Rebirth: Chapter 25 (Part 1)

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Chapter 25: Reject Chu Yao, Private Tutoring

(Part 1)

After going through a whole day of hard work on Saturday, Lu Anran spent the entire Sunday lying in bed to relieve the fatigue that she felt.

As Lu Anran and Ji Rou both now lived in the main residence of Lu family, on Monday morning, Lu Anran got up half an hour earlier to be in the classroom by the first prep bell. Once Lu Anran entered the classroom, she could clearly feel that everyone’s attitude towards her has changed. Although most of the male students in the class became friendlier and started to greet Lu Anran due to the gaming discussion last week, but today, even those female students were staring at her with starry eyes. Unexpectedly Lu Anran felt a little afraid and could not help getting goosebumps. It was not only the classmates who had a change, even the attitude that each teacher has towards Lu Anran became even more amicable and sincere.

Even though Chu Yao hated Lu Anran out of jealousy, she still sat at Lu Anran’s table during lunch time and asked with a gentle smile, “Anran, why didn’t you look for me today!” She actually waited at home today until the last minute, yet Lu Anran never showed up!

“My mother and I have moved to my grandfather’s house. As it is a different direction from your house, it is not on the way to school.” Lu Anran shifted her gaze from the books to Chu Yao, “I won’t be able to pick you up to go to school anymore!” She already did not want to go to school together with Chu Yao, as it happens, now she has a valid reason.

“You moved to your grandfather’s house?” Chu Yao was surprised. Lu Jianhao’s place was very far ah! It is in the outskirts of S city. Her mother grumbled for days the last time because they spent so much money just taking a taxi. Thinking of the mansion she saw that day that was separated by the black gate, Chu Yao could not help being envious, “It’s not very good going to your grandfather’s house isn’t it?”

Lu Anran felt it was a little ridiculous, “Why isn’t it good for me to go to my grandfather’s house?”

“It’s so far and too inconvenient for you to go to school every day!” Chu Yao explained, furthermore, if Lu Anran doesn’t come to pick her up, wouldn’t she need to squeeze through public transport to get to school? Although Chu Wanhai also has a car, but his workplace and her school are in two complete opposite directions. Their timings also don’t fit, she definitely cannot let Chu Wanhai send her to school every day, she is also not willing to jostle about in a smelly public transport with a bunch of poor and pedantic office workers.

“There is a driver to pick and drop me off. It’s not so bad.” Lu Anran replied truthfully.

But these words were particular harsh to Chu Yao’s ears, as if Lu Anran was showing off in front of her, but on Chu Yao’s face was still a look of anxiousness for Lu Anran, “Didn’t you say previously that your grandfather has a bad temper and you were afraid of him?”

“That was before ah!” Lu Anran answered, “He is, after all, my Grandpa ah! No matter how bad is temper is, he is still my Grandpa ah!”

“I……” Chu Yao pretended to sigh and said, “Aren’t I also worried for you! After all, you are a girl! Doesn’t he belong to the generation of old people who favour sons! Why don’t I go and keep you company? This way, I can also tutor you!” If only she could live in that kind of mansion, that really beautiful mansion! Chu Yao honestly felt that the present two- storey villa she was staying in now was meant for the newly rich to live in, like her who was pretty and intelligent, she should be living in a European style mansion, just like the main residence of Lu family!

“I don’t feel that Grandpa loves my male cousins more!” Lu Anran smiled superficially but seemed to have understood all of what Chu Yao have thought in her heart, “also, bringing you to live in grandfather’s house is not a good idea!”

“Why not?” Chu Yao was a little uneasy already. This Lu Anran was obviously trying to find an excuse!

“That day, Auntie was making such a scene outside the entrance of Lu family. Grandpa has seen it too. He doesn’t have a good impression of the both of you!” Lu Anran smiled with her eyes. Putting on a sympathising expression, she continued, “I am also staying at Grandpa’s place, bringing you along, I am afraid that Grandpa will be unhappy!”

“I……” Chu Yao opened her mouth, but she really didn’t know what else to say! That day, the scene that her mother made was really disgraceful, it even made her lost face! Chu Yao could not help silently cursing Lin Meifeng that she has never been able to do anything right! And insist on messing up her important matters!

“Do you still have anything else?” Seeing Chu Yao’s expression as if she has just eaten shit, Lu Anran’s mood turned even better. But she has to say that Chu Yao standing over here, even if she was really performing an act of eating shit, Lu Anran would also feel that she is an eyesore. Of course, this has nothing to do with the shit, the shit was innocent…… And so, she waved the book in her hand, “I’m going to study already!”

“Oh…… Nothing much.” Chu Yao hid her jealousy and annoyance in her eyes, then turned to leave Lu Anran’s table to return to her own seat.

“Pfft……” After Chu Yao left, Linda who sat next to Lu Anran exploded with laughter.

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  1. “Chu Yao honestly felt that the present two- storey villa she was staying in now was meant for the newly rich to live in, like her who was pretty and intelligent, she should be living in a European style mansion”

    I knew it. Chu Yao’s own family is pretty wealthy. Owning a two storey villa? Only upper middle class or higher people could own such an expensive house. Chu Yao doesn’t just want to be wealthy, she detests new money, she wants to be old money, like the Lu family (who have scholarly background) or even the Long family (who are implied to have royal blood) which is literally impossible. This girl is insane and dreaming of something that is unattainable.


  2. Oh wow so many updates! Thank you so much~~!!!

    “Chu Yao honestly felt that the present two- storey villa she was staying in now was meant for the newly rich to live in, like her who was pretty and intelligent, she should be living in a European style mansion”

    Andd here’s Chu Yao, another delusional wannabe…lol

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