Rebirth: Chapter 17 (Part 1)

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Chapter 17: Face slap with full strength; Fury, envy and hatred

(Part 1)

“Yeah! Why?” Lu Anxin was also unable to keep calm any longer. At 16, she has already obtained a Master’s degree, and only managed to enter (the company) after much difficulties.

“Dad! How can you be so biased!” Lu Junan said defiantly. Both his son and daughter put in so much effort just to enter Lu Corporation, why on earth should older brother’s daughter be able to enter Lu corporation without even putting in any effort at all?

“Anran, tell them the reason why after tasting this!” Lu Jianhao pointed towards the plate of vegetables right in front of him.

“Oh….” Lu Anran picked up a chopstick full of vegetables, put it in her mouth to chew and swallow it. “2 tablespoons of garlic paste, 1.3g of concentrated chicken stock; ½ tablespoon of salt which is a bit too much, next time remember to reduce it by 0.06g, 1.6g of sugar, 1 tablespoon of oil. The time taken for the oil to heat up is two and a half minutes, after which the garlic paste was fried until fragrant. The garlic paste should be made up by the chef himself. Other than the commonly used vegetable oil, salt and sugar, he also added some aromatic spicy powder. Three drops of lemon juice were also added when the vegetables were taken out of the wok. It was taken out too early. If the dish was taken out half a minute later, it would be even more delicious!”

“…… ” After hearing what Lu Anran said, Lu Junan and the rest could only grit their teeth and endure even though they were still unconvinced. Lu Corporation is the leading enterprise in the food and beverage industry in S city. Having a sensitive tongue is enough to have everything that one wants to capitalize on.

“Dad, I think that it’s a little early!” Lu Junfeng also felt that it is still a bit early now, Lu Anran is only 15 years old. An age where she should officially enjoy everything that life has to offer. Going to work at such a young age would let her lose a lot of pleasures in life compared to people of the same age.

“From next week onwards, I will first teach you the basic Lu family dishes.” Lu Jianhao said. Lu Jianhao’s remarks once again made everyone jealous. Learning the Lu family dishes is equivalent to Lu Jianhao deeming that the person has the right to inherit Lu Family. Presently, the entire Lu Family clan add up to about 70 odd people. Those qualified to learn Lu family dishes were not more than ten people…….

“Grandpa…… Can I refuse it for the time being……?” Lu Anran awkwardly looked towards Lu Jianhao. That one sentence created an uproar in everyone. She actually refused…… Is her head ok……

“Why ah Anran?” Lu Junfeng was bewildered, “If you are worried that you cannot understand some areas, Third Uncle and your Brother Ming can all give pointers to you.” Entering Lu Corporation to work may be a little early but learning to cook is still the sooner the better!

Lu Junfeng’s good intentions were grating to Lu Junan’s ear. Lu Junfeng and his two sons were taught the Lu family dishes by Lu Jianhao. All three of them were in the R & D department but his own branch family were all completely rejected by Lu Jianhao and could only stay in the PR department that has little to no value. Just why?!

Lu Anran looked at the stunned faces of everyone and said laughingly, “Isn’t it almost the High School Entrance Exam? I would like to prioritise my studies first, after the High School Entrance Exam, I can then wholeheartedly learn to make the dishes from Grandpa. Isn’t it better?”

“En!” Lu Jianhao nodded his head with satisfaction. This granddaughter is becoming more and more like Lu Junhao. In the past, why didn’t he realise how sensible his granddaughter was?

“Yes ah!” Ji Rou also added in, “I also think that Anran should prioritise her schoolwork now, and I also …… ” Ji Rou hesitated for a moment but still said out what she has been thinking in her heart for the longest time, “I feel that although Anran’s tastebuds are more sensitive than others, I want to let Anran choose her own future, and take the path that interest her the most and not that she must enter Lu Corporation…..”

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    1. Maybe they meant 26? Since it was stated that everyone were a lot older that her… And 16 isn’t reasonable for masters lol


  1. Its either I have a memory of a goldfish or I live under the rocks but I can’t believe this novel has a manhwa like OMG!! When my friend showed me the link I was like wait a minute this story seems familiar and damn was I right 😆


  2. Thank you so much for all the hard work!!

    I seriously want more of this novel >.< like how she’ll be able to change things from the future and give those evil people some good face slap 🌚😂😂😂😂


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