Rebirth: Chapter 27 (Part 2)

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Chapter 27: Guessing right exam questions, refusing Chu Yao again

(Part 2)

At the end of the two days Mock Examination, Lu Anran also breathe a sigh of relief. After handing in her exam paper, Lu Anran put away her stationaries and wanted to say goodbye to Qin Shumo but realised that he has already left the classroom earlier, so Lu Anran could only shrug her shoulders, carry her bag and leave the classroom that was set up as an Examination hall.

The wait was endless but whatever should come will always come……

The results of the Third National Mock Examination were posted on the bulletin board at the entrance of the school, at the same time, a notice of class allocations according to the scores in the Third National Mock Examination was also posted.

Lu Anran stood amongst the students checking their examination scores and found her own name on the first board. Her examination results this time round was quite good, she was ranked 194 in S city, placed 32nd school- wide and has been successfully allocated to the High School Examination Preparation class.

Scoring such good grades for the first time in her life, Lu Anran felt as though she was stepping on the clouds, she wanted to cheer and jump up and down in joy, but she felt that it might not be a good idea to do so.

“Well done!” Linda suddenly appeared beside Lu Anran.

Lu Anran smiled at Linda and looked for Linda’s score. She has left Lu Anran far far behind, being placed 3rd in S city and 1st school- wide. Lu Anran was not surprised by Linda’s good performance. Smiling at Linda, she said, “Thank you for helping me for so long!”

“It’s nothing!” Linda also smiled and said, “Let’s go! We are still in the same class!”

“En!” Lu Anran was very glad that she had asked Linda questions and was grateful to Linda for all her help. She was even pleased that Linda was her desk- mate.

When Lu Anran and Linda arrived at the new class, they realised that there were already a lot of people in the classroom. The two of them walked towards the windows that were nearer to the back, choosing to be each other’s desk- mates again. Following closely behind was Chu Yao, she was visibly surprised when she saw Lu Anran in the classroom but later when she thought about it, she concluded that it must be Lu Jianhao who spent a large amount of money to get Lu Anran into the class and felt at ease. By no means would she believe that with the kind of results Lu Anran had, she would be able to enter the Prep class after working hard for a little more than a month!

After Chu Yao greeted several familiar people in the class, she went over to Lu Anran, “Anran, what a coincidence ah! We are in the same class again! Haha~”

“Yes!” Lu Anran smiled coldly. For Chu Yao to be able to enter the Prep class is really nothing surprising. In her previous lifetime, in order to to be in the same class as Chu Yao, she spent a lot of effort persuading Ji Rou who then went around the school giving gifts and what- nots to allow her to enter this class. This time, she entered class with her own efforts, but still, she truly did not want to be in the same class as Chu Yao ah!

Chu Yao lightly smiled and sat in the empty seat in front of Lu Anran, making both Lu Anran and Linda frown at the same time, having felt somewhat disgusted. But the two of them did not say anything.

“Anran, the results were finally published today, let’s go shopping together! It’s been a long time since we have gone shopping together!” Chu Yao had a look filled with yearning. She has been wanting Chanel’s newly released theme of brooches since ages ago!

“I have something to do today.” Lu Anran bluntly refused. Normally, every time Chu Yao invites Lu Anran to go shopping, Lu Anran would always be full of happiness and it was always Chu Yao takes her along, she takes her wallet along.

Facing Lu Anran’s refusal, Chu Yao was also evidently shocked, even her tone of voice was displeased “What thing ah? We haven’t gone shopping together for such a long time!” She has a lot of stuff that she likes that are still waiting for Lu Anran to foot the bill!

“There is a private tutor coming tonight.” Lu Anran said truthfully.

“You have already hired a private tutor?” Linda looked at Lu Anran.

“Yes ah!” Lu Anran said smilingly, “I told my mother about your suggestion and we hired one.”

“That’s great!” Linda nodded. Lu Anran’s results thus far was only due to her having a solid foundation, this was also related to her talent and her own efforts, but it will be difficult for her to continue in future! If she manages to hire a brilliant private tutor without delays, then there will be much room for progress in these last 103 days!

“You…… You hired a private tutor?” Chu Yao was stunned for a while, “Then you won’t have time to play games anymore?” Deep down in her heart, she was unwilling to let Lu Anran study.

“I have cleared all hurdles in the games so far!” Lu Anran spread out both her hands. In her previous lifetime, she has spent all her time to eat, drink and have fun. It just so happens that she can use her all to work hard in this lifetime.

“Keh……” Chu Yao bit her lower lip. From young, Lu Anran was faster than her at learning something new, at least that was so during Kindergarten. Previously, it was only after she has racked her brains that she could think up of such a plan – to give Lu Anran all of the newly released games and comics, in this way, her own grades became better and better while Lu Anran’s grades kept falling. Chu Yao then felt a sense of equilibrium in her heart.

But now Lu Anran was actually starting to study again. Somehow, Chu Yao felt a shred of crisis. Talking about tutors, Chu Yao had wanted a private tutor a long time ago. Every time she goes to a tutorial class, in order to let the entire class progress together, the tutor would explain really slowly, she was already a little dissatisfied, so Chu Yao requested and said, “Anran, can I sit in your tuition class together with you?”

“You can’t!” Lu Anran rejected her on the spot, “This tutor was personally hired by Grandpa, and the tuition class will also be at Grandpa’s house. You also know that my Grandpa does not really like you.”

“Then can’t you move back to your own house!” Chu Yao was noticeably a little angry. Why does this Lu Anran always sing a different tune with her! Whatever she asks Lu Anran to do, Lu Anran only needs to obediently obey! Being so annoying, why doesn’t she just go die!

“Can’t!” Lu Anran rejected Chu Yao’s request once more, the corners of her mouth held a faint tinge of ridicule.

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  1. Lu Anran is not your dog where you can order her about. Since you think of yourself as being so great, use your own effort to get the things you want.

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