Rebirth: Chapter 24 (Part 1)

Hey peeps!!! Sorry I’m posting this up so late…or rather so early in the morning but technically it is still Monday (since I’m still up hehehe), it doesn’t count as Tuesday! hahahahaha ~~ And also, I’m really sorry the chapter is so short… I’ll work harder!!!o(*^▽^*)┛

Chapter 24: The banquet’s finale, Liu Yue’s hatred (Part 1)

After bustling about all day, it was finally time for the curtains to fall. Overall, the whole birthday party was quite a success and regardless of those from elite business circles or important officials in political circles, they were all pleased when they left. There was no shortage of people who not only wanted to have further collaborations with Lu Corporation, even the wealthy gentry officials who have sons close to Lu Anran’s age wanted to form an alliance by marriage. But the moment these people brought up the topic, they were all oppressed by Lu Jianhao with one sentence: “She’s still too young to be talking about marriage!” and initiated a change in topic.

The banquet this time, not only led everyone to be astonished at Lu Corporation’s abundant financial resources once more, but also allowed everybody to know of Lu Anran’s existence and her position in Lu Jianhao’s heart and in the whole of Lu Corporation.

From the beginning of this banquet, Lu Anran started to openly show her brilliance. This kind of result was very unexpected for Lu Anran, because in her previous lifetime, it was only due to her uniquely superior tastebuds that made her to stand out as an outstanding talent in the Major Food Tournament and led the general population to be aware of her.

The fact that Lu Anran received lavish praises from the media caused Lu Junan’s whole family to boil with rage. Yet, there was one more person whose fury was beyond that of the entire Lu Junan’s family’s rage combined together.

The next day, news reports about Lu Corporation was earth-shattering. It was full of praises lauding Lu Corporation to the skies, as well as eulogies about Lu Anran’s brilliance and beauty! Lu Anran, with her exquisite makeup, smiled lightly while holding a glass of red wine, her eyes full of self-confidence. This kind of picture-perfect image was instantaneously captured into a photograph, and appeared on the cover page of the current magazines and newspapers.

To Chu Yao who was proud and arrogant, this was exactly like a stabbing knife to her heart! After, furiously ripped the cover page of the magazine into pieces, Chu Yao still felt enraged, and swept off all of her books on the table onto the floor.

All of these glories should be hers! Why should that fool be the one to enjoy all these praises? Lu Anran, this kind of idiot is only fit to be ruthlessly trampled under her foot!

14 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 24 (Part 1)

    1. You can have non-alcoholic wine… cant you? Also its technically legal to drink alcohol in private, just that its illegal to sell it to kids. You can also drink it if you have an adult present in restaurants, bars etc

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  1. Lol Chu Yao got a really severe princess syndrome here.. she should see a psychiatrist -,-

    Not really worried about her though.. just the one behind her and the fact that it is possible that she’d be reincarnated too if the author wants to suddenly pull off plot twist of the year -.-“

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  2. jealousy is the root of all evils for Chu Yao. Just because Anran had been led by the nose previously, CY thinks she’s got the upper hand. Power play!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. I agree. I don’t even get how she’s getting all these ideas from? There’s no sense of what she’s saying. Just because Lu Anran is rich, she should be trampled under her feet. What kind of logic is that?

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