Rebirth: Chapter 20 (Part 2)

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Chapter 20: Blaming Each Other, Getting Close to Long Corporation

(Part 2)

“It’s all that damn girl Lu Anran’s fault!” Lu Anhua tightly clenched his fist, unable to vent his stomach full of anger, “Wasted seven million for nothing!”

“Isn’t it also because you spoke out of turn!” Lu Anxin glared angrily at her brother.

“Don’t blame your brother!” Liu Yue spoke up for her son and said, “Your brother didn’t say anything wrong, it’s that Lu Anran! She’s too cunning! Also you… Didn’t you see the fire? At that time, why mention the insignia matter, letting others seize the opportunity?”

“Mum! You can’t blame me for that ah!” Lu Anxin felt wronged in her heart, “If, at that time, the insignia matter was not mentioned, older brother would have utterly lost his eligibility as a successor ah! This time, it is mainly older brother’s fault!” Why was she always blamed when something happens? Just because she is a girl?

“Blame me for what, it’s Mum who started saying it first!” Lu Anhua immediately pushed the blame to Liu Yue.

“How can you blame me!” Liu Yue was not happy. She helped her son out of a predicament, yet he made her a scapegoat, she is even more unwilling, “I can say, Ji Rou and I are of the same generation, and Lu Anran’s elder. Of course, it is inappropriate for you to say!”

“I……” Lu Anhua still wanted to quibble but was interrupted by Lu Junan.

“Have you all finished! Have all of you quarrelled enough!” Lu Junan’s head was almost going to explode. The loss of seven million made him distressed. Having such a bunch of insensible family members made his heart ache! Each and every one of them, other than blaming each other, what else do they know? What kind of day is it today ah! There are so many respected industry big shots and various media gathering together, yet they could still have an internal strife! Lu Junan really wanted to ruthlessly give himself two tight slaps. Why did he marry Liu Yue, such a brainless woman, and give birth to two stupid children!

Lu Junan ferociously glared at his silent family members, without forgetting to rebuke Lu Anxin, “Why didn’t you use your brain to think as well! You have really let me down! What is the use of raising you up to now!”

“Dad……” Lu Anxin felt a little hurt. From young, when was she ever criticised this badly by Lu Junan? At sixteen, she took up a diploma entering one of the top 50 universities specialising in business management. At that time, this news occupied an entire page in various newspapers of S city, truly pleasing Lu Junan! And now, at seventeen, even though she was in her first year of work, she has never given Lu Junan any trouble in the company, nor has she ever troubled him. Always being careful and conscientious. Why does Dad still blame her?

On contrary, if there is a fault, the first person Liu Yue pushes out to take the blame is herself! What decade are we living in? To still value males over females! This kind of thinking in Lu Anxin’s eyes, who returned from studying abroad, is extremely absurd and shameless. But right now, she is also powerless to change it…….

Lu Junan disdainfully rolled his eyes at Lu Anxin. Turning his head around, he caught a glimpse of Long Yuxing. He had already noticed Long Yuxing when he arrived earlier and actually wanted to have a chat with him, but Lu Jianhao told Lu Junfeng to entertain Long Yuxing and so, even though Lu Junan felt dissatisfied, he could only endure it. Now that Long Yuxing is alone, it is certainly a good chance to approach him.

Lu Junan glanced at his own daughter and had an idea. Clearing his throat, he said to Lu Anxin, “Anxin, come with me to entertain Long Corporation’s successor!”

“Long Corporation?” Lu Anxin was dumbfounded. Looking towards Long Yuxing who was not too far away, she unexpectedly had a fleeting moment of palpitation.

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12 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 20 (Part 2)

  1. Tbh Anxin was just born in wrong family. Their petty mind affected her and I hope she can gather enough courage to leave them. She’s already so intelligent and strives hard to earn her father’s affection- but can’t because she’s a girl– she’s so much better than her slag brother.
    I hope she can leave the family because she’s bound to enter death traps with the MC if she continues her loyalty to her family. Sigh, the life of a cannon fodder sure isn’t easy 😞

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