Rebirth: Chapter 30 (Part 2)

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Chapter 30: Tearing your examination paper, hide for a lifetime

(Part 2)

Qin Shuhan was very pleased when Lu Anran did not retort back. If it was other people, they will probably argue that it is because they are at home etc. if that happened she would not say anything further and leave! Feeling delighted with Lu Anran behaviour, Qin Shuhan took out another copy of the 2 examinations papers that she ripped to pieces from her Versace satchel. “There is still another 2 hours, I will start to explain the questions you got wrong.” Qin Shuhan placed the first paper in front of Lu Anran.

“First Middle School is the best junior high school in S City, following closely behind is Second Middle School and Third Middle School respectively. Ever year, First Middle School will accept those students rank within the first 120 places, you are currently ranked 194, which means that in the next 100 days you need to move from rank 194 and be one of students ranked within the 120 place, then you can enter the First Middle School. The person in the 120th place is coincidentally one of your classmates, and that is Ji Ling who is rank 10th place in the whole school.”

“En.” Lu Anran nodded, she also understands the difficult situation that she is in.

“Your foundation is not stable, but I can see that you have memorised the main points in all the subjects, just that you are not very good at using some of it. Your English results are the best, Chinese language and literature is so-so, mathematics results are the worst, obviously your biology, physics and chemistry results are not any better than your mathematics results.” Qin Shuhan said. “Overall, your Science area is your weak point!”

“En.” Lu Anran is also in agreement with all that Qin Shuhan said.

“So, in the next 30 days, I want to pull up your mathematics and physics and chemistry results.” Qin Shuhan flipped Lu Anran’s mock examination paper and asked. “ I also understood your situation from your previous teachers, you didn’t study from first year, why are you so hardworking so suddenly?”

“Just treat it as if I was pricked by my conscience!” Lu Anran did not feel like explaining too much. She looked at her own paper, and there were some questions she got wrong which she was not sure about in the examination.

“Oh?” Qin Shuhan laughed, her interest piqued. For someone who can enter the first 200 ranks in the whole city after studying for 1 month, it means that Lu Anran is talented! She always had a special interest towards those who have talent. “Then, lets start from the wrong questions! Write down the method you wrote for these wrong questions and give it to me! I will tell you which parts you did wrong.”

“Okay!” Lu Anran gave a sound of agreement, and began to write down one by one her method and solution to the questions. Qin Shuhan also explained to her one by one the correct answer and places she got wrong.

The 2 hours flew by very quickly, until Uncle Lu knocked on the door that they realised that the time had already past.

“Huuu….” Qin Shuhan let out a breath and said. “ As least we went though all the wrong questions once.”

“En.” Lu Anran nodded her head, Qin Shuhan is a really good teacher, she directly explained the main points and describe them clearly. After every difficult questions were explained by her, Lu Anran can easily understand. “Teacher Qin, thank you very much today.”

“You’re welcome.” Qin Shuhan laughed. “My job here today is done, so I’ll be leaving first!” She carried her own satchel, gave a smile and left.

“Teacher Qin, you are not staying for dinner?” Uncle Lu good-naturally extended an invitation.

“No thanks.” Qin Shuhan refused and said. “I’m on diet, so I don’t eat dinner. Bye bye!” After saying that, she drove off in her red BMW mini car. At this time, it was just nice that she missed the night traffic and smoothly went home without any trouble.

It was already 9 o’clock at night when she reached home, and she saw her little brother watching tv when she entered the door. “I’m back. You are alone at home ah! Where’s Mum and Dad?”

“Sis, you’re back!” When he saw his sister enter the house, the little brother poured a cup of lemon black tea and passed it to his sister. “Dad is at the school researching a new project and won’t be coming home tonight, Mum should be in the office writing her lesson plan. How did you feel on your first day of work?”

“There’s a student who is quite interesting!” Qin Shuhan laughed and said. “It just so happen that I am tutoring her at her house.”

“Is that so?” the little brother chuckled. For someone who can pique the interest of his genius sister among the geniuses, the person must be out of ordinary!

“You might know her as well!” Qin Shuhan said. “ I saw her on the cover of the magazine in your room a few days ago!”

“……….” Little brother was stupefied, how coincidental was that! So, he said, “in the same year as me?”

“Yeah!” Qin Shuhan drank finish the lemon black tea. “She’s called Lu Anran.”

“Oh….” Hiding his surprise in his heart, he placed both his hands on the table behind him and asked. “What do you think?”

“You know her?” Qin Shuhan asked when she detected a peculiar look in her little brother’s eyes.

“Not really. I happened to be in the same examination venue at the mock examination last time!” Not wanting his sister to continue asking, he stood up and turned to enter his room.

“Qin Shumo! Tell me properly!” Qin Shuhan hurriedly chased after him. “Qin Shumo! Qin Shumo!”

“I’m going to bathe now!” He quickly entered his room, and shut his sister outside the door. “Sis, you should rest early! Good night!”

“Qin Shumo!!!” Qin Shuhan exasperatedly shouted. “You little brat, if you can, try to hide from me for a lifetime!“ Hmph! This little brother was getting more and more unlovable! Hmph!


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