Rebirth: Chapter 18 (Part 1)

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Chapter 18: Mother- Daughter’s Heart- to- Heart Talk at Night

(Part 1)

For the whole afternoon, Lu Anran stayed by Lu Jianhao’s side laughing, chatting and joking around, making Lu Jianhao rock back and forth in laughter while Ji Rou watched her daughter helplessly.

Previously Lu Anran was very restrained in front of Lu Jianhao. What in the world is happening now? Has she finally opened her eyes? Anyway, everything is fine as long as Lu Jianhao is happy!

When it is finally dinner time, the two sons of Lu Junfeng have also arrived. In this one dinner, some families were happy while other families were worried. Even after the sun has set, Lu Junan has not appeared in front of everyone, even the brother- and- sister Lu Anhua and Lu Anxin were also not as haughty like how they were when they came this afternoon.

Both of them had their heads lowered in low spirits and did not say anything, only when Lu Jianhao asked about work matters did they then raise their head to reply with a few sentences, as if they were just passing through the motion.

At nightfall, Lu Anran slept in the same room as Ji Rou. It has been a long time since they both laid on the same bed. Lu Anran rested her head on Ji Rou’s arm, unexpectedly feeling a little nervous. She felt that everything was inconceivable like a dream.

Lu Anran carefully scrutinized Ji Rou’s face. Ji Rou took very good care of her skin, so even at the age of 35, her appearance still made her look like she was in her 20s. Her long black and shiny hair that she had never dyed before was usually tied up into a low ponytail, and now with it hanging loosely around her shoulders, there was also a kind of lasting appeal.

Under the dim glow of the bedside lamp, Ji Rou whole body shined with a faint glow, presenting an image of an ideal wife- graceful, lovely and gentle. Ji Rou appears to have just fell asleep, her breathing was deep and steady, letting Lu Anran have an illusion of anxiousness and worry, leading her to call out involuntarily. “Mom?”

“Hm?” Ji Rou answered casually replied with her eyes still closed.

“Mom?” Lu Anran called out again.

“Hm?” Ji Rou slowly opened her eyes and perplexingly looked towards Lu Anran.

“Mom? Mom? Mom!” Lu Anran called Ji Rou again and again.

“Hm?” Ji Rou was a little puzzled, what is wrong with her daughter? Ji Rou reached out her hand and pressed against Lu Anran’s forehead, feeling even more baffled, Anran doesn’t have a fever ah!

So, Ji Rou asked, “ Anran, what’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?”

“No…” Lu Anran snuggled into Ji Rou’s arms, nestled her face into Ji Rou’s warm chest and listened to Ji Rou’s steady heartbeat. “Mom, I missed you…”

In the previous lifetime, after Ji Rou passed away, for uncountable days and nights, Lu Anran would always wake up abruptly from her dreams and realise that she has no mother anymore…

“Silly girl!” Ji Rou smiled helplessly, used her hand to stroke the back of Lu Anran’s head and said,

“This child she is already 15, big girl already. Why she suddenly acting spoiled?”

Even today, Uncle Lu had actually prepared a room for Lu Anran, but she still insist on sleeping with Ji Rou. Thinking about it now, it has been years since Lu Anran acted like this with her.

“I just wanna act spoiled with you mom, no matter how old I get, I am always your daughter!” Lu Anran closed her eyes and hugged Ji Rou tightly. Nobody can understand her kind of ‘lost and regain’ feeling of happiness. Even after so many days, she still felt it was so unrealistic like she was dreaming, worrying anxiously that Ji Rou would disappear with the blink of her eye….


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