Rebirth: Chapter 20 (Part 1)

Chapter 20: Blaming Each Other, Getting Close to Long Corporation

(Part 1)

When Lu Anran saw that Lu Junan’s family all had a kind of eat- shit expression, she was suddenly in a very good mood. She happily ran back to her mother’s side and stuck out her tongue.

In a corner of the main hall, a youth wearing a tailored black suit was watching her full of interest while holding a glass of red wine. This Lu Anran has become even prettier than 8 years ago, and even weirder…… Last time, it was just a brief glimpse, now seeing Lu Anran smiling so sweetly, he thought back to that delicate writing on the sticky note and felt a sudden warmth in his chest. After 8 years, the decision to insist on coming to S city by himself was indeed correct.

“Young Master Long?” Lu Junfeng called out, seeing the honoured guest that Lu Jianhao has let him entertain was lost in thought. At the same time, he followed Young Master Long’s line of sight and saw his own niece Lu Anran, he then understood that the Long Corporation’s successor had taken a fancy to his own niece.

If they could form a marriage alliance with Country Z’s top enterprise Long Corporation, it could benefit the future development of Lu Corporation! But this thought was immediately overturned by Lu Junfeng. The larger the family clan, the deeper the water, the dirtier matters are, especially Kyoto’s side where fishes and dragons are mixed in together1! Lu Anran is naïve and innocent. She is definitely not suited to marry into a family clan that has a solid foundation for millenniums like Long Corporation. Also, he still does not know the character of Long Yuxing!

“En?” Realising that he was being absent- minded, Long Yuxing smiled apologetically, “That person is the Young Miss of Lu Family, Lu Anran?”

“Uhm……” Lu Junfeng also did not expect the Long Yuxing to be so direct, so he nodded and said, “Yes.”

“Still studying?” Long Yuxing calculated and asked, “Should be in her third year of middle school……”

“That’s right, Lu Anran is still in her third year of middle school.” Not wishing for Long Yuxing to excessively stop the topic of conversation on Lu Anran, Lu Junfeng started to ask, “Young Master Long’s visit to S city this time round, is it to come and unwind for a period of time?”

“I have already transferred over and will be graduating from the high school here.” Long Yuxing answered.

“Oh……” Lu Junfeng followed on by saying, “There are many places to sightsee in S city. If there is somewhere that Young Master Long would like to go, I’ll let my son to accompany you to wander around.”

“Thank you.” Long Yuxing smiled politely, and once again had a quick and intense look at Lu Anran before retracting his gaze, “I’ll go and mingle.”

“Please.” Lu Junfeng sensed that Long Yuxing would like to be alone for a while and did not say anything further. Smiling, he moved sideways to give way. However, he silently started to take precautions. It’s fine if it was a sincere pursuit, but generally, this kind of pampered son of large wealthy family clan would only want to have fun.

Lu Corporation may not be as world- renowned like Long Corporation, a large family business with a thousand- year history, but Lu Corporation was still the leading enterprise in the food and beverage industry in S city and was also somewhat famous in Country Z! The Young Miss of Lu Corporation was also precious and cannot be bullied by others.

Lu Junfeng himself has only two sons and no daughter, so he took on the daughter of his most respected eldest brother and loved her as his own daughter. His expectations for Lu Anran were also a little higher. Previously, Lu Anran would always avoid Lu Junfeng’s nagging, and was instead a lot closer to Lu Junan who always bought her toys and games.

Even though Xu Lianxin had repeatedly advised him, but once he considered the fact that Lu Anran is the daughter of his eldest brother and was likely to be Lu Corporation’s successor in future, he could not refrain himself from being a little stricter with Lu Anran.

On the other side, the entire family of Lu Junan felt oppressed by Lu Anran and had retreated to the courtyard where there were fewer guests. They did not want to stay in the living room where it was full of guests. When Lu Junan’s heart was full of jealousy and anger, both his son and daughter and his wife were still blaming each other for what had happened just now. Lu Junan became even angrier.

1 Idiom for crooks mixed in with honest folks

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