Rebirth: Chapter 34 (Part 1)

Chapter 34: Giving birth to a little sister, Time to set off!

(Part 1)

The warm morning sun shone into the room through the thin window gauze. Under the bright sunshine, the best quality mahogany flooring was as though a layer of fine light has been plated on it. Barefooted and lying on her stomach, Lu Anran stretched herself. Perhaps it was because of the sudden downpour yesterday that the sky seemed cleansed and appeared to be especially clean and blue. The cute cotton nightgown was changed for clothing that was easy and convenient to exercise in.

Looking at herself in front of the mirror, the long waist- length hair that was usually tied up into a high ponytail was now relaxed and altered into a loose braid fastened with a cherry hair tie. A straw- woven hat to block out the sun was then put on. With just a glance at that relaxed appearance, one would know that she was going for an excursion. Pouring out all textbooks and practice books from the backpack and filling it up with comic books and snacks, Lu Anran carried her backpack out of the bedroom. Her appearance was unanimously praised as she stepped into the dining room.

“Wow! Quick take a look at our little princess! Truly like a person who came out from a comic book!” Xu Lianxin loves the appearance of Lu Anran however way she looks at her, “That’s why I said, should have given birth of a daughter!”

“Second Aunt, if you were to give me a younger sister, I’ll take her to buy a doll every day, try on beautiful clothes, and wear the same skirt as her!” Lu Anran was not teasing Xu Lianxin. The Xu Lianxin in her previous lifetime truly gave birth to a girl when Lu Anran was 17 years old, but the baby unfortunately, did not live long and as Xu Lianxin was overly broken- hearted, her body steadily deteriorated. It was only by relying on drug supplements that she barely preserved her life. This time, she will definitely protect her little sister and protect the people she cherishes!

“Hahaha!” Xu Lianxin laughed and said, “If there is a little sister, it will definitely be Second Aunt who brings the both of you to buy clothes every day ah! At that time, the three of us will wear the same thing. Xiao Rou, you mustn’t be jealous!”

“Haha!” Ji Rou who was named, also laughed, “I won’t! I won’t! At that time, be careful. She might become closer to me than you!”

“Aiya? You are snatching with me right now!” Xu Lianxin skilfully hid her smile and attacked, “Your second brother has to also show a little more capability!”

“Pfft……” Lu Junfeng who was eating congee, never expected himself to be mentioned. He could not hold back for a moment and spat out the unswallowed congee that was in his mouth on to the face of Lu Anming who was sitting opposite him.

“Damnit!” Lu Anming who was spat on for no rhyme or reason, was naturally full of displeasure. As he used a napkin to wipe his face, he grumbled and said, “Dad, what the heck are you doing! Even if Mom blames you for not doing your best in procreation, you also cannot take it out on me ah!”

“Brat! What are you saying!” Lu Junfeng’s face reddened. Anran is still here! Saying that he was not doing his best in procreation or whatever in front of so many people, isn’t this embarrassing him!

“That’s what it was!” Lu Anming finally cleaned up the congee water. Luckily he had good reflexes, if not his newly bought Armani suit would have suffered! Out of all that he bought with his own savings, this was his favourite suit!

“You……” Lu Junfeng really wanted to leap over the table and harshly knock the head of this disappointing son with a spoon. How was he not doing his best ah! Isn’t it just because he has always worked overtime and had not much time for himself! He has always been very satisfied with that aspect of himself ah! If not, how would these two brothers come about! Now still dare to undermine him! Really an unfilial son!

“Hahaha!” Lu Anran laughed as soon as she sat down after taking off her hat. Second Uncle’s family was really fun! Normally, this dining table would only have Lu Jianhao and them mother and daughter. Although Lu Anran would also crack a few jokes to amuse Lu Jianhao and Ji Rou, but the effect was not as good as the present situation! Lu Anran glanced at Lu Jianhao. It was a little funny how he wanted to laugh but was trying to conduct himself as steady and tolerant parent. Looking at Ji Rou and Xu Lianxin again, these two people was already covering their mouth and laughing away with flushed face.

“(Coughs)!” Maybe because it was too difficult to hold back that Lu Jianhao could only cough to disguise his embarrassment and at the same time, stop the younger generation’s topic of discussion. However, he was still worried about his second son’s physical condition. It was true that Lu Junfeng’s family have not had any news ever since Lu Anming was born…… Was there really something wrong?

“Anran, where are you going for excursion today?” Lu Anshuo suddenly asked.

“It’s at S city’s Wild Nature Reserve.” Lu Anran replied, “Later we’ll assemble in school and then take the coach together. At noon, the school will organise a cookout and some games with class. We will take the coach back at 3PM.”

“Did you bring your phone?” Lu Anming said, “Lend me your phone.”

“En?” Lu Anran was a little curious as to why Lu Anming would want her phone, but she still quietly handed it over to him because she knew that Lu Mingan will never harm her.

“Wow! Why do you have so many fans following your microblog! And also a “Big V” 1 ah! Why don’t we become fans of each other!” Lu Anming was amazed and said, “We follow each other ha!”

“Uh……” Lu Anran sweatdropped. She often shared cheats and stuff to pass through hurdles of some games on her microblog and her fans just increased bit by bit till it reached today’s count.

“Let me see!” Xu Lianxin also looked at it, “It’s true ey! So many fans! About to reach a million already!”

1 “Big V” is a micro- blogger with substantial following and a verified account. It is a widely used term for the most influential commentators on China’s growing microblog sites.


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