Rebirth: Chapter 33 (Part 1)

…The author has used many repetitive words in this chapter. I swear I kept typing the word ‘smile’ in various forms. (>人<;)Nevertheless, enjoy!
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Chapter 33: Cappuccino, Turning down good intentions

(Part 1)

“Latte.” Tian Miaomiao ordered, “And a piece of cheesecake!”

“Aren’t you on a diet!” The female student sitting next to her smilingly asked.

“I’ll start after the excursion! Postpone postpone~” Tian Miaomiao said.

“Hahaha……” Everyone was amused and ordered the coffee or milk tea that they wanted to drink. They also paired it with all kinds of pastries and cakes as well.

When the shop assistant called out the orders to the baristas, the surprise of several baristas was clearly heard, “Why are there so many orders all of a sudden?”

The shop assistant immediately explained, but because her voice was softer, the crowd sitting outside could not hear it clearly.

After a while, the coffees were being served cup after cup. Lu Anran lifted her cup and from her first mouthful, she felt the smoothness of the milk, and the complementary flavours of the foam and coffee. It was sufficient to see that the barista has very high skill in milk steaming! Never would she have expected to drink such delicious cappuccino in such a small store.

“Anran, this one doesn’t taste good ah……” Ji Ling frowned. She truly could not understand why Lu Anran would drink with such relish.

Lu Anran only took one look at the milk foam of Ji Ling’s cup before deducing that their coffees were not made by the same barista. Lu Anran smiled and said, “Cappuccino was originally Italian- styled expresso with milk and steamed milk foam. Some people like it, and others do not. Also, every barista has a different level of skill, so the taste will differ by a lot.”

“En……” Ji Ling knitted her eyebrows. She was still a little dissatisfied.

“I think it is not bad!” Linda was quite satisfied with her cup of coffee. Even though she is not knowledgeable about coffee, she could still taste the aroma mingling with a faint hint of milk. Also, the milk foam was smooth and velvety.

“Hurhur……” Lu Anran glanced and knew that Linda had the same barista as herself. The corner of her lips revealed a smile. Her tastebuds are well- developed and could taste the slight differences in any food. In short, she was very pleased with the craftmanship of this barista. With that in mind, she called out to the shop assistant, “Can I meet the barista who made this coffee?”

“Uh……” The shop assistant was astonished, “Are you dissatisfied with anything?”

“It was very delicious.” Lu Anran smiled, “So, I wish to meet with this barista.”

“I’ll go and ask.” The shop assistant glanced at Lu Anran’s cup and confirmed that the coffee was personally made by that Italian barista before hurriedly entering the back. After about three minutes, that shop assistant ran back out again and smiled apologetically at Lu Anran, “Sorry……”

“It’s alright.” Lu Anran also smiled. She will come by often in future.

The sudden downpour has gradually stopped. Everyone who ate desserts each paid their own bill and went out of the door.

“Where are we heading to now?” Someone asked.

“Let’s buy some snacks! The snacks to eat tomorrow!” Ji Ling’s eyes shone. She anticipated this moment the most! Snacks! Snacks!

“Okay!” Lu Anran nodded. Everyone walked away from the shopping streets and strolled into shopping centre next to the shopping street. They sat the elevator and directly went to the snacks area of the supermarket on the 2nd floor. Everyone selected their favourite snacks. The boys mostly chose dehydrated food like potato chips while the girls mostly chose sweets and cookies.

It was two to three people per shopping cart and every shopping cart was filled to the brim.

“Hey hey…… Did y’all buy too much?” Linda looked at Lu Anran and Ji Ling and felt a slight headache.

“Really?” Ji Ling beamed and said, “Linda, it’s you who bought too little! Just two tiny boxes of Pocky and one box of peppermint drops. Is this really enough? Apparently, it is a two hour bus ride tomorrow!”

“I will get car sick, so I will be taking motion sickness pills in advance tomorrow and will past the two hours by sleeping on the bus.” Linda pushed up her glasses on the bridge of her nose.

“So boring ah!” Ji Ling coiled around Lu Anran’s arm, “Anran, will you get car sick and sleep?”

“I won’t.” Lu Anran has never been car sick before.

“Then, it would be better for me to sit with you.” Ji Ling shook her head, “At least there would be someone to talk to.”

“Hurhur……” Lu Anran laughed. She really liked Ji Ling’s personality very much, “I’ll also bring along a few comic books!”

“Yeah!” Ji Ling said with a smile, “I haven’t read comics for a long time! My parents always say stuff like prioritising studies during third year of middle school! So annoying!”

“It’s best for you to first ask if Lu Anran is taking the bus with you!” Linda said.

“Eh?” Ji Ling slapped her forehead, “That’s right! Anran, you will be taking the bus with us, right?”


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  1. I love the “hurhur” laugh sound effect. It’s the first time I’ve ever read something other than haha or hehe and whatnot.
    Thank you for the chapter

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