Rebirth: Chapter 21 (Part 1)

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Chapter 21: The Young Master of Long Corporation, Unwilling to Respond

(Part 1)

The sunlight shone through the tree branches, leaping between strands of his hair. He was about 17 to 18 years old, 1.79 m in height. His brown eyes looked in the direction of the hall with tenderness as he gently shook the goblet in his fair but distinctly defined hands. The Bordeaux red wine from L’Auberge Chateau swirled beautifully in the transparent glass following the rotation of his wrist. A custom made Zegna black suit outlined his slender yet toned physique. There was a kind of gentlemanly bearing in every of his gesture as if he had received an excellent upbringing.

Lu Anxin firmly believed that every action and movement of a person can show all of an individual’s breeding and education. An outer appearance may be able to deceive one’s eyes, the attire worn may be able to confuse the eyes, words may be modified to cloud the mind, everything and anything can be falsified, except a person’s temperament. This is the only thing that is absolutely true! This is also the reason why Long Yuxing has captivated her with just one glance.

“Young Master Long, are you alone?” Lu Junan brought Lu Anxin to Long Yuxing’s side. Smiling courteously, he (Lu Junan) said, “There are indeed many guests today. If there are areas that we weren’t attentive enough, we hope that Young Master Long would forgive us for our poor hospitality.”

“You are too kind.” Long Yuxing recognised Lu Junan and smiled a little.

“Young Master Long, today’s wine is L’Auberge Chateau’s Bordeaux. It was fermented using very ripe grapes, so you have to be quick when drinking!” Lu Anxin kindly explained on one hand and showed off her own knowledge on the other.

“Is that so?” Long Yuxing naturally knew what kind of wine this was, and also knew that he has to be quick when drinking Bordeaux, but he has been gazing at that beautiful image of lilac in the distance such that his interest in drinking has long ceased. No matter how delicious the wine was, even if it enters his mouth, it would be like plain water, lacking in flavour.

Hearing Long Yuxing’s lukewarm response, Lu Anxin awkwardly looked at Lu Junan.

“This is my daughter Lu Anxin. She should be the same age as Young Master Long, still at the age of playfulness. If she has spoken imprudently, we hope Young Master Long would be more understanding!” Lu Junan said, smiling fawningly.

“En.” Long Yuxing answered absentmindedly, looking for that touch of lilac in the hall once again, but he could not find it anywhere. For a moment, Long Yuxing was a little flustered. Where did she go?

“Young Master has never been to S city right? S city can be regarded as the famous historical and cultural city of Country Z. If there’s any places that Young Master Long is interested in, I can be a tour guide to Young Master Long!” Lu Anxin flashed a sweet smile once more at Long Yuxing.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I came here to study. If there’s any place I wish to go, I’ll go with my classmates and will not bother Miss Anxin.” Long Yuxing refused politely. Obviously, he wished even more for Lu Anran to serve as a tour guide for himself…… Then again, where on earth did Lu Anran go?

Long Yuxing looked all around discretely, finally finding that beautiful image of lilac near the fountain at the courtyard. She was earnestly saying something to those children who has been playing all along, and the children frequently nodded their head together. Seeing that stance was like seeing an imposing manner of a female boss of boy scouts. The corners of Long Yuxing’s lips could not help but lifted slightly, revealing a gentle smile.

Following Long Yuxing’s gaze, Lu Anxin also caught sight of Lu Anran’s figure, her heart suddenly thumped, and both her hands involuntarily tightened to form fists. Why is it Lu Anran again! Why is she everywhere? Why does this Lu Anran keep on spoiling my matters?

“Both of you talk first, I’ll go over there to take a look!” Lu Junan did not notice that something was not right and thought of creating an opportunity for his own daughter, so he laughed and slipped away first. He had a lot of confidence in his own daughter. Pretty in appearance, cultured and educated! If they were able to join the Long Corporation’s line, won’t it be very easy to capture an insignificant Lu Corporation? In this way, he also wouldn’t need to be controlled by others. Rather than relying on others to seize Lu Corporation, he might as well rely on the daughter that he has worked hard to cultivate!

To Lu Junan, Lu Anxin is one of his investments. Now, he can eagerly sit back and wait to recover his capital investments and make a lot of money! Originally, he hoped to use Lu Anxin to join a line of an aristocratic family in Kyoto, unexpectedly this time he could directly join the Long Corporation’s line! All the unhappiness in Lu Junan’s heart has completely vanished, as if Long Yuxing becoming his son- in- law was already a done deal.

Long Yuxing felt a little annoyed seeing Lu Junan walking away and leaving Lu Anxin still standing by his side. But after all, it may be the hospitality of Lu Corporation, afraid that they were being too inattentive or something. Since it was a matter concerning etiquettes, it was also hard for him to say anything.


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  1. It’s disgusting how Lu Junfan wants to sell his daughter. Such a stark contrast to Lu Junfeng who got protective of Lu Anran when he saw that Long Yuxing was interested in her.

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  2. I think the ML is still not enough overbearing. Is it because he’s still young? Oh well, he seems to already head over heels for our cute MC. Thanks for the chapter desu~


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  4. Thank you so much for the frequent updates~!
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  5. A pretty good ML, good thing he knows how to be flustered. It’s pretty refreshing, and his reactions towards Lu Anran are cute while showing his human side.

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  6. I’m just rolling my eyes off reading Lu Junan selling his daughter off and pushing her onto the ML as if he got him already *rolling my eyes again*

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