eating now!” She was so damn hungry!

“…….” Both of Chu Yao’s hands were covered in mud after the fall. Frowning and constraining the fury in her heart, she said, “I’m going to wash my hands!” Chu Yao was still silently laughing at Lu Anran’s clothes a moment ago, but now she looked even more dishevelled than Lu Anran. The hem of her skirt was soiled with droplets of mud, and even her hair that she had loosely draped over her shoulder was stained with some mud, indeed she looked very dishevelled. Just now she also twisted her ankle a little, so she currently could only limp towards the right-side banks of the stream to wipe clean her hands and skirt hem with a wet handkerchief.

“We can start eating.” Lu Anran said with an inconspicuous smile at the corners of her mouth.

“Hooray!” As soon as everyone saw all the food they all felt terribly hungry, and in rapid succession, each used a paper bowl to take some rice and then reached out to frantically grab and gobble down the meat skewers and vegetable rolls cooked by Lu Anran. Even Lu Anran herself only ate one vegetable roll and a few mouthfuls of the chilled stir-fried seasonal vegetables. The large pile that she just cooked disappeared until there was practically nothing left, everyone then stared at each other, and finally directed all of their stares towards Lu Anran.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’ve been a chaperon at Chinese school BBQs… they were lucky to have Lu Anran to cook! I kept having explain how to cook things so the kids wouldn’t give themselves food poisoning…


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