Rebirth: Chapter 19 (Part 2)

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Chapter 19: Another Slap, Sabotage a Good Thing

(Part 2)

The whole family of Lu Junan went pale in an instant, these words were equivalent to giving Lu Anhua a death sentence, it also clearly informs Lu Junan that Lu Jianhao will never choose Lu Anhua as Lu Corporation’s successor!

“Grandpa……” Lu Anxin was the first person to recover. She awkwardly laughed, “It’s not that you don’t know my older brother. He is simple and straightforward, sometimes, the things he says doesn’t go through his brain. If there is anything said that is not pleasing to the ears, you can hit or scold him, but he is still filial to you in his heart. See, today’s your birthday, my brother made a special trip back to the university in London that you and Grandma studied in when you were young to bid for the six- hundredth- year anniversary insignia.” Lu Anxin winked at Lu Anhua.

Lu Anhua held down the rest of his anger and switched to bootlicking smile. He took out a red case from his shirt pocket. Inside, the insignia was only the size of the palm of a hand, and was entirely made of pure gold, but what’s precious was not the insignia but Lu Jianhao’s memories when he was younger. This idea was thought out by Lu Anxin. With regards to IQ, hers should be the highest amongst Lu Junan’s family.

The corners of Lu Anran’s mouth slightly turned up. It really was the exactly the same as her previous lifetime. She remembered that Lu Jianhao was very touched, and under Lu Junan’s request, had given Lu Anhua a new store to manage, but this time round in this lifetime, she will never let these evil people succeed!

Just as expected, seeing that Lu Jianhao was so fond of the insignia, Lu Junan started to say, “Dad, Hua, this child is really filial! He works extremely hard in the company. To continue to let him stay in the PR department is truly a little waste of his talents. Doesn’t Lu Corporation have a new store at Xin Dong……”

Lu Junan had not finished speaking, Lu Anran hung onto Lu Jianhao’s arm and said, “This gift given by Cousin Anhua is really good. Just use this to make up for just now! Okay Grandpa? Mum and I have also forgiven Cousin brother already! You also give some face and forgive him too!”

“…….” Once Lu Anran’s words were out, Lu Junan and family were angered a second time. This insignia was bought for more than seven million at the auction ah! And only just to use it as a merit to make up for the demerits? That is just too inappropriate isn’t it! Also, the whole family of Lu Junan did not think that Lu Anhua was in the wrong!

“Also okay!” Lu Jianhao nodded his head in consent, “let’s do as you say!”

“Yay!” Lu Anran said with a pleased expression, as if she was taking credit for someone’s achievement, “Cousin Anhua, still don’t quickly thank me?!”

Still have to say thanks? Lu Anhua was even entertaining the thought of tearing Lu Anran to pieces, but as he felt pressured by Lu Jianhao’s expression, he still pulled an extremely ugly smile and said, “ I….. I thank you ah……..”


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  1. If I was Lu Anhua and fam….yes, the tingling feel of being slapped senseless without actually being slapped physically by a 15 yo girl using her ol’ granpapa…………………..I will definitely vomit blood immediately.

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