Rebirth: Chapter 19 (Part 1)

Chapter 19: Another Slap, Sabotage a Good Thing

(Part 1)

Compared to these two sets of formal wear, the one that Lu Anran had gifted to Chu Yao was obviously more expensive, after all Ji Rou had specially invited a famous master to tailor for Lu Anran, only it’s a pity that it was sent out by the “senseless Lu Anran” so Ji Rou could only bring her to buy another new set.

The two of them looked around the shop for a long time and finally settled on the same one. At that time, Lu Anran had a sudden idea, using a large amount of money, she persuaded and cajoled the designer to come up with a highly similar dress overnight, resulting in a scene where both Lu Anran and Ji Rou wear matching “mother and daughter” outfits and appear exquisitely in front of everyone. Two similar faces wearing two very similar formal attire, such a beautiful pair of mother and daughter makes it difficult for one to stop thoughts running though one’s mind.

“Father, happy birthday!” Ji Rou was a little apologetic about being late. Her fair skin flushed with embarrassment as she met Lu Jianhao’s eyes for a split second.

“Humph! It’s Father’s birthday yet you still wake up so late. If it was not for the maid, wouldn’t you sleep till tomorrow?!” Once Liu Yue looked at Ji Rou’s smooth fair face and delicate slender waist, she was so jealous that even her eyes could emit fire, even the comments made were barbed.

“Precisely!” Lu Anhua said, glancing at Lu Anran in hatred out of jealousy, “Uncle is not around, there is really not even a tiny bit of decorum at all!”

“I……” Ji Rou ears were very red; her head was buried so low that she wished she could squeeze into the seams of the earth. Being late was indeed her fault, but surely there was no need to ruthlessly criticise in front of so many guests!

“Grandpa!” Lu Anran scurried suddenly to Lu Jianhao’s side and asked like a spoiled child, “Grandpa, are you angry with Anran? It is all Mum’s fault that we got up so late!”

“…… ” Ji Rou was almost in tears, is there anyone so dishonest1 like Anran…… No, should be pit against Mum ah!

“It’s all because Mum was worried that as I stay by Grandpa’s side, Grandpa’s rest will be disturbed by my rowdiness, and so, I got educated for most of the night! Anran couldn’t even open her eyes! Mum also said something like, Dad is not around, any garbage and trash can also bully us, and told me to be more careful!”

“…… ” Ji Rou was speechless, she dared to swear to the lights! She definitely did not say anything like this yesterday ah! What kind of medicine is in this bottle gourd of Anran!

“Nonsense!” Lu Jianhao said, “Who dares to bully you two!” Lu Jianhao looked towards Ji Rou, “Xiao Rou, you are being too fearful. Being thoughtful is good, but you have also thought too much!” Already staying in his house, how could he allow the wife and child of his beloved son be bullied!

“Dad…… I……” Ji Rou wanted to explain, but she did not know where to start, she could not possibly say Anran was lying right? Although Anran was pitting against her, but she cannot possibly take part her daughter’s stage and state her faults either.

“Who said so!” Lu Anran suddenly continued the conversation and said, “Just now wasn’t there someone who used my Dad’s absence to criticise my Mum?”

Lu Anhua, who was watching the excitement, froze. Isn’t it great that this pair of mother and daughter are biting each other? Why does it seem strange somewhere all of a sudden?

“…… ” Lu Jianhao finally understood. This Lu Anran is using himself as an envoy to support her mother! Although being schemed against by his granddaughter was something shameful, but doesn’t it also show his granddaughter’s intelligence and wisdom? Also, he must indeed speak up and say a sentence or two for Ji Rou, if not anyone would think that this pair of mother and daughter can be easily bullied! Lu Jianhao put on a long face and said coldly, “Anran, you don’t need to pay any attention to them. Even though Junan stays at home every day, Anhua’s family upbringing also leave a lot to be desired!  To go as far as to criticize his Eldest Aunt!  Lao san2 , is this how you teach your son!”

“I…..” Lu Junan once again suppressed his words back into his belly. He understood his father too well, if he says another sentence at this moment, then wait and see! There were many more words that the old man had to say after, furthermore, every sentence will definitely be worse than this.

“Grandpa, they were the ones who were late first ah!” Lu Anhua did not know Lu Jianhao as well as Lu Junan.

“They had my permission to be late! You have something against it?” Lu Jianhao glanced at Lu Anhua and coldly said, “ As long as I, Lu Jianhao, have a single breath left in me, it will never be your turn to make such criticisms in this family. Even if there comes a day when both my legs can’t move, the entire Lu Corporation will not be left to you (Lu Anhua) to rule.”


1 坑爹 keng die is an internet slang for dishonest. But 爹 die by itself means father, the author is making a pun here by saying 不对, 是坑妈的啊!directly translating it to “No, should be keng ma. 妈 ma by itself is a casual way of calling mother (妈妈) , like Mum.

2 Third child in the family.


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