Rebirth: Chapter 14 (Part 1)

Chapter 14: Playing with Chu Yao again, Chu Yao’s hatred

(Part 1)

“Grandpa, do you like the present?” Lu Anran asked Lu Jianhao.

“I do…I love it!” Lu Jianhao lightly caressed the face of the woman in the photo behind the crystal glass and softly called out, “Riana….”.

Afterwards, he raised his head and looked towards Ji Rou, “where did you find this picture?”

“It was stuck in between pages of the book that Hao ge often reads” replied Ji Rou.

“Place this on your desk, Grandpa!” Lu Anra urged, there are still more amusing things to come!

“En! Lu Jianhao placed the crystal snow globe on the desk next to the photo frame. At that moment, the sun shined in through the window, casting a reflection of the woman in the photo onto the desk, which together with the shifting sunlight, created an illusion of the women smiling vividly…. Lu Jianhao was left stupefied and it was only after a long while that he returned to his senses, “Riana….”.

“Grandpa, do you like this present?” asked Lu Anran.

“I love it! I love it…” Lu Jianhao answered.

“Then quickly praise me ah!” Lu Anran grinned genial while holding onto the desk, brazenly taking credit for Ji Rou’s work1.

“…” Lu Jianhao’s expression changed slightly. He felt that somehow his grand-daughter who used to fear him had transformed into a totally different person… but he still reached out a hand to pat Lu Anran’s head, “be good…”.

“Hehe…” Lu Anran laughed happily, in the past she used to be very terrified of Lu Jianhao, because he was always stern and serious. But at the same time, she was also aware that Lu Jianhao is a single-minded person. Her grandma -Riana, had already passed away 15 years ago, yet Lu Jianhao still longs for her. She once heard rumours that this house was also one of Lu Jianhao’s birthday present to Grandma that year. So, she have confidence that Lu Jianhao will definitely like this present!

“Grandpa, can I stay here and accompany you for a few days?” said Lu Anran acting coquettishly. “Mom and I will come over to accompany you.” No matter what, the most important thing is to ensure Ji Rou’s safety. “Like this, I can also feel at ease, since Mom can start and finish work with you everyday?”

“That’s true.” Lu Jianhao nodded his head in agreement. He had received a report from Butler Yu before, and learned that that Ji Rou and Lu Anran’s life outside was not easy. Even lowly minions dared to have evil intentions towards both mother and daughter. If they come back to stay, he will also feel more at ease. His most beloved son is not around anymore, so he must take good care of his son’s wife and daughter. He had also suggested to it Ji Rou before, but because of Lu Anran she did not agree. But now, Lu Anran took the initiative to suggest moving back, taking a load off their mind.

“Hehe…” Lu Anran was overjoyed from the bottom of her heart, Grandpa is still by my side, how wonderful! This time, she will protect and cherish properly the people beside her and will never give a single chance to any scumbags!

The three generations laughed and joked merrily for a while before leaving the study room to go downstairs. The moment they entered the hall on the first level, Lu Anran could see from the distance, the sight of Chu Yao and Lin Meifeng being blocked from entering the main door. After a cold smirk flashed across Lu Anran’s face, Chu Yao seemed to have also caught the sight of her, and glared at Lu Anran with eyes full of hatred. Naturally, by this time Lin Meifeng had also caught the sight of both Lu Anran and her mother, she frantically waved her arms and danced about, yelling for Anran to allow them into the house. This security guard is really too much, they had already said that Lu Anran was the one that invited them, but he still dare to refuse them entrance, letting them wait for so long at the door, gosh!

“Why is it so noisy over there?” The expression in Lu Jianhao’s eyes revealed his intense displeasure.

“Grandpa, that’s Secretary Chu’s wife and daughter.” Lu Anran said while pulling onto Lu Jianhao’s arm. “They wanted to participate in your birthday banquet.”

“Secretary Chu?” Lu Jianhao frowned. “Turn them away and let them come back tomorrow! There isn’t any banquet being held today!” Secretary Chu is Lu Jianhao’s right-hand man, and for 20 years at Lu Corporation, he had always been working cautiously, and conscientiously. To the point that the public was full of praises for him, how can his wife and daughter be so senseless?

“Grandpa, Chu Yao and her mother came to our house early this morning, but our car was too small to bring them along, so they took a taxi here. It seems like they sincerely wish to congratulate you on your birthday!” said Lu Anran.

“Forget it! They don’t need to come tomorrow either!” Lu Anran’s remarks appeared as if she was putting in a good word for Chu Yao and her mother, but in reality, every single sentence was satirized. So, when Lu Jianhao heard Lu Anran’s comments, a feeling of repulsiveness towards this pair of mother and daughter raised up in his heart. Just because they were not able to sit in Ji Rou’s car, they dare to chase after them (Lu Anran and Ji Rou) in a taxi, how can they be so shameless?

This kind of behaviour made Lu Jianhao feel very resentful. “Our Lu Family don’t welcome them!”.

1 The author used 邀功 (yāogōng): means to take credit and seek rewards for someone’s achievements.


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  1. I love this re-born story…it’s different! An ran just needs to use her wit a bit more, and eloquence… I’m enjoying this story. Thank you dear translator!

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