Rebirth: Chapter 14 (Part 2)

Phew! Chu Yao sections are too evil….I had to take multiple breaks to recover from her evilness…( ̄▽ ̄”)
Thank you everyone for waiting! Here is Part 2 of Chapter 14!

Chapter 14: Playing with Chu Yao again, Chu Yao’s hatred

(Part 2)

“Yes!” A maidservant nearby replied and trotted off to inform Lin Meifeng and Chu Yao.

Chu Yao’s face turned white the instant she heard the news, and Lin Meifeng became extremely livid. But, since this was a direct order from Lu Jianhao, they could only remain silent. Chu Yao clenched her fist and questioned the maidservant. “Was it Lu Anran who refused to let us in?” Just before, she saw Lu Anran saying something to Lu Jianhao.

“Not at all, Young Miss interceded on your behalf, but Old Master is not in a good mood today, please go back!” The maidservant politely requested Lin Meifeng and Chu Yao to leave. After all these 2 people are the wife and daughter of Secretary Chu, so she should still give them some face.

“Then…” Lin Meifeng stared at the maidservant grudgingly. “Then we will come again tomorrow!”

“There are too many guests coming tomorrow, so both of you don’t need to come.” The maidservant responded.

“This!” Lin Meifeng became furious. “What do you mean by that?”

“I am only following Old Master’s orders.” The maidservant thought in her heart, as a maidservant her job is not easy at all ah.

“Let’s leave….” Chu Yao face was deathly pale, even her voice trembled as she spoke. LU ANRAN! I WILL REMEMBER THIS! LU FAMILY….ONE DAY I WILL STIR THE ENTIRE LU FAMILY INTO A TEMPEST AND SET IT TO BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!

Today, all of Chu Yao’s dignity have been completely trampled into the ground, cleanly disappearing without a single trace….

“Why should we? We are already here and even spent $100 on taxi fare ah!” Lin Meifeng grumbled disgruntledly. “Are you making a fool of us!?”

“Let’s go!” Chu Yao’s tenuous grip on her anger was already slipping, but she still continued to suppress it because she did not want to lose her poise in a public place.

“I’m not leaving! This Lu Family is too much! They are the ones who invited us, and now that we are here, don’t talk about the main door, we can’t even enter through the backdoor ah!” Lin Meifeng lost her temper and began to scream and yell, making an unsightly scene. “How can the Lu Family bully people like this!”

“Don’t say anymore!” Chu Yao’s face turned ashen. Why is her mom like this? Why can’t her mom be like Lu Anran’s mother?

“What I just said it all true! Why are you stopping me!” The more Lin Meifeng thought about it, the angrier she got, and brazenly plonked her bum down to sit at the main door. “Today, I won’t leave until you let me in!” No matter what she must attend this banquet! She had already boasted about going to her relatives and neighbours! If she don’t attend, isn’t this slapping her own face?

“Haven’t you embarrassed yourself enough?” Chu Yao finally could not stand Lin Meifeng’s behaviour anymore and bellowed at her. “Don’t forgot Dad is still working at Lu Corporation! If he loses his job, you can be cold and hungry2 by yourself! I’m leaving!”

After Chu Yao finished her sentence, she immediately turned around and stomped off. Why, why? Why must she be born with in a family where her dad is only mere secretary? Why is her Mom this kind of person!

2 喝西北风(Hē xīběi fēng): Literally means to drink the northeast wind. Figuratively means for one to live on air; have nothing to eat or to be cold and hungry.


13 thoughts on “Rebirth: Chapter 14 (Part 2)

  1. OK seriously what is so wrong about a father being a secretary?? That is actually a pretty good job and well paid job. I will be satisfied if my dad was one! Heck, right now my dad is just a normal boilermaker and my mum is a cleaner but I am fine with that. Happy with my humble and simple upbringing. Why does Chu yao need to be so greedy and where is her hatred for Lu An Ran coming from? Lu AnRan has been super nice to her and yet she still have thoughts about torturing and murdering her? Seriously there’s something wrong with her.

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    1. We also have to keep in mind that her father is the personal secretary of Lu Anran’s grandfather, Lu Jianhao, the CEO of a multi-millionaire company. The Chu family has it well off. They have to be upper-middle-class family. Yet somehow Chu Yao can’t help but covet more. Her greediness is something else.


      1. It is. But honestly people like her exist. Ones who’s covet what others have and always want more whether it be money or possessions. The worst kind of people to have in your life alas.


  2. Chu Yao is too delusional and arrogant. She is such and intelligent child but she coverts other’s things. Why does she have such a bad character? Does it come from her mother?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the chapter! I don’t know who the person in shadows coordinating the conspiracy against An Ran’s family is, but this Chu Yao is really a piece of delusional, envious, poisonous cake… I really want to know what actually happened to An Ran’s father.

    Liked by 1 person

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