Rebirth: Chapter 18 (Part 2)

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Chapter 18: Mother- Daughter’s Heart- to- Heart Talk at Night

(Part 2)

“I just wanna act spoiled with you mom, no matter how old I get, I am always your daughter!” Lu Anran closed her eyes and hugged Ji Rou tightly. Nobody can understand her kind of ‘lost and regain’ feeling of happiness. Even after so many days, it was so unrealistic that she still felt like she was dreaming, and felt worried that Ji Rou would disappear with the blink of her eye….

“Silly girl!” Ji Rou also tightened her arms around her daughter. “Anran, what’s going on…between you and Chu Yao? Did you guys fight?”

“…..” When Lu Anran heard Ji Rou mention Chu Yao’s name, her body stiffened immediately. “Why… why are you talking about her suddenly?”

“Because Mom felt like you were acting very cold towards her recently…” Ji Rou concernedly said.

“Isn’t she your best friend?” She remembered before Lu Anran loved to stick with Chu Yao all the time, and both of them were close with each other like real sisters.

“……” Lu Anran deliberated carefully, and felt that she should still give Ji Rou a warning. “I… I don’t like Chu Yao anymore?”

“Why?” Ji Rou placed her hands onto Lu Anran’s shoulders.

“Because….” Lu Anran raised her head and looked at Ji Rou’s eyes. “Because the last time I fell into the swimming pool, I think I indistinctly saw Chu Yao was the one who pushed me….”

“What?” Ji Rou was stunned instantly. “Are you sure? You didn’t see wrongly?” It is not that Ji Rou do not believe Lu Anran, but rather she found it hard to believe that the cute and lovely Chu Yao would strike such a vicious blow to Lu Anran, who have been so good to her…

“I also didn’t see clearly…” Lu Anran haven’t found the mysterious person behind Chu Wanhai yet, so she still cannot completely cut off all ties with Chu Yao. “It is precisely because I didn’t see clearly, so I am distancing myself from her now!”

“Like this ah…” Ji Rou gave a sigh of relief, but still felt scared for Lu Anran in the future. On one hand, she is worried that they have blamed Chu Yao wrongly, and on the other hand, she was anxious, what is she going to do if Chu Yao harbour malicious intentions? Her husband has already disappeared, she cannot lose her daughter as well. “Then it’s better if you stay further away from Chu Yao!”

“En!” Lu Anran nodded her head. It looks like she managed to attain the result that she wanted, in Ji Rou’s heart, she should now have a bit of her guard up against Chu Yao.

Lu Anran smiled contently, and buried her head into Ji Rou’s embrace again. “Mom, next time you cannot believe people so easily ah! Especially, Chu Yao! Unless, I’m the one who said it. If not, you definitely cannot believe! Ok? O…. k….?” Lu Anran’s voice gradually become softer and softer as she sank into a deep sleep.

She was totally exhausted after today, just to make Lu Jianhao happy, she racked her brains to tell him one anecdote after another that she heard before in her previous lifetime. Tiring her out totally.

“En!” Ji Rou gave an affirmative sound. Why is her daughter treating her like she was a small child! Smiling helplessly, Ji Rou tucked the blanket more firmly around Lu Anran and quietly switched off the bedside lamp. She kissed Lu Anran on the forehead and slowly entered dreamland.

In her dreams, Hao ge has already returned, she was walking side-by-side with Hao ge holding hands in a wheat field, and Lu Anran was running around playing in front of them. The golden wheat field stretched as far as her eyes could see, and the reddish orange sunset shined on their face, their body… In her sleep, Ji Rou could not help but reveal a smile full of happiness…

Both mother and daughter slept very soundly until a maidservant awkwardly knocked to the door to tell them that guests have already started arriving in succession. This pair of mother and daughter sat up abruptly, and dazedly gazed at each other. After a moment, they came to their senses and screamed, having just remembered that today is Lu Jianhao’s 60th birthday and they have actually overslept!!!

All their dressing up and makeup was done under a cluster of maidservants surrounding them. When both of them appear on the 1st floor living room in a panic, it was already full of guests. In the middle of the courtyard, the children of the guests attending the banquet were running around laughing and playing happily, but outside the courtyard was jam-packed full of reporters.

The appearance of Lu Anran and Ji Rou drew much attention, both mother and daughter were wearing similar lilac coloured wrap dress. The only thing that was different was Ji Rou’s dress was more of a light purple-ish blue colour and Lu Anran’s dress colour inclined towards a light purple-ish pink.


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