Rebirth: Chapter 24 (Part 2)

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Chapter 24: The banquet’s finale, Liu Yue’s hatred (Part 2)

At the same time, there was another person who was full of resentment, and that was Director Lin of the Rong Corporation! The first thing Rong Tian did after returning from the Lu Corporation’s banquet was to remove Director Lin from Rong Corporation, leaving him with nothing.

When his lady friend realized that he was fired, she took a huge amount of money and jewellery and vanished from this world nowhere to be found; it was just like she have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Director Lin called Lu Junan and interrogated him. “ Lu Junan! You better give me a satisfactory explanation!”

“Director Lin, you can’t push the blame onto me ah!” Lu Junan current situation was just as unfortunate as Director Lin’s. “I’m stuck in an appalling situation over here as well ah!”

“Stop trying to shirk responsibility!” Director Lin said giving a snort of contempt. “If you didn’t open your mouth, how did Rong Tian know about the agreement between us?”

“It was all because of Lu Anran that slut!” Once Lu Junan speak of Lu Anran he will start boiled with rage. “Didn’t you see all the news reports?”

“……” Naturally Director Lin had also seen the news reports, and it was way beyond his expectations that the little girl at Lu Corporation had such ability. A cold fist clenched his heart when he remembered his delusions before about wanting to play with them both at the same time (*cough* have a threesome *cough*), a shiver went down his back.

He swallowed a mouthful of water and once more started to push all the responsibility onto Lu Junan.

“In the first place, you were the one who said that Ji Rou didn’t have a husband to back her up, and so there is no possibility that Lu Corporation would even consider her. If not where would I have gotten the guts to provoke her? It is all your fault! I’m warning you! You….”

On the other side, Lu Junan had already impatiently hanged up the phone, cutting off Director Lin before he could even finish his sentence. Hearing the line go “beep…beep…..beep….” Director Lin angrily threw his phone onto the ground, smashing it into pieces.

“Lu Junan, you have insulted me beyond the limit!” When he raised his head once more, his eyes were already dyed red from his fury. Today’s humiliation, he will definitely return it twice-fold! He will not let the Lu Corporation, Lu Junan and even Lu Anran get away with it!

After impatiently hanging up the phone, Lu Junan rubbed his pulsing temples. This Director Lin is such an idiot ah! The reason why he was he was willing to have an elder brother- little brother relationship with him previously was only because he was the Project Manager at Rong Corporation.

Both of them are obviously only drinking buddies, now this is just great! He does not even realise what status he has (in society), and still dare to warn him? Humph! How ridiculous!

“Dad, who was that?” Lu Anxin entered the study room asking when she saw annoyed face.

“You don’t need to bother with who it was, you just need to grasp onto Long Yuxing!” Lu Junan was more concerned about whether Lu Anxin is able to catch Long Yuxing, if he can get the Long Corporation as his backing, he no longer need to fear anyone in Z Country anymore ah!

“I know….” Lu Anxin said a little guiltily. “I will definitely do my best to make him stay, but he is after all the heir to Long Corporation….” That day, she could clearly see that Long Yuxing was in love with Lu Anran.

“Don’t you know how to use your brains?” Lin Yue said as she came in from outside the door holding a plate of fruits. “If you were to give birth to a son for Long Yuxing, I don’t believe he will be able to have a choice in marrying you!”

“Mum!” Lin Yue’s words made exasperated. She is only 17 years old ah! No matter what, she still have her own dignity! Isn’t this just Lin Yue making her take the initiative to climb into Long Yuxing’s bed? Lu Anxin felt a bit upset.

“Let me tell you, if you can’t even settle this kind of thing properly, just wait and see how I sort you out later!” Lin Yue had always been unsatisfied with her daughter, ever since she gave birth to Lu Anxin, she has decided that this daughter will be the most perfect stepping stone for her son! If Lu Anxin can clutch onto Long Yuxing, her son will naturally become to the one to take over Lu Corporation! When it comes to that moment, that Ji Rou will also have to curry favour with her! She really cannot wait to quickly see Ji Rou’s bowing and scrapping look in front of her!

“Mum, don’t be too much!” Lu Anxin felt throughly disappointed in this mother of hers.     “I’m too much?” Lin Yue’s voice involuntarily went up a few octaves. “If I didn’t give birth to you! Would my figure become like this?” This was the pain in the whole of Lin Yue life, even since she gave birth to Lu Anxin, her figure began to go more and more out of shape, her skin also started to age and grow winkles.

As she observes Lu Anxin growing older and becoming more and more beautiful as days go by, she already turned fuming mad. She felt that Lu Anxin’s beauty was built upon her aging day by day, in fact she has already discovered that Lu Junan was having affairs outside, but there was nothing she could do. Her figure had seriously lost its shape and no matter how much weight reducing medicine that she take, binding clothing that she wear, or even dieting. She was unable to return back to her original shape! Other than feeling helplessness and unwillingness, she was only left with hatred, she absolute detest this daughter who brought her “misfortune”, and abhor Ji Rou even more who also gave birth to a daughter but became more and more beautiful.

“…..” Every time she hears Lin Yue saying this kind of words, Lu Anxin always feel a pinching pain in her heart, why is her mother like this? Full of hatred treating her like an enemy, often in these moments, she will be envious of Lu Anran. Ji Rou dotes on her so much….and now even Grandpa is doing the same! They were all Lu Family’s honoured young miss, why is there such a big difference? At the age of 15, Lu Anran has already received the management rights to Lu Family’s 100th’s store, but what about herself? Her mother actually encourage her to use her body for their own interest, even though she is only 17 years old…..

Even since she was born it was already unfair, no matter how much effort she put in, no matter how much better she does, just because of the fact that she is a daughter and not a son, the moment she was born she is fated to be the stepping stone for her brother and father. Sometimes, she cannot help but think if Lu Anhua was not born and Lu Junan and Lin Yue only has her, then, will everything be different…..


*sobs* I feel so sad for Lu Anxin, growing up in this kind of environment, no wonder she is always jelly of Lu Anran! Maybe if she didn’t she might have become good friends with Lu Anran huh…..


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  1. If Lu Anxin is hurt by her mother’s cruel words and envies Lu Anran for having the best mom, then why doesn’t she go to her First Aunt and air her grievances to her. Like Ji Rou is literally the embodiment of an angel, she would take Anxin under her wing just like that. Or even why doesn’t she tell her grandpa about how she’s treated by her family. Like the old man may be biased (incredibly biased) but he is certainly reasonable (After all he did teach Junfeng (second uncle) and his sons (Anshuo and Anming) the Lu family secret recipes). Should he know what Lin Yue and Junan were doing to Anxin he would break them in half.


  2. just you guys wait her moment is yet to come 😀
    I belive she will become a perfect lutenent to the MC in the future! 😀

    well i wish :p

    thanks for all the cahpters ❤

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  3. Ok, before I said I was joking when I said I feel bad for lu anxin but now I honestly do feel pity for her. I hope she can turn herself around and becomes a better person.

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  4. “As she observes Lu Anxin growing older and becoming more and more beautiful as days go by, she already turned fuming mad.”

    Wow what a bad mom, the worst mom, ever.

    Thanks for the chapter

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  5. yea I pity Lu Anran a bit in this chapter. But even if you have a sad upbringing, it’s still your choice to bully others and letting jealousy consume you.
    thanks for the chapter!

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