Rebirth: Chapter 31 (Part 2)

Chapter 31: All participate, Anran was angered

(Part 2)

“Shush!” Chu Yao held on to Sun Shasha and smiled apologetically at Lu Anran again. She then pulled Sun Shasha over and reminded her once more not to say anything anymore.

Seeing both their expressions, the corners of Lu Anran’s mouth unconsciously flattened. The brainwashing has been very successful hasn’t it! Lu Anran looked towards Linda, “I’ll go together with all of you! I was just thinking of relaxing and whatnot.”

“Hmph!” Sun Shasha coldly snorted and turned back again, whispering something to Chu Yao.

“……” Lu Anran met Linda’s eyes helplessly.

When the bell signalling the end of school rang, both Lu Anran and Linda carried their bags.

“Linda! O! O! O!” Ji Ling enthusiastically danced around with joy, “Let’s go, let’s go!”

“Then let’s follow the plan made during the siesta break!” Lu Anran was still a little embarrassed dealing with all her classmates surrounding her. Class monitor or whatever…… It really does not suit her……

“Class monitor is blushing! Hahahaha!” Ji Ling said laughingly as she pointed at Lu Anran, “Everyone quickly look ah! Hahaha!”

“Pfft……” Linda could not help grinning, “It is unexpectedly a little cute……”

“Hey!” Lu Anran became even more embarrassed. Why was Linda also taking part in this disturbance ah!

The crowd started laughing. They have always thought that Lu Anran was a little aloof and distant and have never thought that she could also have such a cute side!

“Hey hey hey!” Lu Anran’s cheeks were like floating red clouds. She wanted to stop everyone, but she did not know what else to say, even Qin Shuhan, who walked by, also chuckled.

“Teacher Qin! Would you like to join us?” Ji Ling invited Qin Shuhan again. After these past two days, Qin Shuhan was held in high regard by everyone. This was because Qin Shuhan’s method of teaching during class was very unique and was easily accepted by everyone, so everyone likes this extremely talented teacher very much.

“Me?” Qin Shuhan was little hesitant.

“C’mon, c’mon!” Everyone was very welcoming of the addition of Qin Shuhan.

“Let’s forget about it!” Qin Shuhan excused herself smilingly, “I am meeting my former classmate today. All of you go ahead and play first!”

“Alright……” After hearing that Qin Shuhan was not free, everyone did not insist anymore and left following the plan set during noon break.

The place everyone wanted to visit was the shopping mall at the city centre where it has all kinds of snacks, clothing, books and all sort of items for one’s amusement. As it met the needs of everyone all at once, it naturally could not be any better.

Following the plan set during noon break, students without drivers will thumb a lift from those with drivers to go to the city centre. Everyone will gather at McDonalds located at the corner of the shopping street.

Linda, Ji Ling and a male student, Wu Gang sat in Lu Anran’s car. As soon as they got in the car, everyone was a little awkward, even the most extroverted Ji Ling also became reticent. Wu Gang was even more so as he was allocated to a car with all females, so he kept his head down and did not speak at all, while Linda was normally a quiet person and was the most unresponsive person amongst all.

“Eldest Young Miss, what time will you be going home today? Should I wait for you just outside the shopping streets or come and pick you at a certain time?” The driver was Old Zhang that was assigned to Lu Anran and Ji Rou by Lu Jianhao previously.

“You can leave first!” Lu Anran thought for a moment before replying, “I will give you a call before leaving.”

“Understood, Eldest Young Miss.” Old Zhang responded and continued driving.

“Cool!” Ji Ling opened both her eyes wide, “It is really like television dramas ey! A real Eldest Young Miss ah!” She and Linda had normal family background and depended on their excellent grades to enter Ying Hua Middle School. Normally, they would squeeze in crowded public transport to get to and from school and have always felt that having a driver to send to and from school was already an amazing thing. They never expected “Eldest Young Miss” to be called, just like television dramas!

Ji Ling seemed to have discovered a whole new world. Leaning forward, she asked, “Hey, Driver Uncle! Why do you call class monitor, Eldest Young Miss ah?”

“Because she is Eldest Young Miss ah!” This is the first time Uncle Zhang has seen Lu Anran with people other than Chu Yao. Although he is astonished, he still hoped that Lu Anran would make more friends.

“Then, are there butlers, maidservants etc. at your house ah?” Ji Ling had a face full of excitement.

“Butlers? Is that the housekeeper?” Old Zhang has actually heard his own daughter mentioned something about Black Butler1 or housekeepers or something previously.

“Driver Uncle, you are so fashionable! You also know this ah!” Ji Ling said laughingly.

“Hahaha!” Old Zhang also started laughing. Already at this age, and still being praised by others as fashionable! This little lady is really quite interesting.

“Pfft!” Lu Anran could not help snorting with laughter. Ji Ling’s personality was really cute.

“Hahaha!” Wu Gang also started laughing. The atmosphere in the car suddenly became lively because of Ji Ling.

Not long after, they reached the shopping mall at the city centre. Ji Ling alighted from the car and enthusiastically waved goodbye to Old Zhang.

When they entered McDonalds, they realised that most of the other classmates have arrived. After greeting everyone, Lu Anran sat down with the everybody.

“Class monitor, do you want to order something to eat?” A girl asked.

“I’m fine, hurhur……” Lu Anran glanced at everyone’s tray. It was all hamburgers, fried chicken nuggets and so on, so she refused, “I’m not hungry at the moment.”

“As if the Honourable Eldest Young Miss would eat this kind of thing!” Sun Shasha ate a double cheeseburger treated by Chu Yao while glancing at Lu Anran who was being surrounded by everyone. The tone and attitude were unbearably offensive, causing the people around her to feel embarrassed.

“Anran, Shasha is just too straightforward! Don’t mind ah!” Chu Yao said while holding back the joy in her eyes.

“It’s fine.” With so many classmates around, and since everyone came out to have fun, Lu Anran really did not want to flip out at this time, so she suppressed her anger and explained, “I don’t eat meat.”

“Eh? You don’t eat meat ah!” Ji Ling was surprised, “Goodness! There is actually someone who don’t eat meat!”

“En!” Lu Anran smiled. It is better to say it clearly now to avoid any misunderstanding and unhappiness.

“The Honourable Eldest Young Miss is indeed different from the rest of us ah!” Sun Shasha’s acidic tone made the whole atmosphere freeze up again, “Just having a little something, yet so fussy! Truly regarding oneself as a princess ah! Hng!”

“Anran, Shasha is not a bad person, just that she has a straightforward temperament and is more forthright. The words she says are more direct. You……” Chu Yao still wanted to make excuses just like before but was interrupted by Lu Anran.

“Hurhur! This is called being direct?” Lu Anran really could not stand it anymore. Does she really think she was such a pushover! The first time I gave way to you out of courtesy was because I am good tempered! The second time I put up with you was because my upbringing is better than yours! The third time I will definitely not indulge you again!

1 Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) – a Japanese manga series which has also been made into an anime.

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