Rebirth: Chapter 31 (Part 1)

Hey everyone!! As you know exam period is coming up, so we are going to take a 2 weeks break to study for exams. We are really sorry to do this when we just came back!!

Chapter 31: All participate, Anran was angered

(Part 1)

In a blink of an eye, it was Friday. As the 100th Day Excursion was to be held on Saturday, classes were over an hour earlier than usual and weekend schoolwork was cancelled. The decision to forbid all teachers from assigning homework led the third- year middle school students to froth with excitement.

“Say, are y’all going to cram school after class today?” Everyone gathered around in the classroom to discuss enthusiastically during the siesta break after lunch.

“Not going!” The one who answered was Ji Ling, “Without letting Mom know, I have let Dad give a call to the cram school teacher to ask for leave! Heh heh!”

“I’m also not going.” The other students also said in succession, wanting to give oneself a good break before using all their strength to sprint in the last 100 days.

“Class monitor! What about you?” Ji Ling asked Lu Anran who was reading a book nearby.

“Me?” Lu Anran was temporarily at a loss, “Originally, I also do not attend a cram school ah!”

“Is the what’s- his- face home tutor that your family hired going over tonight?” Chu Yao’s tone was a little bitter.

“Won’t come over tonight.” Lu Anran inconspicuously glanced at Chu Yao who was seated in front of her. Qin Shuhan also said she (Qin Shuhan) hoped that she (Lu Anran) could take this time to relax and will continue the lessons next Monday, allowing her to meet up with friends to unwind etc.

“That’s great!” Ji Ling looked excited, “Let’s all go out and play together after school! Buy some snacks for tomorrow and all!”

“Need to bring some comic books as well!” The boys seated at the corner also started to discuss frenziedly, “Game console! Game console!”

The entire class was in a state of liveliness and anticipation, every one of them was looking forward to tomorrow’s excursion.

“Linda, you won’t be going to cram school tonight either?” Lu Anran asked Linda who was also reading a book beside her.

“En. Not going.” Linda answered, “Cannot bear Ji Ling’s nagging. I’m going with her to buy some snacks tonight.”

Lu Anran looked over at the Ji Ling who was dancing with excitement, “Both of you have known each other for a long time?”

“Yes! We were in the same class during Primary school. Although we were in different classes during middle school, but we signed up to the same cram school. Now we are also in the same class! So, we can be considered to be quite fated together!”

“Oh……” Lu Anran nodded her head.

“Come over tonight as well!” Linda invited and said, “It seems like there will be a lot of students coming.”

“I……” In actual fact, Lu Anran was not very interested in this. She has already played enough in her previous lifetime, now, all she wants to do is to study hard.

“Why would she want to play together with us?” Chu Yao’s tablemate turned around and glanced at Lu Anran. She has been hearing Chu Yao talking about many matters between the two of them these past few days. Really cannot stand this Lu Anran ah!

“Shasha!” Chu Yao tugged on the sleeves of her tablemate Sun Shasha. With an appearance of having grievances and helplessness, she said, “Forget it!”

“Isn’t it just having some stinky money?!” Sun Shasha had a look of an angry youth, as if she wanted to take a stand for Chu Yao.

“Shasha!” Chu Yao held back Sun Shasha and then smiled apologetically to Lu Anran, “Anran, if you have something on, then go ahead!” She truly did not want Lu Anran to go. This was a good time for Chu Yao to establish her reputation ah! In this way, after successfully getting rid of Lu Anran, she could still return to her position of class monitor without putting in any effort. Her life should be so bright and glamorous such that she stands above everyone!

“What kind of matter could she have! It’s probably just attending some party by some rich and famous!” Sun Shasha’s tone was full of disdain and mockery.

“Shasha!” From the start, Chu Yao felt that people like Sun Shasha who came from an impoverished family and was an inflexible, poor and dull bookworm were the best people to make use of! It was very easy to let Sun Shasha hate Lu Anran completely. All she needed to do was to ruthlessly trample on her inferiority complex and then tell her that Lu Anran was the one who said those words. With a little kindness, Sun Shasha can thoroughly serve as one’s personal use.

Chu Yao adopted an embarrassed expression and looked towards Lu Anran, “Sorry ah, Anran! Shasha is rather laidback at times and is quite straightforward when she speaks, don’t be angry ah!”

“……” This can no longer be considered as a straightforward attitude anymore okay? Lu Anran looked at both Chu Yao’s and Sun Shasha’s act of saying these senseless words and instead felt somewhat fed up.

“Chu Yao! Why did you want……” Sun Shasha really did not like the present servile manner of Chu Yao! Doesn’t Lu Anran just have some stinky money in her family! It is not like it was she, Lu Anran, who earned it! Is there a need to bully others by flaunting her powerful connections?

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  1. Lol Anran’s probably not even conscious of Shasha’s presence until that moment so why on earth would she waste time flaunting or what not? That Sun girl better realize she’s being used or else she’ll be in danger in the future.

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  2. Uuuh. The 2 weeks break is really depressing but you’ve gotta study hard~ good luck on your exams!!

    And srsly, Chu Yao and her little newly earned minion 🙄

    Thanks for the chapter!!✨💕

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