Rebirth: Chapter 17 (Part 2)

Chapter 17: Face slap with full strength; Fury, envy and hatred

(Part 2)

Lu Jianhao was somewhat displeased with Ji Rou’s words. He was set on passing on Lu Corporation to his eldest son Lu Junhao but now Lu Junhao is not around, and Lu Anran was innately talented. Naturally he wants to raise Lu Anran as his successor……

“Mum, I want to enter Lu Corporation……” Lu Anran was grateful to her mother for thinking so much about herself, but ever since she was reborn, she has already made up her mind, “I want to take the place of my father to protect Grandpa well, protect Lu Corporation and protect you!”

“Good!” Lu Jianhao strike the table, “You are indeed worthy of being my granddaughter!” At such young age and able to take on heavy responsibilities! This is then his, Lu Jianhao’s granddaughter! This is then Junhao’s good daughter!

“Anran……” The corners of Ji Rou eyes were somewhat moist. Her daughter has given her too many surprises, at the same time, she felt a little sorry towards her daughter. Only 15 years old, this should be an age of playfulness but not only was her father not by her side, she also has to shoulder such heavy duties and responsibilities. How could her heart not ache for her?

Lu Junfeng and Xu Lianxin also gave each other a contented smile. In their hearts, older brother Lu Junhao is worthy of being the heir to Lu Corporation. Even though older brother is missing, Lu Anran was still so obedient and sensible. It truly made them so very gratified.

The whole table was filled with joy but this joy was not felt by everyone, at least not by Lu Junan and his family. Lu Anhua and Lu Anxin were indignant but could not say a single word and could only insipidly eat rice in their bowls as if they were chewing wax. Even Lu Junan ferociously kneaded a fist and gritted his teeth. Why does Lu Jianhao show such favouritism towards older brother Lu Junhao since young? Now that Lu Junhao has gone missing for so many years, Lu Jianhao is not even willing to look at myself, look at my own children? Why? Just why?

Just by eating one meal, some families were joyful, while others were unhappy. After eating, both Lu Anran and Ji Rou amused Lu Jianhao till he burst into loud laughter. Lu Bo was also very delighted. After Eldest Young Master went missing, Old Master has never been so happy like today! The whole Lu residence was again bustling with noise and excitement after such a long time.

Lu Junfeng and his wife were also provoked into laughter by Lu Anran’s anecdotes. In the past, how did they not realise that Lu Anran has such a talent for storytelling?

Lu Junan and his family felt they were the superfluous one in the entire living room and so they simply went up to the second floor by themselves to hold a “family meeting”.

“Humph!” The more Lu Anhua thought about it, the angrier he got, “Grandpa is being too biased! Why does he let Lu Anran take all the goodies?!”

“Quieten down! Be careful, walls have ears!” Compared to her brother Lu Anhua, Lu Anxin was a lot more careful.

“They are all downstairs laughing merrily. How would they have time to eavesdrop on us!” Liu Yue rolled her eyes unhappily.

“Dad! From what I can see, that Lu Anran is not anything good!” Lu Anhua said, “For Lu Corporation, you have painstakingly slogged and weathered through all kinds of situations while she, a silly little girl, was so bold as to make oblique accusations at you at the table! I can’t take it!”

“Even if you can’t take it, you have hold it in!” Lu Anxin was increasingly unable to stand her own idiotic brother, “You’d better stop at this point! Do your work well, don’t let others pick out faults!”

“I… What faults do I have!” Lu Anhua was a little guilty conscience.

“What other faults are there?!” Lu Anxin glanced at Lu Anuhua in disdain, “If you have the skills, don’t let me wipe your ass! If it was not for me that suppressed that matter, you would have been sacked a long time ago!”

“You….” Lu Anhua paled and flew into a rage from shame. When he was about to retaliate, he was interrupted by Lu Junan.

“All of you shut up! Quarrel and quarrel, so damn annoying!” Lu Junan roared at the pair of disappointing children, “All of you get out!”

“Hubby…… ” Liu Yue tried to comfort her furious husband, but was pushed away by Lu Junan.

“And you! Leave, leave, leave! All of you just leave!” Lu Junan drove everyone out of the room, looked outside the window and frowned. Maybe he should properly consider the proposal in Kyoto. He must obtain Lu Corporation, no matter the price to pay!


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    1. True. Favoritism is bad. But also sometimes they have favorites because their kids suck but you cant disown your kid for sucking alas. Tho it’s odd how they dont raise their kids to have certain morals ir discipline them good enough.


  1. Omg another update??? Woohoo🙌 What a surprise. Thank you so much despite being with RL matters for updating >u<

    I wonder if we can see the Male Lead again during the birthday party. I hope he’ll be there~ 🙈😂😂😂😂😂


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