Rebirth: Chapter 36 (Part 1)

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Chapter 36: Arrived at site, first display of talent

(Part 1)

As she walked, Ji Ling remorsefully hung her head down, it was also too late to appreciate the unusual trees along both sides of the road, her entire head was filled with matter of her own saliva on Lu Anran’s clothes, “Sorry…… Anran…… how much is your clothes…… I’ll compensate you……”

“No need la!” Lu Anran grinned and said, “It’s originally clothes that cannot be worn for long!” During the transition between spring and summer, this kind of long sleeved blouse can at best be only be worn for another month before replacing it with a short- sleeve. Next year, she definitely would have grown taller and mature so, she would not wear this outfit again. In other words, this outfit would not be worn again after this time.

Seeing the guilt on Ji Ling’s face, Lu Anran truly do not know how to reassure her. If she is bothered by this matter for the entire day, this rare excursion would be ruined. After thinking about it, Lu Anran patted Ji Ling on her shoulder and said, “If you want to, when we get back after the excursion, you can treat me to a few cups of coffee at that café!”

“Sure!” After Ji Ling heard Lu Anran’s request, she hurriedly agreed and said, “I’ll accept however many cups you request! Also, treat you to cake!”

“Okay!” Noticing the melancholy between Ji Ling’s eyebrows cleared off, Lu Anran was also in a much better mood.

Ji Ling put aside this worrying matter, and her gait became a lot more relaxed as she changed back to the original her. One moment ridiculing how ugly this tree was, the next moment imitating the stance of another tree, making everyone roar with laughter.

Seeing Lu Anran’s generous attitude, she left a very good impression among her classmates again. When Chu Yao saw this, she could not help gnashing her teeth.

After walking for nearly an hour, everyone finally reached the cookout site. Although this distance was not considered to be far, but it was challenging to these students who mostly stayed home to read.

“We have reached!” Qin Shuhan brought everyone to the place for the cookout and said, “Everyone rest here for a moment. In a while, the staff will set up the grill and cooking utensils and also bring over the ingredients. At that time, everyone must cook for themselves! Everyone don’t go too far off now!”

“Okay!” Everyone found wooden blocks and sat in groups of twos and threes. These wooden blocks were most likely prepared by the staff. Some of wooden blocks were circular, and others were square. A single wooden block can seat about 3 to 5 people. Four wooden blocks form a single circle. There was a small space in the middle which should be where the stove would be set up.

Lu Anran, Ji Ling and Linda sat on a square wooden block and directly opposite Lu Anran was Chu Yao who sat next to Sun Shasha and another girl in the class, Liu Jiao. On Lu Anran’s left was Wu Gang, and 3 other male students from the class. On her right was a small round wooden block which gauging by estimation, could only sit one person, and Qin Shuhan sat on top of it.

“The scenery in this place is not bad ah!” Ji Ling looked around. In front of her was the boardwalk that was lined with towering trees on both sides. It was separated by guardrails, leaving a safe distance to prevent any fire disasters. At the back was a quiet river that meanders from a far- off point to their left. Although it was not gentle at all, it was not very rapid either, just that the river water will probably rise above the river bank during the midsummer’s rainy season. On the right were endless mountain ranges that appeared black when distant but emerald green when near. Under the azure blue sky, it seemed to be peaceful and secluded.

“Yes!” Lu Anran squinted into the distance, enjoying this moment of peace. This was indeed a good place! Today was a Saturday, there were many people who came to have a cookout. The whole area for cookouts was very large and was reasonably divided according to advantages of its natural geographic features.

This cookout Area C was practically full of third years of Ying Hua Middle School. Other than them, there were only two to three tables of outsiders. One was a table of family. Perhaps it was because they have never seen so many students going to an excursion cookout that they kept looking over. The other table seems like a gathering of colleagues or university students, young adults of both genders were present, and the atmosphere was lively.

The last table was located very closely to Lu Anran’s table and was only occupied by a single male with a crew cut. He was about 180cm tall, had a sturdy and robust body and had obviously undergone specialised training before. He was dressed casually and appeared to have just arrived too. He ordered a lot of meat, and placed slice by slice onto the fire to grill, each of it sizzled and its aroma wafted over to Lu Anran’s table, making everyone salivate.

“Anran, he’s so handsome!” Ji Ling said starry- eyed. It just so happens that from where she was seated, she could see face of that man. He had a healthy wheat- coloured skin which was different to those bookworms in the class, dashing eyebrows that was full of valour, his eyes were focused on his own barbequed meat, and the corners of his mouth rose to form a good- looking curve. He seemed to be about twenty- odd years of age but felt as though he was wiser, and more masculine compared to men of the same age.

“Really?” Lu Anran glanced at the man Ji Ling was talking about and was subconsciously wary at once. Why would a man who had obviously undergone specialised training be here all alone to grill meat?

“En en en!” Ji Ling happily swayed Lu Anran’s arm, “Really handsome ah!”

The other people followed Ji Ling’s line of sight and were more or less stunned. Truly a very handsome man, the feeling that the strong biceps that were exposed by the rolled- up sleeves gave felt different to those from other men. The look when this man smiled was exceptionally beautiful, not only was there a man’s maturity, but also the sunshine of a boy.

When that man saw Lu Anran and others looking at himself, he politely smiled at everyone and again lowered his head to grill his meat while dipping it in the sauce, eating it with relish.

After this translating this, we are craving for some bbq-ed meat   .. ✪ ω ✪


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      1. Honestly speaking I actually prefer her name to be separated since her given name is actually Da and not Linda. Not separating them give the readers the wrong impression that her given name is Linda, which doesn’t sit well with me. But hey at least all you did was combining her surname and given name together, unlike other translators who for some weird reason decided to give them random Western names.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So, someone arranged for Lu Anran to be guarded? Or is he the person who is supposed to do the dirty deeds arranged by Daddy Chu? I admit, I’m a little anxious about what’s going to happen…

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