Rebirth: Chapter 15 (Part 1)

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Chapter 15: Fleeing in embarrassment, Lu Family’s small get-together

(Part 1)

“Yao Yao! Yao Yao?!” The moment Lin Meifeng heard her daughter’s words, she knew that she was in the wrong, this was not a place that she can wilfully make a scene. When she saw that her daughter had already left, Lin Meifeng became flustered, and hastily chased after her.

“You, you terrible girl, wait for me ah!” She was wearing a 10-centimetre-tall high-heel today, this rotten girl, doesn’t she know how to wait for her? The mother and daughter both walked for half-hour before reaching the main road to flag down a taxi to go home.

In the taxi, Lin Meifeng was still criticising the Lu Family and complaining about the wasted money. After reaching home, Lin Meifeng’s mouth was still yapping away, even blaming Chu Yao and Chu Yao’s father, Chu Wanhai for her discontent, “How did I end up marrying Chu Wanhai this useless good- for- nothing ah! After working for so many years, he is only still an insignificant secretary! Those that have pursued me in the past have already established their own companies and become their own bosses! And you! Just look at yourself! Didn’t you say that you have already had a firm hold on Lu Anran? Didn’t you say that Lu Anran is a foolish and good tool for making use of? Humph!”

“Pa” The glass filled with water was forcefully smashed onto the ground. In an instant, the whole world was silent. Chu Yao frostily looked at Lin Meifeng, “You’d better shut your mouth right now!”

Her sombre and severe expression made Lin Meifeng shiver involuntarily, “You…. I….. I am your mother…..”

“You’d better roll back to your room immediately, don’t let me see you!” Chu Yao coldly said while picking up the glass fragments.

“I…… I……” Lin Meifeng froze for a while before hurriedly running up to her room on the second floor. She closed the door forcefully, and feeling that it was still unsafe, Lin Meifeng also locked herself in her room.

“…… ” The pain from gripping the piece of glass fragment forced Chu Yao to calm down. With drops of blood dripping onto the ground, Chu Yao gnashed her teeth and said, “Lu Anran, everything that has happened today, I will demand it back from you in double!”

Once Chu Wanhai who had put in an extra afternoon shift in the company, walked into the house, he caught sight of Chu Yao drinking tea while sitting on the sofa. Her right hand was even bandaged with gauze.

“Yao Yao, what happened to your hand?” Chu Wanhai asked, “Where’s your Mum?”

“Nothing much, I accidentally cut it. Dad, I would like to discuss with you about something.” Chu Yao placed down her teacup and looked at Chu Wanhai.

“Sure. Follow me to the study!” Putting on his slippers, Chu Wanhai led his daughter into the study.

Closing the study door, Chu Wanhai sat on an executive chair behind a one chi writing desk, “What is it? Are you thinking of increasing your pocket money or is your cram school collecting fees again?”

Chu Yao directly looked into Chu Wanhai’s eyes from a distance, “When are you planning to get rid of Lu Anran?”

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  1. Well, that’s straight to the point. Do we get to hear more about the plot against our protagonist and her family? Tune in next time! Thanks for the chapter!


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