Rebirth: Chapter 30 (Part 1)

Chapter 30: Tearing your examination paper, hide for a lifetime

(Part 1)

When Lu Anran reached home, it was already way past the appointed time with the home tutor. She hastily ran up the stairs to the room that her Grandpa Lu Jianhao gave her. Reaching outside the door, she could hear murmurs, one of them was Ji Rou and the other one should be the new home tutor….

Lu Anran stood outside for a moment to calm down before pushing open the door. As she expected, she saw Ji Rou sitting on the upholstered armchair facing the door and the woman sitting opposite Ji Rou had shoulder length hair, and wore a white blouse. From her back view, she estimate that she is about 20 years old.

“Anran! Why are you back so late?” Ji Rou asked as she waved at Lu Anran. “Quickly come and meet your home tutor, Teacher Qin.”

“Teacher Qin?” Lu Anran knitted her brows, a bold thought raising up in her mind. Moving forward step by step until she stood in front of Teacher Qin, Lu Anran’s expression in her eyes turned from suspicion to recognition to surprise. “It is really you ah!”

“I totally didn’t achieve the kind of result that I want ah!” When Qin Shuhan saw Lu Anran’s reaction, she was a little disappointed. “I even changed my clothes specially!”

Lu Anran laughed, indeed, in her previous lifetime she only saw Qin Shuhan wearing exercise clothing with a high ponytail at school, it is her first time seeing her current appearance!

“Both of you know each other!” Ji Rou was astonished.

“Teacher Qin is the head teacher of my new class!” Lu Anran explained. “I met her in the classroom before.”

“Anran is the class monitor I chose today.” Qin Shuhan also laughed and explained. “I saw that her results at school had reach my requirement, so I came today.”

“So it’s like this!” Ji Rou finally realised what happened. “Then both of you should make a start on the lesson, I will take my leave first.” Ji Rou rubbed Lu Anran’s head and gave Qin Shuhan a polite smile before leaving the room.

“Then….Lets start!” Qin Shuhan stood up and took 2 examination papers from her Versace satchel that she always carried. “These 2 papers – one of them is Mathematica, the other is English, I will give you 1 hour to finish both papers.”

“1 hour?” Lu Anran was a little astounded.

“Is there a problem?” Qin Shuhan placed both of the papers on white coffee table.

“Isn’t the time….a bit too short?” Lu Anran frowned. Usually she would be given 90 minutes to answer 1 examination paper, there are 2 examination papers here and are also different subjects.

“Not at all!” Qin Shuhan looked at her wrist and took a glance at her sliver coloured Irard- Perregaus lady- styled watch. “You still have 59 minutes 22 seconds answering time!”

“Ugh…” Lu Anran immediately walked hastily towards her table, sat on the chair, took out her stationaries from her bag and selected to start on English first as she better at it than mathematics. Lu Anran had not time to read the whole paper once, so she started on the first multiple choice question right away.

“huu….” The corner of Qin Shuhan’s mouth went up in a smirk and contently laughed, when she saw Lu Anran started answering the question immediately. Following that, she did not look at Lu Anran again, but rather walked towards the bookshelves, picked up a comedy comic book and began to read it. Perhaps the plot was very funny, from time to time Qin Shuhan would let out a burst of unrestrained laughter. “Hahaha! These people are so stupid!”

“……” As Lu Anran answered the questions, she could not help but frown. Originally she did not have enough time, but Qin Shuhan repeated bursts of laughter from time to time, caused her to become distracted and lose focus.

“Hahaha…” Qin Shuhan laughed until her tummy hurt. She put the comic she just finished reading back on to the shelves and raised her wrist again to glance at her watch. “You’ve left 32 minutes!” After she said that, Qin Shuhan took down the 2nd volume of the comic.

“…..” Beads of sweat rolled down Lu Anran’s forehead, there was still a row of questions in the reading comprehension section that she had not answered! She skipped the remaining part of the reading comprehension section, hurriedly skimmed through the topic of the English essay and started writing straight away. She used only 10 minutes to complete writing the essay and then pushed it aside to take up the Mathematics examination paper. She started answering from the big questions at the back of the paper, quickly answered the ones that she could easily answer and then went back to the front to pick a few of the questions to answer.

“Dinglingdingdongdongdong! Time’s up!” Qin Shuhan placed the comic back onto the bookshelf and walked to Lu Anran’s side. Lu Anran had also put down her pen, Qin Shuhan picked up both of Lu Anran’s examination papers, and only gave it a brief glance before tearing both papers into half in front of Lu Anran.

“This…” Seeing the papers that she have laboured over for 1 hour getting teared into half just like that, Lu Anran was muddled in an instant.

“Do you know why I tore your papers into half?” Qin Shuhan asked as she tossed the papers she tore into half onto the table in front of Lu Anran.

“……” Lu Anran bit her lips. “I don’t know.” Is it because she answered too little questions? But she was only given 1 hour ah! Is she trying to find fault with her (Lu Anran), there is a limit to how many questions she can answer!

“Because on both of these papers you didn’t write down your class and name.” Qin Shuhan’s finger lightly tapped on the table. “Even if you can get full marks on your paper, if you didn’t write down your class and name, you will still get a 0! Do you remember now?”

“I remember….” It suddenly dawn onto Lu Anran why she would rip the papers. Because there was no time, and also because she was answering the questions at home that she neglected the writing of her class and name and simply begun answering the questions. She does not feel wronged that her papers got ripped apart! Slight negligence may lead to great disaster, she was too careless.

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  1. Omgg the feels! *shiver*
    Just imagining not writing my name on my final exam paper made my heart shiver😨😱

    Haha this chapter triggered the student in me -,-“

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    1. Ohh! Possibly!
      Since they have the same surname (well at least the translated ones) .. and the fact that her outfit in this chapter seems too luxurious for a mere teacher with average salary

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  2. Whoa, I feel like this teacher is a bit on the eccentric side like I wouldn’t be surprised if she knows martial art or do street fight as well(΄◉◞౪◟◉`)


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