Rebirth: Chapter 28 (Part 1)

Chapter 28: Becoming the class monitor, Linda’s help

(Part 1)

When Chu Yao saw Lu Anran’s smiling face in front of her, she felt that it was such an eyesore! In her heart, she could not help but grumble secretly to herself how Lu Anran has recently been so disobedient to her wishes, “but you can’t continuously stay at your grandfather’s ah!”

“I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with that!” Lu Anran was very frank. “What’s the problem with me staying at my Grandpa’s house ah?”

“What’s the problem?!” Chu Yao was unhappy! Ever since Lu Anran started staying at Lu Jianhao’s place, she had been opposing her (Chu Yao) demands time after time again! Is this not considered as a problem? Although this was what Chu Yao was thinking in her heart, but something totally different came out from her mouth. “Even though you are your grandfather’s granddaughter….but you are not a boy, so even if you do your utmost to stay by your grandfather’s side, you will not get any benefits ah!”

“……” Lu Anran was left speechless…..what kind of era is it now! She still want to use this kind of method, and Chu Yao has already once told her these words before right? What is the point of bringing it up again and again? “I don’t feel as if Grandpa treats my cousin brothers better than me!”

“This…” For a moment, Chu Yao was left flummoxed. Indeed, those who have read the newspapers or magazines all know that Lu Anran was now the most likely successor of the Lu Corporation. But this Lu Anran is a female ah! Who does not know that successors of all these big corporations were definitely males ah!

At this time the bell for morning reading rang, the new class monitor walked into the classroom holding a thick book. Only then did Chu Yao discontentedly turned her head back. Lu Anran and Linda looked at each other and smiled. It looks like both of them have mutually agreed upon the fact that they do not really like Chu Yao.

“Cough cough!” The new teacher is a 25 years old beautiful women, whose dressing differs greatly from other teachers’ professional attire. This teacher wears exercise clothing, her hair tied up in a high ponytail, giving people a rather relax feeling. She stood at the podium and cleared her throat.

“I am your new teacher, Qin Shuhan and will primarily teach mathematics. From today onwards, for 103 days, I will pass these days together with everyone. Please take care of me.” She nodded her head towards all the students and continued saying. “Now is the morning reading lesson, we will use the time before Period 1 to begin appointing a few class monitors!”

Lu Anran recognized this new teacher, to be more specific in her previous lifetime, this was also her teacher. Although this Qin Shuhan was a little young, she was very talented, has a strange temper, and was patient towards students. Even though, in her previous lifetime, she has that kind of shameful behaviour, Qin Shuhan always talked to her and encouraged her, but every time Lu Anran decided to change, Chu Yao would stomp out her motivation to study, leaving her muddle-headed and ignorant all the way to graduation.

Qin Shuhan was very friendly towards Lu Anran, and towards Lu Anran – the only person who did not manage to enter high school, she gave her comfort and helped her to get over her worries. Lu Anran has a very good impression of Qin Shuhan, and also know that the principal of Ying Hua Middle School had spent a huge sum of money to snatch Qin Shuhan, this genius level teacher, from the hands of Affiliated Middle School.

“Everyone seated here are all elites selected from all different classes in your third year of middle school, and amongst all of you, some have been a class monitor and academic committee before and are experienced. I am sure all of you understand each other very clearly, does anyone wish to vote for anybody?” Qin Shuhan looked at all the students seated. “Or even if someone volunteers, it is also fine!”

Lu Anran remembered in her previous lifetime, she was the first to raise her hand to recommend Chu Yao to be the class monitor, and from then on Chu Yao became the class monitor of this high school examination preparation class. In this lifetime, she is not interested in Chu Yao, she turned towards Linda seated beside her and asked. “Linda, do you still want to become the academic committee?”

“No…I am not interested.” Linda was the academic committee from the first year in primary school until the third year of middle school. In reality, she was kind of tired of it, now she simply wants to study and prepare for the high school examination.

“Then forget it.” Lu Anran was also not interested in these class monitors, academic committee and what- nots.

“I think you can try as a class monitor or academic committee.” Linda who seldom talked, laughed to Lu Anran and said. “If you can go one step further to simulate your interest towards learning, it is also not bad ah!”

“Don’t want ah!” Lu Anran could not help but laugh. The total number of students in this class is 32 people and as it happens the result of the examination placed her as 32nd in the whole school. This obviously was being first from the bottom ah! With this kind of results, she can become the class monitor? Don’t joke ah!

Chu Yao stared for the long time and did not see anyone volunteering, and also did not hear Lu Anran strongly recommending her as usual. Feeling nervous, as she was about to raise her hand to recommend herself, she was cut short by Qin Shuhan.

“The two students talking at the back of the classroom!” Qin Shuhan quickly pointed to Lu Anran and Linda. “Stand up!”

“……” Lu Anran and Linda could not help but be dumbfounded. It can’t be! So unlucky, in this new class, her bottom haven’t even warmed her seat yet and she was being called out to stand still as a punishment? What the heck! In a quiet voice, Lu Anran guilty apologized to Linda, as she stood up with her. “Sorry….because of me….”

“It’s fine.” Linda was very unperturbed, and stood up.

“What are your names?” Qin Shuhan asked.

“Linda.” Linda reported.

“Lu Anran.” Lu Anran also replied to Qin Shuhan’s question.

Seeing the 2 people she hated most in the class being called out to stand up, the corners of Chu Yao’s mouth could not help but lift up in a smirk, anticipating in her heart Lu Anran and Linda getting strictly admonished.

“What were the both of you whispering about just now! Repeat it and let me hear good and well.” Qin Shuhan was very interested in this duo, one was the first in class and the other was the first from the bottom.

“Linda, do you still want to be the academic committee?” Lu Anran was very calm and directly started repeating her whispered conversation with Linda. According to her memory of her previous lifetime, Qin Shuhan has a very strange temper, but as long as Linda and her obediently follow Qin Shuhan’s instructions, Qin Shuhan will not make things difficult for them.

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  1. At this time the bell for morning reading rang, the new class monitor walked into the classroom holding a thick book.

    You mean homeroom teacher, right? Since they are going to choose class monitor in a bit…

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