Rebirth: Chapter 15 (Part 2)

Chapter 15: Fleeing in embarrassment, Lu Family’s small get-together

(Part 2)

Chu Wanhai froze. He raised his head to look at Chu Yao, “What did you say?”

“I overheard your conversation when you were on the phone, I only want to know when will you start taking action to break off Lu Anran’s hand muscle!” Chu Yao also stopped beating around the bush with him. At this time, all she wanted to do was to ruthlessly retaliate against Lu Anran.

“This matter is not what you as a child should be involved in!” Chu Wanhai sternly said.

“But you need my help!” Chu Yao was dying to personally take away Lu Anran’s ability to move, “Lu Anran trusts me, it is not difficult for me to lure her out! I can provide you with a good opportunity!” Chu Yao has always felt that the recent sudden incidences were of no significance and that Lu Anran was still that gullible fool.

“…… ” Chu Wanhai lowered his head in thought for a moment and said, “originally, I have already arranged for someone to enter Ji Rou’s place as a gardener, trimming the courtyard on a regular basis. The plan for next week was to combine effort with external forces to kidnap Lu Anran. But Ji Rou has especially asked Auntie Rong’s son and daughter- in- law to be in- charge of the garden in her home…..”

“And that’s why you need my help!” Chu Yao used both her hands to prop herself up on top of the table, occupying a commanding position to look at Chu Wanhai, “The school will organise an excursion at the beginning of next month to allow third year middle school students to relax before that last 100 days sprint towards the start of the exams! That time is the best opportunity to take action!”

“…… ” Chu Wanhai frowned in deep thought.

“You can arrange your people to a designated location, and I can lead Lu Anran there!” Right now, all Chu Yao wants to do is to kill Lu Anran, “I definitely want to tear Lu Anran’s body into thousands of pieces1!”

“No!” Chu Wanhai banged the table with all his strength and stood up, “It is enough for you to study well! You are strictly forbidden to participate in these matters!” Chu Yao is his last hope, she absolutely must not be dragged into this.

“Dad!” Chu Yao also did not expect that Chu Wanhai would reject herself. In her opinion, this was a perfect proposal!

“Go back to your room to study! You must enter the City’s First Junior High School! Do you hear me!” Chu Wanhai ordered.

“Dad!” Chu Yao bit her lower lip, seeing Chu Wanhai’s determined attitude when he turned to leave the study room, she did not bother to say anything further. In her heart, she understood – Chu Wanhai has always stood by his words! But, no matter what, Lu Anran! You are screwed!

“Achoo!” Lu Anran, who was seated at the dining table preparing to eat, suddenly sneezed.

“What’s wrong?” Ji Rou asked, “Did you catch a cold?”

“Shouldn’t have….” Lu Anran stuck out her tongue, “most likely someone is thinking of me!”

“You ah!” Ji Rou helplessly shook her head. So vain, also don’t know who she resembles…..

As the mother and daughter where chit- chatting, the rest of the Lu Family has also arrived. Lu Anran’s second uncle, Lu Junfeng and wife first enter, followed by Lu Junan’s family.

“Dad, we are home.” Lu Junfeng said.

“Second Uncle, Second Aunt, you are both here.” Lu Anran has a pretty good impression of Lu Junfeng’s family.  She remembered in her previous lifetime, both Lu Junfeng and his wife were very good and treated her quite well. The two sons of Lu Junfeng were also quite protective of her.

“Anran is getting prettier day by day!” Lu Junfeng’s wife, Xu Lianxin said while stroking Anran’s head.

“Hee hee!” Lu Anran’s smiling eyes became as curved as a crescent moon, “where’s Brother Shuo and Brother Ming?”

“They are still busy with company matters!” Lu Junfeng answered, “We came over first, but they should be able to arrive before dinner.”

“So hardworking ah!” Lu Junan started to talk bringing a whiff of acidity, “Anhua, Anxin, I should have let the both of you remain in the company to work overtime and only come over just before dinner time.”

“Dad, I have been working overtime this whole week until last night to finish my work. Of course there is no need for me to work overtime anymore.” Lu Anhua replied.

“Tomorrow is Grandpa’s 60th birthday, any overtime work must be done before today!” Lu Anxin pulled a face full of disapproval.

“What kind of work requires overtime from Monday to Friday? Is there really so much work or are you just incompetent?” Lu Anran detests Lu Junan and could not stand the siblings Lu Anhua and Lu Anxin. Is there a need to hit a person when he is down?

“You…..” Lu Junan could not understand the sudden change in Lu Anran. It was as though she was a different person.

“Let’s all be seated!” Lu Jianhao suddenly said, preventing the conversation from turning to a more unpleasant direction.


1 said when swearing to destroy someone.

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