Rebirth: Chapter 32 (Part 2)

Chapter 32: Boundaries and A Sudden Downpour

(Part 2)

“You obviously knew about this matter. When Sun Shasha repeatedly slandered and provoked me, what were you this ‘good friend who grew up together since young’ doing? You didn’t even say a word on my behalf!” Lu Anran crossed her arms in front of her chest and said sarcastically, “Chu Yao! You are really my best friend ah!”

“An…… Anran, let me explain……” Chu Yao was also bewildered. The current situation was very unfavourable to her. Not only will the relationship between her and Lu Anran sour, even the other classmates will misunderstand her.

“There is no need to explain!” Lu Anran said lukewarmly, “Chu Yao, I don’t blame you for treating me so cruelly!” It was not yet time for Lu Anran to snap off the thread of clue Chu Yao provides in drawing out the mysterious man, so she quit while she was still ahead, “Everyone came out to play today, happily. I really did not want to make it so unpleasant.”

“Anran……” When Chu Yao heard Lu Anran saying that she did not blame her, she was a little relieved. If Lu Anran started to take precautions against her, how would she be able to deceive Lu Anran to die tomorrow ah!

“I’m not in a good mood and won’t be going shopping with all of you! I’m going to buy some things first!” Lu Anran turned and went out.

“I’ll go with you.” Linda was, of course, on Lu Anran’s side.

“Wait for me!” Ji Ling hurriedly followed.

“Uhm……” Wu Gang hesitated for a moment but also followed silently. Seeing someone taking the lead, one by one, the rest of the students in the class all trailed after Lu Anran. In the large circular seat of the originally bustling McDonalds, only Chu Yao and Sun Shasha these two people were left.

“Chu Yao……” Sun Shasha had a lot of questions to ask Chu Yao.

“Don’t talk to me!” Chu Yao had a cold expression on her face. This damn Lu Anran! Why doesn’t she just go and die! She actually brought away the entire class of people!

“……” It was the first time Sun Shasha has seen this side of Chu Yao and was puzzled. She remembered that whenever Chu Yao told her about the matter of Lu Anran’s bullying, it was always with a fragile expression earning Sun Shasha’s sympathy.

Sun Shasha does not come from a good family background. Both her parents are factory workers who leave early and return late everyday just to scrape enough money for both her brother and her to attend school. They have relatives who could have lent a hand to them, but each and every one of these relatives were more snobbish than the other, so she really hated these standoffish rich and wealthy! It just so happened that Chu Yao described Lu Anran as that kind of person that she had an outlet to vent her feelings, but the Chu Yao now was very frightening, as if she was a different person from before.

“I’m going home……” Chu Yao carried her bag and turned to leave. She will not lose. Her strategy cannot be wrong. Her only failure was to find Sun Shasha such a pig teammate! But it does not matter. Her failure was only temporary!

Just wait till tomorrow! Tomorrow! Lu Anran will soon completely disappear from this world! As long as Lu Anran is completely destroyed, her failure this time will not be regarded as a failure! She can absolutely thoroughly make a comeback! As long as Lu Anran died! As long as she dies, everything will be okay!

Looking at Chu Yao’s figure from behind, Sun Shasha frowned. What’s wrong with this Chu Yao? Suddenly turning hostile? Wasn’t she still okay before? But why does it seem like she has become another person? This kind of change made Sun Shasha a little afraid, keeping her own thoughts to herself.

Thunder rumbled, and a flash of lightning ripped through the darkening sky, following immediately after, raindrops the size of beans pounded on this part of the urban district. People who were strolling along the streets hid under the eaves of a small store along the streets in succession.

“Wow! This heavy rain is so sudden!” Ji Ling exclaimed, “The weather forecast didn’t predict any rain today ah!”

“When was the weather forecast ever accurate ah!” Tian Miaomiao, who was beside Ji Ling, rolled her eyes while brushing away the raindrops on her short hair.

“Is it going to rain tomorrow?” Several male students from the class began to worry.

“Should not…… It’s so rare to have an excursion for once!”

“It shouldn’t! With such a heavy downpour tonight, it ought to be a fine day tomorrow!” After saying this, Tian Miaomiao sighed, “Also don’t know how long this downpour will last for.”

“It shouldn’t be for too long……” Ji Ling also looked out the French window at the downpour.

Lu Anran found a chair nearby and sat down and then looked around. This store is a café. Just now to avoid the rain, everyone entered this store. The originally empty small store became crowded in an instant. The smell of coffee in the air was so strong that it was intoxicating. Noticing Lu Anran sitting down, everyone looked for a place to sit down as well.

The shop assistant inside heard some sounds and came out to serve customers. Seeing the sudden increase in people in the small shop, she was also surprised, “Wel…… Welcome……” The shop assistant was a female in her twenties. She tied her hair in two low ponytails and wore a red and white apron with the café’s logo printed on the chest, “What would you like to drink?”

“What do you have here?” It was because everyone wanted to avoid the rain that they suddenly rushed into the store. They have never been to the store previously and still did not know what they sold.

“The left wall shows all the different types of coffee in our shop. The right wall are the different types of desserts. There are also cakes that were made today on the counter.” The shop assistant said while smiling at the crowd. She had also gradually relaxed from her state of panic.

“What would you recommend?” Tian Miaomiao was a little dazed looking at both sides of the wall.

“The Italian coffee at our store is very good. One of our baristas is also a humorous Italian man.” The shop assistant said smilingly.

“Then I want……” Ji Ling paused. Looking towards Lu Anran, she asked, “What are you having?” She truly did not know that coffee could be distinguished by nationality.

“A cup of cappuccino.” Lu Anran said.

“Then I also want cappuccino!” Ji Ling did not understand the difference between these coffee types, but it was for sure that whatever Lu Anran this kind of Eldest Young Miss was drinking should taste good.


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  1. Hi! Excited as always when it come up ^^7 I read like I watch my kids grow up to be someone so awsome hehe. Thank you for your translate, yeay! Thank you for your hard work! I love youuuu yeay^^


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