Rebirth: Chapter 32 (Part 1)

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Chapter 32: Boundaries and A Sudden Downpour

(Part 1)

Lu Anran’s evidently livid expression surprised the classmates seated around her.

“This is already beyond that of being straightforward! If I slapped you across your face, can I then tell you that I’m a heavy- handed person and not to be afraid of pain! “ Lu Anran lifted her eyebrows and said while looking towards the embarrassed Chu Yao, “Making scathing remarks and being straightforward are two different matters. Shooting one’s mouth off and being frank are two different matters. Having no upbringing and being laid- back are two different matters. Being ignorant and being honest are two different matters! Please make a clear distinction before speaking again!”

“I……” Chu Yao never expected Lu Anran to retaliate and was suddenly dumbfounded.

“Why are you shouting at her! I have already disliked you for a long time!” Seeing Lu Anran actually shouting at Chu Yao, Sun Shasha also flew into rage at once.

“Disliked me for a long time? You must be joking! We were classmates for no more than three days! I have never even seen you before entering this class! Why would you be unhappy every time you see me!”

“Sun Shasha, aren’t you going too far!” Ji Ling glared at Sun Shasha. She did not want to say anything initially, but she was unable to control herself any longer, “Whatever Lu Anran wants to do is her own business! Everyone came out to play! What on earth are you doing!”

“Ji Ling, don’t speak out of turn! I just dislike her!” After yelling at Ji Ling, Sun Shasha turned to glower at Lu Anran again, “Isn’t it just because you are stinking with money! Otherwise, based on your grades, how could you have entered the Prep Class! Still appointed as a class monitor! Bah! I’m the first to be dissatisfied with your appointment as a class monitor!” Sun Shasha has always been the class monitor in the Prep Class previously. At first, she thought that she could still be reappointed. Who would have thought that her plan would be spoilt by a Lu Anran who popped out from nowhere?

She was already resentful against Lu Anran. With further discord sowed by Chu Yao, Sun Shasha immediately burst into flames and was completely determined to have a fall out with Lu Anran. Anyway, she has long disapproved of these few scums stinking up with money tyrannising over the campus, who even bullied her best friend who grew up with her from young!

“There’s no need for you to judge how my grades are like! Whether or not it is sufficient to enter the Prep Class is not for you to arrange! If you are dissatisfied with my appointment as a class monitor, it will be more effective for you to go and discuss it Teacher Qin instead of hurling abuses here!” Lu Anran said indifferently. Enough was enough.

“You!” Sun Shasha was so angry that she almost raised her hand to strike her.

“Shasha! Forget about it!” Chu Yao pulled Sun Shasha away. This was a good time for her to improve on the impression the class’ have on her, “Shasha, Anran and I grew up together since young. She is not a bad person. Each of you take a step back, don’t be so rash!”

“She was just talking about you in such a way a moment ago, why are you still speaking up for her?!” Sun Shasha really felt that Chu Yao was too kind and too easily taken advantage of, and instead, got even angrier. Pointing her finger at Lu Anran, she scolded, “You are absolutely rotten to the core! Scumbag! Chu Yao is so nice towards you, yet you actually bully her! Aren’t you good friends who grew up together since young? Isn’t Chu Yao your one and only best friend? Yet, you treat her in this way!”

“Which of your eyes see me bullying her?” Lu Anran crossed her arms in front of her chest, “Is it that I deserve to be berate by the two of you? I can’t retaliate? Just saying a couple of sentence means that I’m bullying her? Can you not be so melodramatic? You think you are shooting an eight o’clock drama? The eight o’clock drama isn’t even as melodramatic as you!”

“When did we berate you!” Sun Shasha persisted, “I am just stating the truth!”

“Do you know what the truth is?” Lu Anran really felt it was ridiculous.

“You are just pretending not to eat meat! What’s wrong with what I said!” Sun Shasha will definitely not believe that there are people who do not eat meat! Even monks leave the mountain, what’s more this Honourable Young Miss, “It’s merely because the food we eat was of too low quality and was undeserving of your status. Nothing more! What’s wrong with the way I scold you?”

“I don’t eat meat because my father has been missing for several years and I am praying for him. Hoping that he will come home soon!” Lu Anran has her own reasons, “You don’t even know anything. Who are you to criticise the way I live my life! Chu Yao also knows about the matter of my father’s disappearance. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask her!”

Once Lu Anran said those words, Sun Shasha dazedly looked towards Chu Yao. All the rest of the classmates were also at a loss, looking at each other before staring at Chu Yao.

Chu Yao was stunned. She then awkwardly answered, “Yes, yes, it is so……”

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  1. Being Vegetarian is not a crime. Bt I noticed this thing in Korean, japanese, Chinese novels (and even in comments) that if someone say they are vegetarian then people would literally just stare and if you don’t give a satisfactory reason they would assume things. Everyone it’s also lifestyle for many people.

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