Rebirth: Chapter 27 (Part 1)

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Chapter 27: Guessing right exam questions, refusing Chu Yao again

(Part 1)

“Is that so!” Lu Anran really wanted to smear the rice in her tray on to Chu Yao’s face, “But I have already finish eating! There are still some areas that I need to revise for this afternoon’s English exam so, I’ll leave first.” Ignoring the stiff smile on Chu Yao’s face, Lu Anran took up her own finished tray and left the seat, returning the tray to the collection area at the front of the cafeteria.

“I’m also full.” Qin Shumo also stood up.

“I, I have also finished eating……” No matter how bad she was, Li Moran could still make out the extremely awkward atmosphere in the present situation. Staying any longer was not good!

A table with originally four people was now left with Chu Yao, one single person. Chu Yao’s left hand that hung down fiercely formed a fist as she resentfully looked at the distant figure of Lu Anran. Ever since Lu Anran fell into the pool the last time, Lu Anran’s attitude towards her has become even more indifferent. She even suspects that maybe Lu Anran knows that the person who pushed her at that time, was her…… But that cannot be ah…… Lu Anran and her have known each other since birth and were close friends for fifteen years. She already has a clear grasp of all of Lu Anran’s temperament a long time ago but now, she actually felt like she does not really know Lu Anran…… Chu Yao was a little afraid, afraid that all matters were slipping out of her control. If this was true, what should she do?

After leaving the school cafeteria, Lu Anran turned twice around corners towards a pavilion located at the side of the pond at the back of the school. She noticed this place when she was in the car yesterday after her examinations. It was indeed a good place to rest and study. Sitting in the pavilion, Lu Anran took out Linda’s English practice workbook from her backpack to revise again the questions she previously did wrongly.

“Are you making a frantic last- minute effort?” asked Qin Shumo smilingly, as he came up behind Lu Anran.

“You are ranked first in the Affliated First Middle School. Clearly, we are different!” Lu Anran’s eyes did not leave the book.

“The Third Mock Exam tests on basic type questions. If you are so anxious with just the Mock Exam, then how would you face the High School Entrance Exams?” Qin Shumo smiled as he pushed the gold rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, “Not to mention the University Entrance Exams in three years.”

“Haven’t even taken the High School Entrance Exam, why bother to think so far ahead?” Lu Anran naturally also knew that she was being overly anxious, but this was the first time in two lifetimes that she was taking an exam after studying so hard ah!

“Flip to page 74 of this practice workbook that you are looking at. Memorise the dialogue on that page, perhaps it might be useful for today’s essay writing and comprehension! Qin Shumo kindly told her.

“En?” Lu Anran finally moved her eyes from her book to look at Qin Shumo, “How do you know that it will be useful?”

“You said it too! After all I am the top student at Affliated First Middle School ah!” Qin Shumo said laughingly.

It was only now that Lu Anran properly looked at Qin Shumo for the first time. It was just as that girl has said yesterday, Qin Shumo can be considered as the handsome type, fair and clear skin with a gentle smile on his face, a pair of gold- rimmed spectacles hung on the bridge of his nose, giving others a scholarly and refined gentlemanly kind of feeling. His trimmed and neat short hair gives his peers a fresh feeling and that emitted self- confidence from within makes others cannot help but want to rely and approach him. He was about 1.74m tall and was taller than Lu Anran by exactly one head.

“Ring ring ring ring……” The first bell rang signalling the beginning of the examination, Lu Anran recovered her senses.

“The exam is starting, let’s go!” Qin Shumo said to Lu Anran as he looked at the direction of the teaching building.

“En.” Lu Anran answered, closing the English book and followed Qin Shumo back to the Examination hall. Seating back in her seat, Lu Anran flipped the practice workbook to page 74, and memorised the dialogue inside. When the examination officially began, and the examination papers were handed out, Lu Anran opened the examination paper to look, as expected, she saw that both comprehension and essay involved the knowledge points covered in that dialogue. For a moment, she was dumbfounded, looking towards the neighbouring Qin Shumo, the latter was smiling gently at her.

This Qin Shumo was indeed a little awesome! Lu Anran answered the questions as she recollected her memories from her previous lifetime about Qin Shumo, but she realised that they did not have any interactions in her previous lifetime, even if she racked her brains, she could not recall this person. Who asked her to only know how to play games and read comics in her previous lifetime, and completely did not study at all?

She only knows that Chu Yao and Linda who once shared a table with her were people who study well! Moreover, if it was not for Chu Yao who later kept talking bad about Linda in front of her, she would have even forgotten all about Linda!


23 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 27 (Part 1)

  1. Hey…I really love this story…I m also very thankful for this translator…and can you please pick First of all let ‘s hide my younger brother…if you have time…cause I really want to read it…that would be very helpful


  2. Hey…I really love this story…I m also very thankful for this translator…and can you please pick First of all let ‘s hide my younger brother…if you have time…cause I really want to read it…that would be very thankful


  3. She reminds me of Bakarina. Unconsciously creating her very own harem of genders and personalities. I’m glad that her horizon’s expanding unlike in her previous life.

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    1. It’s sad because if it wasnt for Chu Yao she’d probably have way more friends. It’s creepy how controlling she is. I feel so bad for our MC in her past life.


      1. The strategy Chu Yao used on Lu Anran is abuse tactic 101. It’s really scary how someone so young can be an abuser already.


  4. keep it up !! read a sht tone of novels and can say this translation work is right up there in the clouds of brilliance = D makes the story very enjoyable


  5. Nice Hard work changes everything!

    Before: MC always sleeps at class
    Now: MC listen and takes notes, also ask for things she can’t understand = she is working hard
    Therefore: MC got better grades and social life

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  6. I wonder how she, the stupid and naive MC can be so smart now? Welp, I guess that makes the story eh? Even if she had a wake up call after those tongue cutting and all, she couldn’t possibly be that smart right?

    Thanks for the chapter~~


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