Rebirth: Chapter 16 (Part 2)

Chapter 16: Discussion about New Product, Inviting Anran

(Part 2)

“Second Uncle, Second Auntie, how can the both of you spoil Lu Anran this way! The two of you are harming Anran ah! Learning to fight at such young age, what will she become when she grows up?!” Lu Anhua shouted, “My Dad wanting to successfully negotiate this business until he forgets to even eat and sleep, isn’t it all for Lu Corporation!”

“Enough!” Lu Jianhao frowned in displeasure, “Anran, what is this all about?”

Lu Anran unhurriedly swallowed the okra in her mouth and said, “Third Uncle, go and tell that fatty Lin that if he dares to come and harass my Mum again, it will definitely not be as simple as kicking him!”

One sentence was enough to explain the entire matter. Lu Jianhao’s wrinkled eyebrows were also smoothened out.

“How’s that harass? Our PR department does not have it easy either! In any case, Director Lin is a client, just meeting and talking a few times is considered harassment?” Lu Junan said, “Isn’t all this also for Lu Corporation! Won’t it all pass just by enduring and smiling? Anran, there was no need for you to raise your hand against that person ah!”

“I never knew the success of negotiation in our Lu Family’s PR department requires the daughter- in- law of Lu Corporation to smile and put up with others!” Lu Anran’s sarcastically replied, “Why didn’t you let Elder Sister Anxin to go and smile and laugh instead? Elder Sister Anxin1 is the one who is part of your PR department! My mother is the head of the advertising department, she has no such obligation! OK?”

“Anran! How could you say that!” Lu Anxin’s face went red, what does she mean by telling her to go and smile and laugh, “I am an honourable daughter of Lu Corporation, how can I possibly go…. go and laugh and smile?!”

“Then tell my mother to go? Why?”  Lu Anran retorted back immediately.

“Even so, you should not be so violent ah!” Lu Junan knows that he was being unreasonable in this matter, and so he simply persisted in the issue of Lu Anran raising a hand and being so violent. He even did not forget to brag about his own daughter, “You are also an honourable daughter of Lu Corporation, can’t you learn from your Elder Sister Anxin and be a distinguished noble lady?”

“So what if I hit him?” Lu Anran sneered, “He dared to get fresh with my Mum, then I dare to hit him! No matter who it is, if one comes, I’ll hit one. If two comes, I’ll hit both! Even if my Dad isn’t around, there is still me Lu Anran. Don’t think us mother and daughter are easy to bully, I’ll see who else dare to have ill- intentions towards my Mum!”

Never have they seen such a forceful Lu Anran, everyone became speechless.

After a long time, Lu Jianhao stroked Lu Anran’s head, “Anran, you and Junhao are very similar!” Indeed, a granddaughter of his. He is really pleased ah! Turning, he coldly looked to Lu Junan, “The collaboration with Rong Corporation will end here. PR department will solve their own problems by themselves. Junhao is not home, but I, his father, am not dead yet! If you dare to have ill- intents towards Xiao Rou and her daughter again, I’ll break your leg!”

Lu Junan lowered his head, large beads of sweat ran down his face. The resentment in his heart against Ji Rou, her daughter and that older brother who has been missing for several years, grew a little more again.

“Let’s eat!” Lu Jianhao coldly commanded. It is only then that everyone took up their bowls to eat, but the meal was already unpalatable.

After a while, Xu Lianxin started to talk, breaking the quiet atmosphere, “Anran? Why aren’t you eating meat ah? Eating only vegetables?”

“I……” Lu Anran smiled, “I am praying for Dad. By not eating meat, I hope Dad will come home soon!” Before coming here, Lu Anran had already thought of a good excuse. If she said out the real reason, not only will no one believe her, she will also cast more suspicion onto herself. This excuse was the best!

“Anran…….” Ji Rou’s eyes slightly redden, her daughter really makes her proud. All grown up…… Her daughter has truly grown up…….

“Anran…….” Lu Jianhao gazed fixedly at Lu Anran and then suddenly said, “Do you want to work at Lu Corporation right now?”

“It can’t be……” Everyone burst into an uproar. Lu Corporation was famous for its rigorous recruitment process. Like Lu Anhua and Lu Anxin, it was only after they have finished their postgraduate studies and pass through layers after layers of assessments before they could enter Lu Corporation. But Lu Jianhao actually invited Lu Anran directly? Lu Anhua was the first to object, “This is unfair!”


1 The actual translation is Elder Sister Cousin Anxin but it is too long, so we cut it short to Elder Sister Anxin. Just note that Anxin is Anran’s cousin and that Anran doesn’t have any siblings.


We are thinking of shortening ‘Corporation’ to ‘Corps’ and would like to ask the readers’ opinion. – soooo…. Quick question:

Does everyone prefer ‘Corporation’ or think ‘Corps’ is better or don’t really mind either?

Thanks in advance!! ヾ(•ω•`)o


17 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 16 (Part 2)

  1. Wait what? Grandpa Lu, Anran is still 15 ah…..Not even in high school yet…..or maybe I’m jumping ahead of myself? I still haven’t read the next chapter yet. lol

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  2. Thaaank you so much for the chapter!! Srsly, that family of three is such an eyesore! I hope nothing goes wrong for her and that we’d get to meet the Male Lead >\\\<🙈😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  3. Any is fine with me..

    Can anyone explain why she doesn’t eat meat? I think i forgot some parts already -,-”

    The only thing i could think of is the grandpa’s poisoning… but that was soup and only related to her grandpa….

    Thnks for the chap!


    1. From what I recall, when she ate fish she gained the fish’s last memories of how it died and I think the same thing happened when she ate cow meat, also tasting blood each time. I definitely wouldn’t want to eat meat after those experiences.

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! If you want to shorten “corporation”, then use “Corp.”. “Corps” refers to a military body like the Marine Corps, or an organization that imitates the military in how they are managed, like the Peace Corps. A “Corp.” is a business company. Using “corporation” would best, but it really is a pain to type all the time, so whichever is best for you…


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